Lucas Vick!

On November 3, 2008, in Completely Gracious, Good Friends, by Phillip Ashton

Id like you guys to meet yes another model but also a good friend of mine Lucas Vick. Its been about a year I wanna say now or it will be in March when I met him at RAGE with Randy Blue and a few other models for some porn awards he was extremely nice and very down to earth but still shy and not comfortable with the scene seeing it was his first time out in West Hollywood and around the gays so I can understand that about him. I found him on myspace some time after we met and me and him have become such great friends we talk about anything and everything cause were both comfortable with each other that we can and that makes a good friend when you can talk to someone about personal stuff. Ill be extremely honest when I seen him and then seen his ass I couldn’t stop looking at it cause he was fed the right way or just blessed with a beautiful bubble butt that’s fuzzy and that is just sexy I want to just put my face in it and go to town cause again I’m an ass man as you all know. Lucas is straight hes got an amazing girlfriend that he loves and adores to death as he was telling me yesterday and he says that they crack jokes with each there watch sports together and all that comes with a relationship which in my eyes is how a relationship should go, oh and shes alright with him doing gay porn but then again these days a lot of straight stars bring there girls and wife’s with them on set so that’s an amazing thing about his girl. I hope to see him next time he comes out here cause the last time he was, he was busy shooting with Brent Diggs which I haven’t seen the clip yet but I’m sure it was an amazing scene Lucas is a good performer from the all his videos Ive scene and there hot! Lucas served in the army as well and was in Iraq so hes a good man and fought for the U.S.A so hes seen and been through a lot so I wouldn’t fuck with him if I was anyone on the streets or say anything about his sexuality cause he just might turn around and beat the hell out of you. He told me a while ago he was going to school to be a personal trainer and that he wanted to do more modeling which hes done a few things and he would still be amazing if he went and did it. Hes from kentucky so hes southern and hes one of the most sweetest guys you’ll ever meet and loves the gays that respect him and not those who like to touch and feel up on and all like most do, So here he is a very good friend of mine and a sexy ass RandyBlue model Lucas Vick. I love ya Lucas keep up the amazing work and I hope to see you soon!

Here’s a clip of Lucas with toy in my favorite shower scene! Lucas & Toy

Phillip Ashton


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