Hugh Hefner Sky Villa!

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I’m gonna write the blog now and update with pictures tomorrow so keep your eyes posted on this tomorrow blog cause I don’t have time to sit here and upload all the photos from that night there’s even more that I just found that Kayden Daniels had on his Myspace and I took some so THANK YOU to Kayden Daniels! The night started out AMAZING as you know and talked about that was my big BOTTOMING day with Mike Roberts which was fucking HOT and I’m so thankful to have friends/bosses that I do to make that day come true for me so HUGE THANK YOU! to Ron and Boomer! After my scene everyone was getting ready to go out to the strip and I had just got done and wanted to shower cause I had CUM all over my mouth and everyone left us. Me Ron and Brad went back to the Planet Hollywood Hotel and had dinner cause I hadn’t ate and I need to energize myself from being FUCKED 😉 and then we met with Kelly Cooper who is my all time favorite drinking buddy and an AMAZING person as well, we finished and Ron and I had been waiting to hear back from Angel Benton my sista and Brandon Baker my bitch lol to go to the Hugh Hefner Suite for a party we were all invited to which was a once in a LIFETIME PARTY for me and the models cause we’ve all never been there. So Brad Myself Kelly and Ron all went to the Palms and we waited and said FUCK IT lets see if we can go to Ghost Bar which is at the top of the Fantasy tower the 57th floor I believe it was and it was cute very intimate and WOW! the view was sick and there was this part of the big balcony that was cut out and covered with plexiglass and you can see all the way down to the bottom Ron was not going anywhere near it cause it freaked him out but I wanted to cause Ive never been there and I wanted to see everything and do it all! Ron told us that Ghost Bar was where all the CELEBS went when they go to Palms and I was LIVING when he told me that cause that’s my field I love those places! while at the bar we met these cool guys Darren from NYC Cameron and Angel they were there for the parties and convention which the bar got packed with a lot of industry people and it looked like straight porn stars as well cause me and Kelly seen this HOTTIE and we snapped a picture with her, she kinda looked like Fergie and then her boy toy that was with her was like $10 and I was like FUCK THAT to take a picture with her shes not even FAMOUS!

Angel Benton my sista finally text me and says okay were coming and were gonna scoop you boys up and go to the PLAYBOY SKYVILLA and that’s when I was like OMFG where actually gonna party in the PLAYBOY SUITE IM DREAMING! Angel gets there and is with Brandon and we meet the other boys as well Lyric, Krist Cummings, Jayden Eclipx, Kayden Daniels and Ryan Conner’s and were on our way up to one of the most memorable part is I know I will never ever forget in my life! and I have to give a EVEN BIGGER THANK YOU to Brandon Baker and Angel Benton for not only having guest but inviting myself and the other boys who I know will never forget that night! I felt like such an idiot lol cause I kept saying OMG WHERE PARTYING IN THE PLAYBOY SUITE but that’s what happens when your drunk and there’s an open bar and the drinks are FREE ;). I get my first drink with everyone and me and brad decide to go out on the ledge of the Playboy jacuzzi and take pictures and it was beautiful to look out over the edge and see Vegas then we came back on hard floor lol and took pictures did our round abouts and everything this party was starting to get packed so I went in and started to dance with the boys and Angel and was still in SHOCK we were all in the PLAYBOY SKY VILLA! Everyone was at this party Howard Andrew (Fabscout) my all time favorite person when hes in LA or at any event cause hes just AMAZING and I LOVE HIM! as well as Collin O’Neil who for some reason when ever I see him he always give me a look like UGH and I personally don’t like it but WHATEVER! the SEXY Jeremy Hall and Jack Shamama who does and I love to death an a ton of great people who own websites which I knew some and met some new people as well such as Harlan who does EXTRABIGDICKS.COM and the cam people who were throwing the party and I networked pretty well while drunk and all lol! Then there were the 2 BEAUTIFUL GIRLS Arianna and her friend they were in these mini black dresses which I was in AHHH over cause they kept dancing and there dresses were coming all up and Iwould go and fix Ariannas dress cause she was having a blast and she was beautiful and OMG so all the boys especially Kelly Cooper took pictures with them cause these girls where smoking HOT!

It was getting late and Ron told the boys to go home and get rest cause they were gonna be shooting tomorrow and I was like FUCK ALREADY but he said no there going where staying lol we now being Ron Brad Kelly and Myself went to the Playboy Club! now that club is sweet and the way the girls were dressed as bunnies was so cute lol so me and Kelly took more pictures 🙂 we then were joined by Darren Cameron and Angel and had a few more drinks lol yes by this time I’m cute buzzed about 20 mins into being there Ron and Brad were going back to there hotel and Kelly was like I still wanna drink and I was like AMEN! We all went back to the Planet Hollywood Ron and Brad went to there room and Kelly and I went to the Bar! and on the way to the bar we seen Brittney Starr from Brett Michaels Rock of Love Tour that’s on VH1 now and we took a picture with her CRAZY ASS, we found Heart Bar and we sat down and got a drink and that’s when me and Kelly started to talk and it was very chill and laid back which is what I liked and getting to know Kelly when no one else was around was really cool and hes definitely a favorite of mine to hang out with and a good friend. 3am came and Kelly was tired and I was dead beat and I had to walk back to the Paris Hotel so me and Kelly went our ways I got in and don’t member much but I think I just stripped and passed out lol. Again HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Brandon Baker, Angel Benton, Ron and Boomer for one making my DREAM COME TRUE and two HAVING THE BEST GOD DAMN TIME OF MY LIFE AT THE PLAYBOY SKY VILLA! and just being with friends I love and am always happy to be around and cant wait to see again and have another BLAST on whatever we do! so THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Phillip Ashton



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I’m suppose to give you guys the Vegas Party in the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa but I’m having a major problem with getting all the pictures in the blog! On word press I use to be able to chose all the pictures and put them in all at once but now for some reason that option isn’t working and hasn’t in a while which pisses me off cause I have 33 great pictures that I wanna show you all but I guess I have to pick randomly and make sure I have all the boys and good moments of the night so Ill give you all a good view of the pictures so please bare with me cause I have to upload them one by one which is ANNOYING TO ME!

Phillip Ashton


All Around the World

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Today I was on my FaceBook and I was talking to someone from Columbia and he was a huge fan of me and it blew me away that I’m getting fans from all over the world that are so happy to see my pictures and movies and all, then I got an email from a fan in Seattle who works at a gay bar and is a huge foot fan and loves the work I do with feet! I love that I’m being recognized all over and I get to talk to all the fans from all over as well so with that being out there now, thank you all so much and keep on being fans you all mean so so much to me and I try to give me best and give you all what you wanna see and have me do and I love all my new fans from all over and don’t be scared to contact me either I’m super nice and love chatting with my new fans all the time! you can email me at or my aim name at phillipashtonxxx 🙂 so thank you all and I feel very special.

Phillip Ashton


Brent Diggs

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Freshmen Magazine better CALM DOWN with the HOLE shots cause its gonna make me go INSANE! This is Brent Diggs from and hes got a PHAT ASS, beautiful body and a baby face that you would fall in love with in the second of seeing him! This picture takes my BREATH AWAY hes not over hairy its just perfect and it looks like to big hot dog buns and I wanna shove me face deep down in the ASS! I love getting to do this everyday lol cause it makes blogging so much fun and bringing this to you all and sharing my life with you is even more fun! Enjoy boys, Ill be blogging about a high light in Vegas when me and the boys went to the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at The Palms! so be on the look out for a ton of pictures and the blog before I head out tonight!

Oh and before I for get I wanna shout out to Blake Riley he had his 25th birthday last night so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE!

Phillip Ashton


Our First Night!

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This picture brings a BIG ASS SMILE TO MY FACE! Jan 15Th Krave Night Club in Las Vegas when I asked Krist Cummings to be my BOYFRIEND! Angel Benton my sista in crime posted this on his blog tonight and I came across it and was in total SHOCK cause I didn’t know this picture was snapped! I then found out my  good friend and boss Ron snapped this picture which Ill get to him later 😉 Ill never ever forget this AMAZING night and or this picture and I wanted to share this with you all. Oh and those who are members can also see it in the forum I went to look cause I haven’t been to BoyCrush in a long time and I seen that with a cute message from Krist and it touched my heart 🙂 so here the magical night Krist and I made it official! I <3 You and Miss you so much Babe!

Phillip Ashton


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