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On November 2, 2008, in Good Friends, Porn Events, by Phillip Ashton

This weekend I was suppose to be in Palm Springs spending time with some good friends of mine but then later in the night I found out some info that just upsets me cause someone who is in that group played with emotions and tells me things and what not and flirts and shit with me so I’m flirting back and all. So I didn’t go cause I was going to be very uncomfortable with seeing all that was gonna go on and plus I didn’t have money and didn’t wanna be a beggar. Oh and this is what gets me the most about this person I’m talking about just makes me even more mad! He calls this morning at 9:28am I guess to wake me up to see if I’m going so I can ride in his car but I just ignored the call. I think its best that I stayed home anyways even though its kinda fucking shit up for me with pictures in the beautiful desert but whatever and also cause there is another person there that i really cant stand since Folsom Street Fair… I text Brandon Baker and told him that I was sorry for not showing and that there would be another time. So I’m not in Palm Springs like most of you thought cause I was extremely excited then got over it really quick after info I found out so I’m home and over a lot of things after yesterdays disaster Halloween!

Oh and I’m sure certain people are gonna say shit and think its childish or drama but you know what they can kiss my ass cause they don’t know the half only 2 people do that are there but I can say to 1 of the 2 that knows whats going on and happening IM OFFICALLY OVER THAT PERSON AND SEE WHAT THAT PERSON REALLY WANTED.

Phillip Ashton


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