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Yesterday night when I was blogging about all the funny HATE comments I’ve been getting I came across Afton Nills blog and seen his new post then seen his new DVD Twinks In Training with none other then me on the cover! I personally would like to thank Afton for putting me on the cover of this DVD its an honor and I LOVE IT! theres is a few HOT performers in this that you cant miss and some newbies such as Kayden Daniels, Ethan Storm, Kaiden Ertelle, Maddox Johnson, Tyler Dawsen, Andy Kay and Atlanta Grey. If you guys would like to buy it when it hits the store you can do so by going to www.1rmedia.com and order it. Thank you again so much to Afton Nills for the cover your the best! Y’all will enjoy this DVD when it comes out as well trust me lots of HOT SEX so be sure to order it!

Kisses Phillip Ashton


It gets better!

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I would like to thank my good friends over at www.sdborderboys.blogspot.com for sharing this info with me about yet again which I’m not SHOCKED one bit someone harassing me and talking down on me for what reason I don’t know but again I think its so FUNNY! here’s what this one says about me LOL

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “MIXED UP MONDAY- JAYDEN AND PHILLIP“:

Phillip Ashton is a played out twink that is going on 25. Body is way to small and looks like a human bobble head! Start eating and loose the attitude. He also said on his blog he is happy that he looks like Nicole Richie what a joke he is!

they didn’t post the comment cause they didn’t want to which I understand but they did share it with me which I’m very thankful for! so I can once again show you how people like to tare us down and write AWFUL things about us. Now here’s the thing whats this “attitude” I have? can someone ANYONE please tell me cause Im a tad bit lost? if this has anything to do with how I write my blogs and talk in them really? I thought I was expressing myself and how I live my life and that’s what a blog is about am I wrong or right? I think I said this yesterday in my post so what if I’m gonna be 25 years old! I still look 18 from what I get told almost every day when I get carded for getting a drink! LOL this one is the best a BOBBLE HEAD! that one just makes me LAUGH SO HARD! last I am happy people hate on me cause I am thin and someone called me Nicole Richie but the difference between me and her is I do eat and I have many that can tell you so and have seen me, so I’m gonna live it up and have fun with it :). I hope you all love the newest comment made on me cause I sure as hell do! oh and to my fellow bloggers if there is any kinda comments like these about me PLEASE send them my way. Any who on a better note Ill be posting about a new toy I got! and the latest and I’m gonna be on my blog more during the weekends cause during the week its a pain to try and work and blog and yeah its crazy so I’m sorry for the slack as of late 🙁 I promise its gonna get better!

Hugs Phillip Ashton


Harassment! OMG

On April 28, 2009, in Daily Life, Rants, by Phillip Ashton

Before I head on to bed tonight I thought I would share a BEAUTIFUL message I got today while I was working and went on lunch and came to check my computer and when I did again I had a little SURPRISE waiting for me.

torobullboi (1:21:48 PM): your really disgusting 25 year old twink wtf is that shit stop talking about it  eat more cupcakes cunt you look like you came from a concentration camp fuckin gross your getting old and the industry is sick of your attitude phillip ashton, feel bad for those 18 year olds who have to sleep with a nasty kook like you tell your gross ass bf to put some pants on his blog pic that bitch reminds me of puke the blackball process of you is starting your done bitch!

Now when I seen this I DIED LAUGHING! and it didn’t bother me not one bit at all cause I think this is great and I hope “ToroBullBoy” wont be so shy and will talk to me like the MAN he thinks he is but I know this is a boy cause only a QUEEN spells boi with an i. Yes I am 24 yrs old which this person cant do math LOL and if I was so what does he say… oh yeah “disgusting” was what he said then I wouldn’t be getting jobs and I might be skinny but I’m healthy cause my doctor says so and the twinks want to work with me not to sound all big headed like most do cause that’s not me at all for those who know me very well and the fans do to, and the industry is “sick of my attitude” I don’t understand that well I do but I mean really I talk to everyone and please anyone who I talk to that is sick of my “ATTITUDE” please let me know by all means possible you know I like when people tell me when I’m out of line on the set and when were not working. Any of those who I have worked for please shoot me an email and let me know if there is anything wrong cause I would love to prove this Toroblueboi wrong! and blackballed has taken its place and I’m done? I would really love to know how that’s gonna happen Torobullboi which makes me believe already you are someone who is bitter in this industry and I could be wrong but I mean really? no offence to the fans but they cant blackball you cause its the companies and people in them who do that. Oh and LOL you obviously know of my blog and my BF’s blog which BTW you know nothing about him to say he reminds you of puke which it has to be your own when you wake up and live your life cause your so bitter about yourself and your life you take it out on me and my bf? LOL so lets stop this little childish game of the Harassment your doing and move on 😉 I want everyone to know of this persons screen name and what he wrote cause its childish and very immature and people need to see what most porn stars have to deal with on a daily basis cause most porn stars don’t share this info but I will cause I think its funny when someone has to bring you down with words on IM and then sign off before you can respond to see what the problem is, so enjoy this like I did LOL.

Oh and Torobullboi my picture is just for you! Im still on top and someone like you or the others that HATE wont bring me down!

Love y’all

Phillip Ashton


Back in Action

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Damn it feels like its been forever! lemme bring you boys up to date so last time I blogged I was in training well this time I’m back and blogging so late and weeks in at a time cause I got the job YAY!!! and so yeah I’m very sorry and this is the actual first time I’m able to tell you whats been going on hehehe! Ill be blogging about Phoenix Pride tonight cause it was AMAZING I got to see my sister Angel Benton my Bestie Cool Tom and all the new/old models from Boycrush and also my old roomies when I lived here a year and some months ago! I came with my lil sister Jayden Taylor and we stayed Fri-Weds in Mesa with Bryan to do the www.Boycrushlive.com stuff which was fun and amazing! then Weds I came back home to Scottsdale to work and that’s pretty much all that’s been going down 🙂 Later tonight the Phoenix Pride blog.

Big Hugs Phillip Ashton


Sorry… Ive been busy :(

On April 23, 2009, in Updates, by Phillip Ashton

I’m so sorry boys its been a hot minute work is crazy I just finished pride and these web cam shows for boycrushlive.com I will be updating you all tomorrow when I get off work I swear it on my life I feel like I don’t have a blog anymore but I do and don’t think for a second I forgot about you all out there waiting for the next big story and what not so IM VERY SORRY and I’ll never ever go this long not writing a blog again night y’all I have to be up early tomorrow!

Phillip Ashton


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