So much coming!

On November 26, 2008, in Updates, by Phillip Ashton

I’m back from New York! and WOW is all I’m going to say about it! Ill be posting about all 3 days I was there with pictures from my new Digi cam I bought and with some other news to about fleshjack and shoots and traveling to the Dominican Republic! Expect a lot for today and me blogging and yeah I cant wait to hear from you all as well.

Phillip Ashton



On November 20, 2008, in XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

Here’s 9 of the DVDs I’m in that Ive been saying I was gonna put up there is 4 more but 3 are not out yet ones with and the other 2 are with www.8teenboy.comand the last one is with a Spanking video that I cant find anywhere on there site cause its so old and not updated. I hope you all enjoy and finally I did it for those who have been asking 🙂 MUAH!!!

And for questions you know my email and aim name.

Phillip Ashton


Phillip is coming to NYC!

On November 20, 2008, in Shoots, Traveling, by Phillip Ashton


NEW YORK CITY! Phillip Ashton is coming for the first time ever! I cant wait I’m so EXCITED! its going to be an experience for me and I’m gonna try to enjoy it as much as I can even though I’m gonna be working like no other not only with video work but also professional modeling to and that’s been exciting to me as well its been a dream of mine to be a professional model as well as be a porn star but the modeling was way way way before porn ;). Ill be meeting Andy Kay and Patrick Kennedy down in NYC we are all gonna be in a movie called Twinks In Time Square and another boy named Billie V will be there as well, this trip should be a fun one cause ill be there with 2 others I know and love to death cause there both lots of fun and I hope this new boy is cause if not then that’s gonna suck but we shall see cause I don’t know how New Yorkers are towards us LA people. So I thought id let you all know about my trip coming up and then when I get back more traveling to a shoot but in December with some hot fucking jocks I’m really excited about that shoot to 😉 Well boys I thought id give you the heads up and info!

Phillip Ashton


Malachi Marx of RandyBlue

On November 18, 2008, in Completely Gracious, Hole Patrol, by Phillip Ashton

All I can say about Malachi Marx of is CANADIAN, UNCUT, FUCKING HOT AND A DREAMBOY! I cant say more but the main things CANADIAN, UNCUT AND FUCKING HOT! I wanna do everything with this boy and a huge shout out to RandyBlue for this model! I’m so hot over this boy I cant take it and I hope hes at some events Randy throws cause trust me Ill be there to see Malachi! Here’s his first video with and its HOT! Malachi Marx! Enjoy like I am boys!

Phillip Ashton


Thank you!

On November 16, 2008, in Thank You, by Phillip Ashton

I wanted to take time out and say thank you to all my industry friends who come to my blog and also my fans and for the feedback I get from some of you and for those who don’t comment just coming to read it and taking time out to see what I do and what I’m all about and showing/sharing with you different things from my point of view and all. Like Ive always said “if it wasn’t for all my fans and people who support me and been with me through all the years, I wouldn’t be who I am today” so thank you all for coming and enjoying my blog cause now that I’m doing it and keeping up with it lol I’m loving it more and more 🙂 Again thank you all and if any of you have anything at all you want me to blog about and or hear my opinion on then email me at PhillipAshtonxxx@hotmail.comor my screen name at PhillipAshtonxxx


Phillip Ashton


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