So Beautiful!

On March 31, 2009, in FIERCE, by Phillip Ashton


Yesterday afternoon we were sitting at Starbucks in West Hollywood chatting about random things with my boys Jim Mason, Jayden Taylor, Jacob Wright and Myself and this hot little woman comes around the corner and shes so pretty and so HOT and her hair was FIERCE! I then said wait that looks like Rose McGowan! I couldn’t see much after she walked in cause I didn’t wanna be a STALKER cause that’s so not cute! and then when she walked back out I commented on her FIERCE HAIR and she was like oh thank you sweety and she flips it and Jim commented on it and she came back and flipped it again which was FIERCE! So I was like wait FUCK THIS I need a picture with her cause this was a once in a life time thing so I get out of my chair and run up to her and say “Excuse me can I have a picture with you cause I just realized who you are” and she says “Oh yes sweety sure you can” and we took the first one and she says “oh no delete that”  and I said “oh yes that’s being deleted” then we took this one and it came out HOT and I told her thank you and she said “your welcome sweety” and I gave her a hug and went back and DIED! Who would have ever thought Rose McGowan at Gay Starbucks LOL! so I thought I would share this with you guys cause it was AWESOME!

Phillip Ashton



On March 30, 2009, in Updates, by Phillip Ashton

So y’all are not ready for my blog post about the GayVN Awards! it was one of the best times I’ve ever had and there’s so many pictures its not funny at all lol! So later today expect a ton of pictures and a full story about the parties and what not!

Phillip Ashton


GayVN Awards!

On March 27, 2009, in Good Friends, Porn Events, Traveling, by Phillip Ashton

So its finally here the 2009 GayVN Awards! and I’m heading to SF today, I’m also hung the fuck over thanks to Jim Mason and I haven’t packed SHIT and or showered or anything so I’m writing a quick post before I hit the road with my sista Angel Benton and a few other friends as well! oh and let me just say the outfits for tonight tomorrow and Sunday FIERCE! and cant wait to bring you guys pictures and the stories of the Award show cause its gonna be so fun and AMAZING!

Phillip Ashton


So in Love!

On March 26, 2009, in Boyfriend, by Phillip Ashton


There has been a change in my life and its been for the BETTER a few people have noticed it and I myself have as well which is so AWESOME I’ve never SMILED this much and BIG ever! I have never been SO IN LOVE like I have with my BEAUTIFUL boyfriend Krist Cummings and its weird but its a good weird cause I know this is gonna LAST a while and for those who are or think there gonna try and get in my way or FUCK THINGS UP you better think twice about that! Some people might know what I’m talking about the feeling you get when your in LOVE and are so HAPPY you cant hide it and or people see the change in you and notice it cause its that noticeable, I asked two friends saying is it to soon to be in LOVE with someone? they both said no which was AWESOME! I know I am as well cause I was EMOTIONAL all day yesterday just thinking of him and knowing he isn’t here with me now to hold and look into his BEAUTIFUL honey colored eyes and him watching me when I’m asleep and or his SMILE which makes me so HAPPY inside and OMG the feeling is just CRAZY and I LOVE IT! Don’t let anyone bring you down if you have the same feelings as me cause there is that thing TRUE LOVE and LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT you just need to dig down deep and find it in that person you know who is SPECIAL to you through the ups and downs and hard times and low times and the even lower times! I LOVE YOU BABY! I cant wait to see you very soon! its gonna be one of the best adventures ever!

Phillip Ashton


The House!

On March 25, 2009, in Shoots, by Phillip Ashton

This is were we did all of our shooting at this AMAZING HUGE ASS HOUSE and I took these before we left cause it will always be a memory and never for gotten so when you see the videos/photos you’ll know what rooms they were in expect one cause I totally just remembered now that I didn’t get it which I’m PISSED about but oh well life goes on so I hope you all like the house as much as we did and gave it a touch of what we do since its been TAINTED 😉

Phillip Ashton


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