On December 30, 2008, in Rants, by Phillip Ashton

I swear I wrote a blog on the type of condoms I like right? or am I TRIPPIN! no I think I did and some of you guys commented on my pic for condoms… this is really weird of someone deleted it cause I didn’t take it off and that post is no where in my blog at all. Maybe you guys can help me but I thought I wrote one about Trojan Supra condoms and how amazing they where and felt like you where wearing nothing at all… hmmm anyways help me to please remember cause I’m ANNOYED its not here and also wondering what happened to it!

Phillip Ashton


Hot Treat!

On December 30, 2008, in Shoots, XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

Christmas pasted and all but I couldn’t resist this CANDY CANE GLASS DILDO! If Santa would have brought me this I would have started using it to be on my way with becoming VERSITILE now and would post pics of course cause I want you all to see that’s its making my ass nice and ready for the real thing 😉 I actually seen this CANDY CANE on the cause Santa delivered them some stocking stuffer’s and when I seen this toy it made my mouth water and then I though how FUCKING HOT is it to have a GLASS CANDY CANE DILDO in your ass! I’m also in shock how much it is to cause glass dildos are expensive anywhere from $60-$200 not cheap at all unless there not selling for some reason which I don’t see why this one wouldn’t. Then I asked Andy Kay where Santa got it from and he showed me the site! you can fine this Hot Treat and many others for cheap prices if I had a credit card id buy it cause its only $34 which I was shocked but I don’t so hopefully soon Ill be having this coming to my door or who knows Santa might just buy me one 😉 anyways check out the site and the BoyCrush Blog to see what Santa got for them and hopefully soon you’ll see pictures with this CANDY CANE some where soon.

Phillip Ashton


Updates + Pics

On December 30, 2008, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

I have been lazy the last couple days with my blog cause I don’t know what to talk about lol which is very weird to me cause I’m always wanting to talk about anything and almost everything but I do have updates to do cause a few fans sent me some goodies these last few days and my friend Cool Tom got my digital camera back to me after I stupidly left it in his car 2 weeks ago so expect pictures of me in my new undies and just a lot more pictures cause my camera is back and I’m ready to use it and give you guys some awesome pictures 😉

Phillip Ashton


Farmers Market!

On December 30, 2008, in Good Friends, by Phillip Ashton

I had a very nice Sunday lunch with 3 of my all time favorite people Cool Tom, Brandon Baker and my sister Angel (Wanna see my TITTIE) Benton 😉 I don’t have a picture of Tom which I’m in shock but hes always the one taking the pictures lol so sorry boo I don’t have a picture of you ill get some though! The 3 of us went to Farmers Market at The Grove which I hear they do every Sunday which I try to attend every Sunday but when I have no money I don’t wanna be a beggar you know so I stay home, anyways I haven’t seen Brandon and or Angel in a hot minute and it was great to see them after so long and they haven’t seen me in a while and this crazy ass hair I’m growing out either which I hate cause its so ugly I might cut it sooner then my birthday like I said cause its to much! We all talked about the pool party and how much fun it was gonna be and who’s all going and the room situation and when everyone is going and leaving etc but mainly seeing how everything else was and all, oh and all the hot ass guys walking around The Grove we kept watching all these cute boys everywhere I would have to say thing for those that live here and or those that are coming to visit definitely go to The Grove on a Sunday for lunch around 12 and 1 for some HOT ass eye candy! That was my Sunday and it was fun and pretty lazy which is what I like! I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend and I hope your week is better!

Phillip Ashton


This Weather!

On December 27, 2008, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

I thought I lived in California! can someone please tell me WTF is going on with this COLD ASS WEATHER! I don’t think its been this cold ever cause I have to wear a jacket everywhere I go now and I never had to do that but it honestly has been FREEZING these last couple weeks it honestly kinda feels like the cold from NYC when me and the boys went to shoot but wow I cant even wear sandals during the day anymore without my toes going numb! I need it to be summer again or just a slight change in this weather to warm up cause I don’t know how much longer I can take this COLD I don’t have winter clothes cause its always hot here lol maybe once I get money Ill go and get warm clothes and keep them handy for weather like this. Ill try to keep warm but this was something that was bugging me and I had to write about it.

Phillip Ashton


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