Kicked out! I think not!

On November 10, 2008, in Rants, by Phillip Ashton

Last night I got a call from my best friend Fairie saying hes bringing my other best friend bingo over cause he couldn’t go back to his place last night for certain reasons, so I said ok he can come here and stay the night and me and Fairie where talking about some stuff and bingo said where are you taking me and he said to Phillips house and he said “no he kicked me out, some best friend” I was in total shock when I heard this cause I certainly didn’t kick him out and I believe he was being DRAMATIC as always and starting some shit which wasn’t something I wanted. Anyways me and Fairie where still on the phone chatting away and there looking for Bingo’s phone and he says who are you on the phone with and Fairie said Phillip and he said why hang up so then I said FUCK THAT BITCH HES NOT COMING OVER HERE WITH THAT ATTITUDE FUCK HIM! Then this is where it gets even better! I’m out at lunch with a friend catching up on things and all then my phone rings and its Bingo he says what are you doing? I said coming back from lunch why? he says oh well Jocky and his mom are coming over to get the TV cause I sold it to her cause then needed a TV and I was in shock cause this came out of no where and I knew why he was doing it cause supposedly I kicked him to the curb but you know what its all good what goes around comes around and x10 so since he used me as storage I’m not gonna have anymore of his shit here either and now I see why our other best friend felt the way they did when he brought it over to our house they felt as if they where STORGAE as well. So tomorrow I’m gonna be calling the person he lives with and I’m going to be having him pick up the rest of his shit cause I’m not gonna be PUBLIC STORAGE for him and his things and if I am my first months rent for being storage is due of $59.99 anyways that’s all I’m gonna say about this little topic, oh yeah and don’t let your SO CALLED BEST FRIENDS use anyone of you use you for STORAGE!

Phillip Ashton


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