Cant get enough!

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Malachi just keeps getting fucking better! here’s 3 more amazing pictures of him in Freshman Magazine, my favorite is the last one its just fucking HOT! I really hope there is more to come of Malachi on or in more magazines or in other movies as you can see all his HOTTNESS! is just to much and needs to do more! Randy Blue is very very lucky to have made Malachi’s discovery and for the fans and industies eyes to see cause hes one beautiful boy and again I hope to see more of him! Thanks to Marc from Chron of Pornia and Ill be doing more post like this cause my blogs been duel as of late sorry its cause of work but I’m doing the best I can to get better at blogging after work or when I get off when its late.

Phillip Ashton


Home Sweet Home!

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You all know my last trip to LA was beyond fun and I couldn’t of been with 2 of the greatest people to have come back and had a little vacation with then seeing all my friends in West Hollywood when we came back home it was all just a blast as you read from my last blog. I am glad to inform my LA peeps that I made a cute deal with my boss that I get to go home every 2 weeks cause I cant be away for more then 2 weeks and get home sick again its just not like me to not be able to do both see my good friends in West Hollywood and do my work here in Scottsdale, so I’m very excited and I cant wait to go back! cause being gone for 7 weeks is a damn long ass time! and that will never ever happen again. Well that’s all I can really say in this post but I would like to thank my boss so much for letting me do this cause its very much so needed and Ill be a very happy person now that I can do my LA trips!

Phillip Ashton


Freshman! Malachi Marx

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Now this is what I have been waiting for and its about damn time! Freshman Magazine just released there newest issue and who is on the cover and has an AMAZING SPREAD! hole and all 😉 Malachi Marx from the hottest UNCUT Canadian model they have found and WOW has he blown up like no other! Hes personally in my top 5 of hottest porn stars id love to work with and be all sorts of naughty with cause I mean hes the entire package for me Canadian, Uncut, HOT, Body and I’m sure a sweetheart like no other! Okay I love both the HOLEshots cause we all know I’m an ASS man and there needs to be an ASS MOLD of  Malachi’s butt cause its fucking so rimmable and yummy if there was ever a chance with him it would make my porn career and id be the happiest porn star cause I mean look at him just beyond sexy thank god Malachi’s in porn so that we can all see his glory I know I am and its about time there is some HOT ASS SPREAD on him! Enjoy the pics as much as I am cause there HOT! and thank you to Marc from Chron of Pornia for letting me use these pics 😉

Phillip Ashton


Amazing Weekend!

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Hey all! I’m back from my much needed trip back home to West Hollywood after 7 weeks which will never ever happen again! way to long and I missed my good friends Jim Dallas Tyler Nick Perry and many others who the list will go on and on and on oh and well I have to put these 2 cause I love them both to death Blinxy and Shangela! Where the hell do I begin with this weekend? I landed Friday night in Burbank and Dallas and Jim come to the airport to pick me up and I’m thinking were going to West Hollywood to Jim’s house and when I asked Dallas said no where going to Palm Springs right now and I was like REALYY?! he said yes girl really and I was like OH! the car ride was very quick me made really good time down there left at like 8:30 and got there at 11:00. When we got there we got settle and showered and all that fun stuff then headed to Hunters our favorite place to go while in Palm Springs and got to drinking and I was really tired and not myself cause I worked all day and Jim noticed and I said wait till I have some more to drink and sure enough after my third is when I started to be me and get fun! then the time came where we shut the club down and I went to the hotel and went to bed drink as fuck and Jim and Dallas went off and did there thing ;). Saturday was probably the best ever we had a day at the All Worlds Resort and got our drink and tan on and I’m nice and tan now cause of it 😉 but WOW I love me some All Worlds now there was the section of navy studs who were all fucking hot and then the few hotties who were naked and this one about my size or 5’6 and toned and OMG the dick was swinging on this guy HUGE! and the pool we were at was boring so we went to the main pool and that pool was the one that was poppin! We found cute front row seats and brought our creach and creached it up more (creach meaning drinking) and tanned and scoped out the place more and talked about all kinda things and it was really something that I needed and it couldn’t have been with the 2 best of people ever! So we did the pool for a hot beautiful day and then went to change and off to Hunter for happy hour while Dallas worked out and for an hour we did our thing and went to dinner where we had the best dinner ever! boneless fried chicken collard greens and garlic mash potatoes and desert to die for the cookies and cupcakes were amazing! I didn’t have any but Jim and Dallas did and they were creaming there manties!!! after dinner the 3 of us went back to the hotel and slept for a good 3 hours which was very much so needed after our day at the pool and being in the sun and drinking. Woke up at 11 and headed out to Hunters and it was the best night at Hunters cause and this was a shock to me there were all young guys there and that never happens there so it was a bit of a surprise and different for a change but it was a great time I got drunk again loved it and like I said our time in Palm Springs was amazing! Sunday brunch was fierce ate a little fast but it was cute except the fact I was being hounded for my ID and what not then off to LA we came and when we got there I really do miss home and it was good to see  West Hollywood and be at the Lode for happy hour and seeing some friends and Tyler and Nick and Perry and Blinxy and Shangela later that night at Micky’s for her Sunday show and I was amazed yet again by her performance Pussycat Dolls into some dance song and then Mariah Carey’s new song into another dance song and this weekend was very very good for me and I cant wait to go back! I wanna thank Jim and Dallas and all my good friends who I seen for giving me a great weekend I hope for more like this one very soon! until next time much love to you all!! Oh shit and I wanna say hi to my 2 new friends Jeffery and Chris that I met at the All Worlds resort well Chris who is a big big fan of mine who im so happy I met and got to talk with! so hi to you boys and Ill be seeing you guys soon!

Phillip Ashton


Wildlife Safari & Grand Canyon

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Saturday was an awesome day! We started at about 9am when myself Angel Benton my boss and his bf all went to the Grand Canyon and a Wildlife Safari park! We hit the road and made great time until we got to the Grand Canyon first before the Wildlife Safari so we had to turn around and drive an hour back to it! but you know what it was so worth it cause the animals there were fucking amazing! We got on a little tram that showed us where all the animals where and we got off and that’s when we seen a bunch of exotic animals such as white tigers lions bears rhinos emu’s deer camels black leopards jaguars ibex’s prairie dogs lemurs crocodiles tortoises ostriches giraffes zebras wild birds and hieena’s there were more things that we didn’t see cause we were in a hurry to do the Safari tour to feed the giraffe who was so cute! Before that we took pictures of almost all the animals that were there and watched a bear show that was to cute with 2 baby brown bears playing in the pool and during the show one got a little to out of control and this is when I got scared and did a mini attack on his trainer! it was crazy then it got boring and we left to walk around some more and can I just say it was hotter then satins fucking toe nails out there in flagstaff I don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much in my life ever! which is why I learned keep water with you at all times cause your body needs it when its out in the open like that and when its extremely hot! my shirt was drenched and it wasn’t cute but I had fun that’s all that matters. We walked all the way back down to the beginning cause this is where we did the Safari tour and go to feed the cute giraffe who kissed me and it was so cute! lol after the Safari we left cause we were headed to The Grand Canyon!


Heading to the Grand Canyon was fun it started to rain out of no where and it was light out so that was cool and it took a good 2 hours to get there which was aight cause I had Angel and my boss and his bf to bug and what not but then we got there and OMG! I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon since I was a little boy like 7 yrs old so I was a bit in shock and my stomach started to hurt when I seen how beautiful and breath taking the Grand Canyon was and then when we went to the edge of some of these rocks OMFG my stomach was in knots and turning and just wasn’t right but I did it anyways cause I’m not a big PUSS like that ;). There was a trail we walked along and it was nice eating cherry’s and all but it started to get dark and I wasn’t having it at all! my boss and his bf where like no lets keep going mean while this is where I became a big puss there was wasp beetles and bats and some unknown HUGE bat and they were coming for me and I had enough when we came to the trail and it started to look like the Blair Witch Project and it was windy and quite and then Angel seen something furry in the bushes and then my boss did and I said NO FUCK IT WERE GOING BACK! and I freaked cause no one knows WTF could come out of the brush and attack us animal or human! someone who’s crazy and shit. On the way back is when I wasn’t having it at all and when the bats and beetles were coming at my face and something bit my leg and yeah I freaked to the MAX and was swatting and ducking and yelling and all cause I’m not a night nature person when all the dangerous creatures come out to play so we all tip toed it back to the car and when we got back I was ready to go! The ride home was great seeing the lightning storm and playing for 2 hours a game to stay awake called “who would you rather” and it was a great Saturday one of the best so far I’ve had here in Scottsdale and to finally give you guys a real fun blog to read besides a boring one about work and all lol! pictures will come tomorrow but here’s the entry enjoy!

Phillip Ashton


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