Keeps Getting Better!

On November 15, 2008, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

I just posted about CHANGE I think its more like my girls song Christina Aguilera put out Keeps Getting Better and I think Ill leave it at that cause that’s all its dose is Keeps Getting Better so check out the song that is influencing my life and me as a person now and in time to come check it out. Just listen to the words and all but then again with the change lol I’m a SUPER BITCH as well in my own little way, and most of the time and I have every right to be but that’s more of my personal life then in the industry but anyways enjoy the song!

Phillip Ashton


Its time for CHANGE!

On November 15, 2008, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

The last laugh

I think just like the United States had a huge change with president, I think my life and what I’m doing and hanging out with and friends needs to have a BIG CHANGE as well! Ive become over a lot of things and A LOT OF PEOPLE! I’m gonna start all this starting today! distancing myself from a lot of people CUTTING people and just focus on certain things in life about me and certain friends and cut out all the stupid shit and useless things and worry about me cause its that time but this one for me is gonna be a HUGE CHANGE!

Kisses + Hugs

Phillip Ashton


The Hot Foot Interview 2.0

On November 15, 2008, in Porn News, by Phillip Ashton

Id like to thank Joe from The Hot Foot and doing another great interview with me at here at and here it is I hope you all enjoy it cause its a deep one!

Editor’s Note;I’m lying, this really isn’t part two of Phillip Ashton’s interview, it actually took place a whole month after the first one. Phillip had something he wanted to get off his chest and I gave him the opportunity to express himself at The Hot Foot. So listen to what Phillip has to say and you may just get a whole new spin of the porn industry, as well as gain respect for the people who bare it all for our enjoyment. Also, for the first time anywhere, you’ll see Phillip Ashton done up in drag, and boy is he stunning!

Hi Phillip, welcome back to The Hot Foot. Tell us what you’ve been up to lately.

I’ve been one looking for a job, a real job cause I’m struggling but that’s life. Also, I’ve been looking for porn work as well which I have found and all and I’m going to New York City to shoot with someone! Then, back with Helix later this month. But, I’m really trying to focus on me and getting a job, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Oh, this is so exciting, I’m doing professional modeling as well with some great photographers.

Sounds like a busy schedule, let’s start with the professional modeling.

I’m on a site for models who want to do professional modeling and I’ve done that before, when I was starting to get into porn, which was really fun. So I have photographers from New York City hitting me up and also from Miami, Canada and here in Cali. Its been crazy and I love it because that’s been another passion of mine. but I’m too small, so mainstream modeling won’t ever happen. But I love taking pictures!

Very cool, I’ve also been informed you taped an interview for the gay and lesbian cable station, LOGO, tell us what was all involved with that.

I was called by two tranny friends, they offered me to be on there show which is on the LOGO network and I said I’d love to help out. It would be very exciting to do something like this. It was for their show that’s going to be online, it’s pretty much about them making drag queens into FIERCE trannys, because they’re both beautiful girls when done up and boys when there not! So we were there for six hours and it turned out to be amazing and I can’t wait to see it as much as everyone else. I bet you fans didn’t know I dress up and have pictures as well, but I don’t know if I’m ready to post those or show those as of yet. But I’ll say this, I’m a hot ass girl! Also, let me clear this up it’s not because I want to be a girl, it’s because it’s something fun to do!

I had no idea you dressed up in drag, another interesting fact about Phillip that we didn’t know!

I don’t like the term “drag queen” So I use the term “tranny”

So this will only be on

From what I understood yes, it’s going to be online only. Which is good because Logo has a lot of people that visit their website, so it should be a very good turn out and it should be a good.

We’ll have to look for it, sound exciting! So, last time we talked, you mentioned you thought you might be through in this industry, and you had some serious words for certain webmasters. It sounds like you’re over that?

There was some serious talk, but we won’t get into that because that’s the dark side of porn no one really sees from models. But, I’m just tired of everyone saying “We want NEW faces” okay, well, that’s fine for NEW faces, but lets be honest here. This is what really bugs me, this might start some drama that I don’t want to happen, because I’m only letting my voice be heard like it should. I’m a model that has a mouth and I am always heard if I have a problem but when i go to sites and still see old models when sites say they want knew faces, that’s what really makes me angry and that’s when I start to think stuff and I’ll admit I had a break down the other week and it was pretty serious and I was going to retire from porn. Then I thought about it and said fuck it, I’m way to young and hot, webmasters and photographers will start to use me and see what I’m all about! So I won’t be retiring anytime soon!

That’s always been a problem with the gay industry, the average lifespan of a career is less than three years, so by age twenty-one you can be washed up, which is sad.

But see that’s what I don’t get because I’m twenty three! I get people all the time telling me I look like I’m eighteen still, keep up whatever your doing and you’ll go far. I know I do and that’s not to sound big headed at all either, but I mean come on, if you still look like a twink at twenty three which I do, and don’t look like my age then HELLO, that should tell you something! The webmasters aren’t giving the fans what they want.

I agree with you, I like the older guys, along with new faces. I think this industry is too fickle and webmasters and photographers need to utilize guys who’ve been around. I believe there is plenty of room for both established stars and new faces. What are your thoughts?

I think there is definitely room for both new and old but don’t just use new new new new new mix match or use new but do that for a hot minute and then after mix and match old with new but i definitely see room for the newbies lol I’m not jaded towards new models just webmasters need mix and match not just move on and what not as much as a webmaster likes models for themselves its not about that its about making your product and selling it and whats gonna be hot and what your older models think as well and see if they like them and wanna work with them you know but yeah there’s definitely room for them I’m not saying always use old old old but mix and match but don’t just not give the older models work because of all the newbies.

I saw you and Andy Kay over at BoyCrush, Andy was in a sling, you and he were really going at it. The video was really hot and sexy, how do you like working with Andy?

I just saw that on the Boycrush blog and I forgot it came out today. Working with Andy was fun and I had wanted to shoot with him cause he likes it rough and since I knew he liked it rough i had to shoot with him cause we had been wanting to and yeah lol he has an amazing ass and i rimmed his ass good and his body is great as well not gonna leave that out at all and then that sling OMG so much work and my legs from top to bottom were burning cause we didn’t realize how hard of work that sling was gonna we but we had a great time filming that scene and it was definitely a work out lol and one i wont forget! but I would love to do it again on that sling .

What are the chances we’ll be seeing new material of you over at ToeGasms in the future?

I have no clue at all to be honest with you. I hear that there’s a big shoot coming up but that’s all I know I’m not going to beg to go or anything if they wanna use me then yay if not I’m not gonna sit there and beg them to take me out to palm springs to shoot if there model list is full so at this time I have no answer for when ill be back with ToeGasms and the many other sites that are affiliated with that site to

It’s been awhile since you did new foot material, we’ll we’ll keep our fingers and toes crossed, thanks Phillip for another great interview.

Your very welcome I like giving them cause it shows a side of the models that many don’t get to see and these are real and 100% truthful and all so thank you for giving me another chance to interview with your amazing blog!


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