5 years ago!

On October 31, 2008, in XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

These are pics from when I first worked with www.BoyCrush.com ever! I look so innocent and young and a little under weight and EXTREMELY WHITE! Since 5 years ago Ive changed so much lol I don’t have the Mohawk anymore thank god and I have a good base tan and my eyebrows Ill never do let my friend tell me to go get them waxed and have him tell the lady how they should look and all cause that was a huge mistake on my part and my personality and attitude has changed a ton since then cause Ive been through so much in my life since 5 years ago. So I thought id give you guys my very first pictures when I first was ever on a video for the Internet and it was with BoyCrush and when I seen these pictures i thought it would be something you all would enjoy so here they are.

Phillip Ashton



On October 29, 2008, in Porn News, Rants, by Phillip Ashton


I’m up late cause something is bothering me very bad and I cant stand it but its getting to me and making me upset! So Ive been hearing a lot of things about how everyone wants fresh faces which I totally understand don’t get me wrong at all cause you cant just have the same faces or a site wont get any members and or make money and what not unless its hot with the older faces and its bringing in the money! So isn’t it okay to have new and old combined when and if fans want to see the old models with new models or am I trippen? Ive been told by (No names are being said and dont assume its you cause I could be talking about anyone) some that they want to use new faces but yet still use older models now that kinda hurts my feels but then again it makes me seem jealous which I’m not at all I just don’t understand when they say oh we just want fresh faces to be shot… OKAY WELL THEN DONT USE THE OLDER MODELS THEN AND MAKE YOURSELF LOOK BAD WHEN I GO AND LOOK OR HEAR ABOUT IT, I don’t wanna be dramatic either or cause any kinda drama but this is my blog and I’m suppose to express what and how I’m feeling and my adventures and all and that’s what I’m doing so anyways I’m not gonna say much more but id love to hear feedback from you guys as fans, friends, bosses, blogger etc cause Id love to hear what you guys think about this little situation and the way Ive been feeling so I dont go even more crazy then I already have :(…

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Kevin Falk!

On October 28, 2008, in Completely Gracious, by Phillip Ashton

I don’t know what it is about www.RandyBlue.com  but I seem to write a lot about them and there is a few I personally like so much as you can see Ive wrote about them 🙂 This is Kevin Falk hes one of my favorite boys from RandyBlue he give an amazing performance from everything ive seen of him. Hes 6’3 which is fucking HOT I love tall men ;), hes from Miami semi hairy on the chest which is hot but mostly smooth has a hot smooth ass a beautiful hole and my all time favorite UNCUT COCK! has beautiful looking grey/blue eyes and is very well kept in shape, another thing that really gets me going about him is that he looks like Kevin Federline! If Randy was to ever give me a chance with working for him Id love to do a scene with Kevin Falk and bottom but I think flip fucking would be hot that way I can have fun with him and all that he has to offer! So I hope you all enjoy him cause hes one HOT FUCKER! Oh yeah hes a link to a little clip of him 😉 Kevin Falk

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I love CUM!

On October 26, 2008, in Porn News, XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

Here’s a DVD that I’m in with my at the time fantasy porn star Zack Randall we shot the scene in Palm Springs Ca and I was there for a good week or week 1/2 it was a great time with all the boys we had Shane Allen, Jeremiah Johnson, Zack Randall, Myself, Ethan Riley, the ever so sexy Mike Roberts 😉 and Casey Woods that group was so good to be around and we all got along great and we had the time of our life’s out there but anyways here’s a little bio on the scene that I had with Mr. Randall from my best friend Boomer I find it HILARIOUS!

Zack & Phillip – Cum Hungry Twink – When our resident hottie Zack Randall met up with jizz lover Phillip Ashton, a match was made in heaven! I’m not supposed to tell anyone about this, but oh well! Phillip practically BEGGED me to put him in a scene with Zack. He called me up one day and would not let me off the phone until I promised him he would get his fantasy partner. He even offered to work for free so long as he got to taste Zack’s load. Well, he got what we wanted. See him take his own load and then Zack’s creamy goo all over his face and in his mouth!

So on the right side of my blog if you go and click on Spunk Junkies you can buy it there and enjoy it as much as I did, cause it was such a blast and the best time ever! I hope one day to go back and work for them soon cause it was an amazing time and I couldn’t ask for more from them… well to give me my scene with my Dream Boy Kayden Daniels but yeah we shall see!

Heres a little teaser clip of Zack and Me 😉 Spunk Junkie

Phillip Ashton


Tyson Corrigan

On October 25, 2008, in Good Friends, Porn News, XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

Y’all should check out my best friends blog Tyson Corrigan at www.TysonCorrigan.Blogspot.com he just started it and its so far very good its pretty much all about him and whats going on with him and his parties he goes to like tonight hes doing a Halloween Party and hes gonna blog about that and mainly about his videos with people on www.BoyCrush.com so check it all out and give him the love like you guys do to me cause this is my best friend in and out of porn so I know him for the real person he is out of porn and hes a good kid and becoming a huge star himself but anyways check out my boys blog and let him know what y’all think. Love you Tyson!

Phillip Ashton


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