To Mr. Gardner

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I just wanted to post this picture for a special fan of Ryan Conner’s and Mine I wont give his first and last name cause of safety reasons but this picture is all for you Mr. Gardner we both hope you enjoy our little note we wrote to you and there’s more coming I just have to find them but we did think of you when we were out there so enjoy and we hope you keep supporting us like you have and buy our DVDs coming up and yeah enjoy and thank you again so much!


Phillip Ashton & Ryan Conner’s


LA Pride/Shoot Week

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I’m not gonna jump into the car ride on the way to LA cause OMFG it was horrible! took us 7 1/2 hours to get there! but there was a lot of great convo with my boss Zak Miller and when we stopped in Palm Springs we seen a HOT ASS MARINE! I couldn’t resist and snapped a few pictures of this hottie!

Finally we get to LA and instead of going to Jim’s house we head over to the Westin Hotel by LAX and rested and got ready for the night and picked up Ryan Conner’s and then went to Jim’s and were we met with all the other boys and we were suppose to head on over to the CyberSocket Party but it was a bit far and so we went to the Lode instead and it was an awesome night and we tip toed it home tore up and I was attacked but that’s all Ill say about that and we went to bed but I did in my Holly Tranison hot pink tube socks!

Saturday FUCK ME! was probably one of the best days turned to the worse! at like 4pm until 2am! I was there at 10am and we were getting our booth set up and WOW did the boys do amazing! I wasn’t expecting all this for a booth but they did an awesome job! I was doing store duties and orders and all but then my boss wanted to take over so I said fine do as you please your the boss go for it so I wondered around and talked to people and seen a ton of people on Saturday such as Cameron Marshall, Johnny Hazzard, Turk Mason, Adam Killian, Mitch (HOT as FUCK) Rock, Jeremy Bilding, Chase Harding, Adam Lucas of Unzipped Media and Edwin Brown of Unzipped Media, Hugo of Eurocreme Media, Chris of PornTeam, RandyBlue Boys such as Jeremy Walker, Reese Rideout, Trent Davis and a newbie I don’t know yet and that’s all I know of if I missed anyone sorry! We were across the way from a spray on tattoo tent and go software underwear where there was a HOTTIE who was in a jock strap and it was fucking hot! at one point he showed me his hole and I died and was all bothered the rest of the day! Ryan Conner’s and my self and Jayden Taylor went to the Unzipped booth cause Adam Killian and Mitch Rock were signing magazines and it was Ryan’s dream to get a signed copy but also a picture with him and we all did and he even took a picture in our photo booth brought to you by for which I wish I had the photos uploaded on here but I don’t sadly to say but check out there website and youll see what they do with the photos its amazing! Later that day Angel Benton that betch he brought ever clear jello shots that were 192 proof! and I had 7! so you can only imagine what happened after 7… they snuck up on me and it wasn’t pretty at all from what I was told I was doing things to my boss I wouldn’t ever do sober I was being loud and blunt which isn’t a shock I am when I’m sober and it was awful, just know from 4pm-2am I don’t remember a thing but the stories were so not cute and the pictures which will not be released from anyone! I know for a fact I’ll never ever do ever clear again in my life after all that happened I know there was throw up everywhere and I messed up Zack Randall’s stuff which ill be buying him a new phone cause one of the things was his palm pilot so I’m getting him an iPhone3GS.

Sunday I woke up and it felt like i was beat up and hit my a truck! I needed water fast cause I didn’t feel to great and I woke up to find out (when blinxy said miss girl have you been to the bathroom?) I said no and blinxy said (you might wanna go and look at yourself) I walk into the bathroom and I have permeate marker writing all over me! saying Tranny, Am in LA Bitch, Mess and on my face it looked to be an arrow to my mouth and a dot on my ear! Now its one thing to be funny and write on me and all that but when it comes to my face with PERMINATE MARKER! that’s not funny at all it didn’t come all the way off so I looked like a damn fool! Before all that I was drinking water and blinxy being the sweet heart he is made me some eggs and I finished almost all of them and passed out again then woke up and showered and couldn’t stand and fell asleep in the shower and woke up and threw up for almost an hour and it wasn’t fun but it made me feel better some what then got out still feeling like ass and got dressed and went to pride looking like HELL! I was security for Sunday cause someone had stolen some DVDs and toys from what I understood and I was trying to drink water and stuff but couldn’t hold it down then my boss gave me this water that was carbonated and that was a HUGE mistake! I drank a little bit and that didn’t do my stomach well at all! I rushed over to him and said gimme a bag quick my boss says why? are you kidding GIMME A BAG! I find one and I throw up all in the bag next to my boss and the bag filled up to the half way mark but that made me feel so much better and my day was just pretty much sitting in a chair watching people and looking at all the people walking by and what not until the end on Sunday where I walked to Chi Chi’s tent and took another picture with my favorite porn star Mitch Rock! I hadn’t ate all day and I was so not feeling well and didn’t have energy at all to walk and wait and all that so blinxy went and got me some food which was good but I forgot when I did my business in the bag it ripped my throat and this food was spicy and i started to cry when I took a bite cause it was painful all the way down but I dealt with it. It was now time to close and that’s when I was back to 100% and we cleaned up and tore up that tent and Dallas put on a fashion show for us and we got amazing pictures of it and myself and shangela and blinxy hear music from Beyonce in the back and we gave performance and just had a good time at the end of the night it was a good time and especially me being back to 100%. We cleaned up and headed to the bar where I drank nothing but soda and it was needed cause I still was kinda feeling sick and so the boys drank and I was chilling talking with Kelly Cooper and all and then I was hungry and so were the guys and we got pizza and then headed home to eat and talked a bit and then headed to bed for our shoot week in Palm Springs!

So I cant go into details about the shoot like I do with every shoot I’ve been on in the past so I’m gonna make this very short and sum up the week, cause there was a ton that went on this shoot week! The house OMG was fucking amazing and huge and probably one of the best houses we have shot in ever! met some new models Austin Lucas, Evan Rivers and Rd Mathews who I already know, we also had the regulars such as Kelly Cooper, Jayden Taylor, Ryan Conner’s, Zack Randall and myself 🙂 I got to shoot for the first day which was a Toegasms photo set and then there was a little incident that happened with hair relaxer and I was out of commission for the rest of the shoot until the last day. While out of commission I was able to direct and film some scenes which was totally different for me and I loved it very much I have a filthy mind and my idea being able to go into videos for our sites was so awesome and HOT! so I look forward to seeing what the members have to say about the newest content that I directed and I’m gonna leave the videos I shot a surprise until I wanna say or when I’m able to 😉 but the shoot week went beyond amazing well we had a few minor issues but we sent them on there way and there not gonna work for us again sadly to say but when you act a fool and or so shady things then that’s what you get and no one is gonna feel sorry for you! One of my favorite nights out was when we were all drunk and we came back home and I was pushed into the pool and my and shangela were fighting about a jumbo jack that i snatched from her car before we left hunters and turned out hunters in the back alley were we gave performance as well lol! Ryan Conner’s on top of the car dancing like he was a stripper! Andy Kay as well me and shangela were just acting drunk fools and all the videos of that night are priceless! Oh and I do have to thank Tyler for helping me when a good night turned for the worse when I thought I broke my thumb cause I smashed it really hard and Tyler was fast to think and brought me a bag of green beans to stop it from swelling and the pain so thank you Tyler I love you! it was a very good weekend with everyone and a great week and I cant wait to do another one cause WOW if its like that again we need to do that more often with good friends and some models. Theres some other things that we did and had so much fun doing while there it was this saying that Jim says to Tyler and its a little game they play and its called “Suck an Egg” so we all took pictures for Tyler before he came out and they were fucking awesome! if you also check out youll see more pictures from our week. Our last day with everyone was so sad the packing part which we all hate well I know me and Jayden do but yeah we had a long convo about things and cleaning that big ass house was a mission as well but it took about 3 hours to clean pack and do what we had to do, we said our good byes and then me and Kelly and Rad went to my bosses hotel I forget the name but it was a very nice hotel and we waited for 2 hours for my boss to get back from being pampered so we chilled by the salt water pool and around 12ish had some cocktails cause it was boring and the guy asked so why say no? and me and Kelly talked about a lot of things and we got to know each other better and more. My boss finally shows and we go and eat sushi which I love but for some reason I was feeling very sick after eating the second batch and I had to stop I think it was because I woke up at 8am which sucked badly so I slept the entire ride home until we reached PHX where I woke up and it was so good to be home after we took Rad home and I was happy to just be back and see the dogs and see our baby shark had hatched and it ended very good!

Saturday the models and bosses did a short day cause we went to the Rentboy Pool Party at the Helios Resort in Palm Springs which are always fun to attend to see the fans and the clients and of course the porn stars and escorts oh and friends! There was a huge list of people there! Nick Capra, Tory Mason, The Sin City Twins, Alessandro Del Toro, Chase Harding, Andy from Channel 1, StarrFucker (who is my favorite and very sweet), Lex Sabre, Josh Griffin, Dayton O’Connor, Scott Adler, Cool Tom, Armando, Oliver, DJ Avila, Jason Ridge, Nick Cross, Antonio Milan, Josh Hart, my good friends Edwin, Pierce, Angel Benton, All our models Jayden Taylor, Ryan Conner’s, Zack Randall, Me, Austin Lucas, Rad Mathews, Shangela, Blinxy, Tyler, Jim, Dallas, Zak (my boss) Morgan from Cybersocket, Adam Lucas from Unzipped Media, Brandon Baker of course! I was a bit let down cause Ricky Sinz was suppose to be there but he wasn’t 🙁 but the party was awesome and I loved it even when working I got a lot of great pictures of me and Kelly Cooper grinding on each other and the attack of the sak on my boss and Tyler and the little bareback sex party that was going on right across the way from us and I was in shock that was going on but it was broken up and we continued to party and do our thing! Zack Randall signed his copy of Freshman for fans which was a big thing and he was drunk which I love when hes drunk cause Zack’s a ton more fun and open which was so much more fun then it came to an end and we all went home and took naps and or just lounged back at the house until dinner which was great! this lady who was our server is gonna be Angel Benton in 30 years! Then we went to Hunters and had our last night which was much needed after the week we had and OMG the videos you should see them there crazy! and so so funny! I also got to see my favorite person Nick Capra and I got to film him at the party which you all should go check out his website or blog to hear and see what I filmed cause it was a shocker and I’m glad to have filmed it for him and be apart of that is his blog check it out! I would like to thank everyone at the shoot week and my boss and Jim and Dallas and Tyler and Blinxy and Shangela and Angel and all the models for making this trip probably one of the most memorable and fun weeks and weekends ever and to Brandon Baker for yet another amazing Pool Party! thank you and I believe this was the entire trip if I remember anything ill be sure to add it in 🙂 have a great weekend y’all

These are random pictures from Sunday when we were waiting in the hotel for my boss I thought I would add these in cause I was bored and I took pics and I thought you all would enjoy them.

Phillip Ashton


RIP Michael Jackson

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Many of you know Michael Jackson passed today I personally am still in MAJOR SHOCK and I don’t really have much to say on the matter but my thoughts go out to his family and friends and kids! Michael Jackson will always be remembered and missed by the billions of fans he had and he will live on FOREVER and the years to come! RIP Michael you are free and no longer suffering or hurting

Phillip Ashton



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Hey guys sorry nothing has been updated but I’ve been very busy coming back to work and having to deal with some certain issues and all that but I promise there will be updates asap this next post is gonna talk about LA Pride and our Shoot Week which both were so much fun! so be expecting that one in the next day or 2. Ill talk with y’all later and thanks for the support and following my blog 🙂

Phillip Ashton


Taking a break

On June 9, 2009, in Porn News, by Phillip Ashton

Today I got to thinking and after this next shoot and a few others I’m gonna be doing I’m taking a break… NO I’m not retiring cause that’s one thing I’m far from is retiring so lets not get my words mixed up and start some rumors cause I can only imagine what I’ll be hearing in the next couple days. I just need to do me for a minute and get things together here with my apt my bf and working which should be an easy ride so I thought I would be nice and let you guys know after this next shoot coming up the 15-21st I wont be doing anything for about 4 months but you will hear about everything going on while I’m not shooting cause I still plan on doing trips and events and what not so don’t think I’m gonna have a boring life and not have fun and do things cause that’s a never!

Phillip Ashton


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