Love Swing @ BoyCrush

On November 8, 2008, in Porn News, Shoots, XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

This is one of the videos Ive been waiting for everyone to see cause this was the first time I believe we got to use this Love Swing and kinda got in the light kink of things as you can see I was in the mood cause my underwear which is a rufskin swimsuit jockstrap but I like it as a jockstrap. This scene was a workout for me cause that swing wasn’t lined up with me and Andy Kay so my cock was high then his hole and I had to kinda pick him up which really quick got very very tiring and my legs from top to bottom where burning to the max which is good cause I wanna work out my legs anyways, Andy and I were really excited about this scene cause Ive been wanting to work with Andy for a while he likes it rough and likes big cocks so it was a match from the start. Sorry for the pics there’s only 3 pages of them and there’s no fucking ones up yet which is weird but here’s the best I can do so if you wanna check it out go to to check out the video and pics oh and for you guys who love rimming great rimming in this video as well so ENJOY

Just a little update! Andy Kay’s and my video on the Love Swing is the highest rated on boycrush! That’s amazing thank you guys very much and keep voting on it! Lets hope more kinky stuff comes boycrush’s way cause this was truly an amazing scene!

Phillip Ashton


The Hot Foot!

On November 8, 2008, in Porn News, by Phillip Ashton

Just a little update I did another online interview with The Hot Foot online and you can see it soon at and this interview is different from the rest its a side many don’t really get to see as an interviewer and this one was really fun to do and I got to voice my opinion on some things and all so it was pretty cool so be on the look out for this interview coming out soon and some interesting pics to come with it lol a little hint life’s such a DRAG but that’s all ill say for now so keep your eyes posted on The Hot Foot to check out this interview and I’m sure ill be posting it here on my blog as well!


Phillip Ashton


LOGO Online!

On November 8, 2008, in Good Friends, Thank You, by Phillip Ashton

Hey boys I was gonna blog about this yesterday but I was on set for 6 1/2 long hours! Porn? no but for an actual online TV show with 2 of the most FIERCE queens I know! So Thursday night I get a call from Megan Brookes herself asking me if Iwanted to go on the show with her and her P.I.C (Partner in Crime) Phoenix to be a model, so I said yes and they explained what I would be doing and which was pretty much sitting there and they do my makeup and style me and all that good stuff that comes with becoming a drag queen. I’m not gonna tell you guys much about it cause it will be up on in December from what I heard 🙂 I also bet none of you fans knew I did drag either? Ill say I’m one hot girl! Anyways yeah yesterday we were on set for 6 hours and it was a ton of fun and I cant wait for y’all to see it cause it was definitely an experience I wont forget and my second time being on TV in drag the first time was my Public Service Announcement which was totally fun to so that was my day yesterday from 10am to 5pm but again it was so much fun and I cant wait to see the finished product and it to be online asap!

Phillip Ashton


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