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So yesterday I was doing my browsing of blogs and and I was amazed to see someone who im really really into and was drooling all over cause ive never seen a model as hot as this one! This is Kenya a Model hes one of my all time favorites that RandyBlue has picked in a very long time well except for Lukas Vic and his beautiful bubble butt and then Kevin Falk looking like Kevin Federline and all but those 2 dont compair to Kenya at all I mean look a him a work from GOD! if you ask me a bad ass but yet baby and the tattoos OMG for those that know me very well and know what kinda guys I like which btw I dont know if Kenya is a man or still a baby cause these days you can look 25 and be 19 it must be what they feed these boys these days but thats aight cause if they look like Keyna then work it out!

Anyways Kenya is totally the type of guy I like look at him shaved head tattoos front back and both arms nice ass semi hairy body and a beautiful big ass cock the type of man when you see him you have to just sit and stair or have to walk by twice to get a look at! I was reading his bio on and from what I read hes a tattoo artise and I do hope its here in la some where cause it would be a dream to get a tattoo by him and to sit and talk with him and just get to know him. His tattoos are amazing hes got a the cross on his chest which is beautiful and the 2 sleeves on both arms and the one on the right arm is his newest art which I cant tell what it is but im sure its something amazing and the huge tattoo on his back is something out of this world and im sure took a very long ass time to do or some time to finish cause its almost his entire back which I know is painful even though most say its not but I know people are lieing when they say that lol. Anyways I have more pics and all but I dont know what more to write about this beautiful work of art they call Kenya at go check him out and Randy props to you for Kenya hes FUCKING BEYOND SEXY AND NEEDS TO BE AROUND A WHILE!

Phillip Ashton


First Ever!!!

On August 27, 2008, in XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

So when I was in Phx I was shooting with and Ive done my solos here and there and they have all been good except one the lube solo wasn’t fun for me cause let me tell you about lube well ID lube at that! I was asked to our it all over my body and then rub it in, mind you it was very sticky and i had to lay down and do all sorts of tricks to make my solo different from everyone else’s and yeah it was damn crazy! But anyways on this trip my boss Brian asked me have you don’t a dildo scene and I was like fuck is he gonna ask me and sure enough the question came out “Hey Phillip wanna do a dildo scene” I’m thinking FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! but I’m a good team player and I take many well not many but some for the team and I said sure why the hell not? So yesterday they released my first ever dildo scene so go check it out and let me know what you all think 😉

Phillip Ashton


Preview This!

On August 20, 2008, in XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

My last trip to do a movie before Boycrush was with Xtreme Productions in Vegas where I spent 4 days there to shoot this new movie that is going to be EXTREMELY HOT! We shot it in the Gun Oil Warehouse and it was very bondage like and industrial and then us twinks and then just seeing the set and they way I changed on set by being more verbal and into it cause Ive don’t a 360 in the way I am being filmed now which really impressed Afton so that’s a good thing on my half but yeah here’s a link to the preview I hope you all enjoy it cause I had a blast making this scene 😉 oh and here’s the box cover as a bonus its HOT!

Phillip Ashton


2 Amazing Boys!

On August 19, 2008, in Good Friends, Shoots, by Phillip Ashton

While I was on my shoot in AZ with (which is soon to be coming I’m just waiting on pictures from my boss) I met Brandon and Ryan 2 amazing boys in the world! Its very rare that I myself click with 2 strangers that I don’t really know anything about and they don’t know anything about me as well but these 2 there was some kinda connection with all of us and we just like clicked so well and there was no problems with us the entire trip. I had no clue these 2 where talking before hand and where dating and then coming out to Boycrush to shoot cause theres a rule with the company that we cant date models cause of drama and jealousy and other stuff which I myself can understand cause in the past there has been drama and shit went down and yeah so this rule applys to all the models so there isn’t any of that going on. Anyways so they were a couple and they both make a very cute couple there both very sweet and into each other and I cant wait until they get married cause Ill be in the first row supporting them and cheering them on!

Brandon’s personality just gets me cause he can be a bitch but a good bitch and then sweet which reminds me of myself lol and that’s another reason why we click and cause hes a party animal like me and can keep up which is a good thing in my book. Brandon looks like Brent Corrigan to the T even though he that he does look like him and when people call him that which I personally can see why cause I wouldn’t either with all that’s going on with that boy but bless his heart cause he needs that very much, but anyways he said I looked like a damn Russian and I hated that but he said it was a good thing and I was like no cause I look nothing like a Russian lol so every time he would call me a Russian and or a midget and a bitch or a cunt etc I would call him Brent Corrigan and he would get all angry but he knows I love him to death and that hes always gonna have that special place in my heart cause hes Brandon so mister Brandon just know you have the spacial place and that I love you to death!
Ryan and me had emotional moments which is very special to me cause I don’t cry in front of many people cause I’m a really strong person and I don’t let that side of me show unless there is something really wrong and there was 2 times that we shared those moments and I wont ever forget them. Ryan is very chill and relaxed and is also a party animal when it comes time to party as I seen from a certain video he showed us of him extremely drunk and it was funny as all hell but i love Ryan to death hes someone i could defiantly see myself being friends with for a long time! I do have to say that he is sometimes very quiet which isn’t a bad thing just get a few drinks in him and hes fine and his lil accent that came out most of the times was cute I would laugh at him for it. The 2 of them together make me smile and they are very special and I’m glad that there both with each other and that there happy cause it shows that there is true love out there and these 2 made me realize that. I love you both very much and I cant wait to see you both again very soon MUAH!!!
Phillip Ashton


On August 18, 2008, in Porn Events, by Phillip Ashton

So about 3 Fridays ago Angel Benton my SP.I.C (Sista/Partner in Crime) calls me and ask me if Id like to join him for dinner at Numbers and I said yes why not, it was also an event night for which they hold every month there on the second to last Friday of the month I wanna say but I could be wrong. Anyways Angel comes and gets me and we go on our way to the event and me and angel every time we see each other its the time when we talk and share stories and news and what not cause were good like that 😉 so lol we were talking and he was going to Florida and at the time I thought I was gonna be going to which would have been fun cause I would have been with my sista and had a blast and what not! turns out I couldn’t go cause the company I was going to work for wasn’t ready but thank god I was saved and was going to be flying out to for 8 days of filming so that was good to me and angel said the same and to tell Brian hi for him.

So we arrive at Numbers and are looking for parking lol I had found a cute lil parking spot in the front of Numbers and angel couldn’t seem to get in the spot to park the car lol and then when we finally did we seen a sign that said PARKING 2 HOURS ONLY we then were pressed and said lets go find another spot and road up the street on halloway which was kinda a walk but its aright love walking its what I do anyways in this small ass weirdo of a city. We walk in and say our his to Brandon Baker Antonio Milan Rusty Mitchell Hampton Josh a Tigerheat dancer and his boyfriend Channel 1’s Cameron Marshall and a few of the new boys on as well and to the fans and clients. Angel and I sat at a table cause we were gonna eat and we were chatting about more things that had been going on with our week and all and then everyone came over to our table which we didn’t mind and we all sat and talked about how we all were doing and whats been going on with each other cause some of us haven’t seen each other in a hot minute and so that’s a great time for all of us to caught up on each other and all the good stuff in life lol. Our server who is hot as hell and is from Puerto Rico which is my all time favorite mix and I melted lol he was very sweet and helped us so well the entire night!
After dinner angel said okay I’m leaving to go home and you can stay if you want or I can take you home? Girl I had already was drinking the night was still young and I wanted to dance and also say hi to Tom so I said I’m gonna stay and he said okay and he was on his way home to sleep. I was hanging out with Mitchell and Antoni meeting people and talking and drinking lol and went outside to see everyone else and met Mitch Brawn he walked out and I was like DAMN! I HAVE TO GET ME SOME OF THAT. Anyways we go over and say hi and what not and I say your fucking sexy and he says the same and then kissed it was hot and he had to stay close to me cause I got excited and didn’t want everyone to see I got a boner lol. We all go in and there’s drinks brought to us by Brandon and Maze the hot owner/manager of numbers. I seen him walking around by our table and I was like WHO IS THAT then Brandon was like that’s maze but hes straight and I said so that’s never stopped me lol so I talked to him alil hes really a cool guy is totally comfortable with himself and the gays so that’s cool. Then it came time to dance! and they had a mini box with a pole on it and I live for poles but the wall was way to close for me to spin around on it and so I couldn’t do much on it and yeah I was drunk and don’t member much of the end but was told in the afternoon the day after when I woke up.
Now this is where it gets all blurry with me lol I member telling Mitch something about his ass and then the bartender who is a hottie and looks like derrick from the real world that hes the best bartender and then my song came on When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls and I broke out into Ashton Doll 😉 and broke it down and gave everyone a very good time from what I heard they all loved it lol which is good cause that will bring them back to the events and know they will have a very good time. I know I did and wanna thank tom for taking care of me while driving me home and for angel who invited me and to Brandon and the ever so sexy maze and Mitchell and Antonio and Mitch and the other Rentboys for being there with us and having a blast as well!
Phillip Ashton

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