On May 31, 2009, in Hole Patrol, by Phillip Ashton

This is a HOLE I wont ever ever forget! Derrek Diamond aka the DIAMOND HOLE which is what I’m gonna call him! looking at a few things Derrek has done hes a dirrty naughty boy and I love those kinda that can get down with the get down 😉 As I was researching for info on this mana hottie I came across how he loves being in groups its a fantasy of his to have 5 or 6 guys do a circle jerk around him which I find even more HOT! Derrek doesn’t mind being a top or bottom which is another plus cause if there was a time where I got to work with him Id love to flip flop with him! Derrek’s in my top 5 list of hotties I wanna work with before he retires like most porn stars are doing 🙁 Ive seen some of Derrek’s work and WOW I’m very very impressed hes FUCKING HOT in all the things I’ve seen especially his Bound Gods aka Kink.com stuff OMG I would die if I could tie him down and pleasure his smooth HOLE and it kinda be like a pleasure torcher if that makes sense at all? I mean who wouldn’t wanna be all up in that MMM MMM GOODNESS! and for those who have I’m beyond jealous! Everyone needs to check out Derrek Diamond cause hes sure as hell one FUCKING HOTTIE and his work is GREAT! hope you all enjoy him like I am 😉

Phillip Ashton


2D into 3D!

On May 31, 2009, in Shoots, Traveling, by Phillip Ashton

Ive never seen this until I was at the Phx Forum and met Dominic Ford who is a major sweet heart! loves him to death so hes the first to do 2D into 3D porn! I watched it and OMFG it is unbelievable how it looks like you can touch the models and how it POPS out to you its something that you have to see to believe! I have been talking to Dominic for a while on Twitter now (which if you don’t have or not following you should www.Twitter.com/PhillipAshton) and just recently I was asking him about hid first DVD he just got done and sold at the Gabby’s last weekend which was a huge thing he sold all his copies to everyone who went to his booth which is AMAZING! So I didn’t know if he was just into the muskle guys or twinks but then again there is one twink on his site and I had to ask him if I could work with him and be in a 3D porn and my mouth dropped when he responded back saying “OMG yes you would be great to work with” I died when he said said that to me so I will be working for www.DominicFord.com y’all should check out his amazing website and the 2D into 3D porn cause its fucking hot! Dominic and I have worked out a deal where we at www.Bonerama.com will be selling his DVDs so if you all would like to buy 3D porn you can at our store and or Dominic’s website. I will be flying out sometime in the end of June early July to shoot for him in NYC! Yay NYC again, I was told I’ll be staying at there famous Fire Island house so I’m very very excited about shooting with Dominic and crew it should be interesting to see how they make 2D into 3D I know ready to see how its made so I thought I would fill you boys in on that cause it was a shock and very big news to me!

Phillip Ashton


As Requested ;)

On May 30, 2009, in Porn News, by Phillip Ashton

As requested from you guys here’s my ass shots that fans have been asking for my ass is little and plump and I can work it out when I need to, Ive been told its a fuckable ass and I’m sure it is cause its small and good for big guys to dick down and have fun with 😉 UGH I sound like a fucking bottom lol. There’s been very few who have been able to be all up in the ass and those lucky guys where amazing at what they did to my ass, I cant wait to show y’all the bottom in me cause I feel like I would be an amazing bottom cause I’m tiny and guys all wanna see me bottom and fuck me which I find very hot as well. I don’t know what more to say but enjoy the pics and yeah have a great day/night!

Phillip Ashton


Congrats Damien and Francesco

On May 29, 2009, in Completely Gracious, by Phillip Ashton

This pictures just makes me wanna cry cause its so amazing how 2 porn stars Damien and Francesco after a year of being together so in love with each other! im very happy for them both and it shows there is hope that you can date in the porn world and it can work out! I don’t know really what more to say but that I’m very happy for them both and hope then the very best and CONGRATS! to the Hooker Bunny and the Bunny Raper! you both are amazing hot ass porn stars and now husbands I hope to see more weddings like this from porn stars being in love cause it shows that it only works in the long run. Congrats again to the both of you!

Phillip Ashton


Christopher-Alexander Scott aka Burger

On May 26, 2009, in Good Friends, by Phillip Ashton

This is a good friend of mine Christopher-Alexander Scott aka Burger now you wanna talk about someone to know in life this is him hes a big teddy bear! he might always look mean and not one to go up and talk to but that’s how he is and he always had his friends back no matter what! someone could have been talking shit to me and or touching me and I could tell him and he would take care of it with no problem and came back and said with a huge smile its taken care of 🙂 or every time I would see him he would give me a huge bear hug picked me up and all. When I lived in LA before I moved to Scottsdale we had parties at Tyler’s apartment and he was there and we had great times with him drinking on Sundays at the Lode for beer bust and or when we went out and seen him working the door and or when he wasn’t working and just chilled with us at the Lode.

Sadly today I was informed by my good friend Jim Mason that he had died…I was in shock and still am cause I would have never thought! the details are still being worked out and I don’t wanna go into many details about it cause its still not official what happened or how or why so until the story is correct and the real reason has been decided by the corners office I cant really say much. He was found this morning in Downtown LA on a bus stop with a fractured neck from what I was told by Jim and the sad part is his family didn’t know until later this afternoon cause I guess the police told my friends first and so they called me to see if I knew anything about his family which I sadly didn’t but I did give them a good reference he use to work at Fiesta Cantina and I told him to head on over there cause they have to carry that info, so they got the info and the police informed his family and my thoughts go out to them deeply and my love. With all this being said Christopher Alexander Scott aka Burger RIP… you will always be remembered and loved and deeply missed by me your little Mussy!

Phillip Ashton


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