PornoPalooza Weekend!

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WoW I am still in shock with all that went on this last weekend in Tucson at Woody’s and Scottsdale at BS West it was an amazing weekend and I got to meet some more porn stars such as Austin WIlde, Scottie Brooks, Luke Marcum, Hugo Milano, Jason Pitt and Cody Kyler. Then there was those that I knew Tommy Defendi, Ryan Raz, Jeremy Bilding, Chi Chi Laure, Jason Seacrest, Cool Tom and Brandon Baker, I also got to meet the amazing Mandi Boom Boom and her boys Christopher and Seth who were 2 of the boys I didn’t know but were both really hot! check out Mandi’s site at for more pics and to see her boys as well ;). I don’t even know where to start with last weekend! Ill start off with me and Cool Tom on the road to Tucson for the first night. Angel and I went to have lunch with Cool Tom at souper salad, it was a very cute place and we made messes there me spilling ranch everywhere and Tom spilling his salad in the place and it was just all a bit much lol! as were having lunch were are all catching up on things cause its been forever since I’ve seen Tom cause we seem to miss each other all the time. We spent about an hour at lunch then we were on our way to Tucson which I was extremely excited about! on our way which we got there in very good time cause there was no traffic at all, on the way we had great convo and we also seen a airplane grave yard which was FIERCE! I thought to myself Brandon Baker would jizz his manties if he seen this place! We finally get into Tucson and we meet went to Brandon Bakers hotel where Jason Pitt and Jason Seacrest were as well and watching the movie Carrie which was very good and weird movie, so it was done and me and Tom where just chillin around and looking for another hotel cause Brandon’s was full and we finally found a hotel close to were Woody’s was for the night and we went to the hotel and we got ready then headed out to the club after Brandon called about 15 mins after I got out the shower which was horrible timing cause I still wasn’t ready! but managed and Tom and I headed to the Woody’s. We both got to the club and waited for Brandon and Jason and it was a very nice place when you walked in… the outside didn’t look to pretty LOL any who there was a good crowd on the outside and a pretty good one on the inside as well, when we walked in I got really shy and put a guard up which was very weird cause I had been dieing to meet Cody Kyler as hot as fuck as he is and I was so shy! SHOCK to myself yes I know but I was, so I wanna give a huge sorry to Cody cause I felt I was rude :(. So the night was getting going and more stars were coming out from the back like Austin Wilde who’s a big sweet heart and I’m so happy we finally met cause hes awesome! we also met this guy who was a trucker and he was all about being blunt and loud and all of it me and Brandon and Jason where a little out done by him lol and so we went to the bar and got drinks and they had my favorite Skyy 90! so I got that then me and brandon and Jason where chillin waiting for Chi Chi LaRue and Jason Seacrest. Chi Chi and Jason and Jeremy Bilding  showed up and all the boys where there and dancing or around Brandon and Jason and myself and then the party started to get really good! all the boys where doing there thing and while I was out side I guess there was a show with all the boys and they were naked and showing the goods and all but I was to worried about cocktails 😉 and the famous jello shots with Brandon, we had about 15 each they were so yummy we kept ordering and ordering them it was awesome. Then later in the night we all went in and watched the boys dance a little and that’s when Austin Wilde pulled me on stage and I was like NO PLEASE then I screamed really loud! that got him away and then 2 minutes later I was on stage with Austin and we were grinding it was really fun ;), then I got some more drinks chillin in the cabana with Brandon and Tommy Defendi and others then went back inside and danced some and took more jello shots and watched the boys get dirrty! I need to some this night up cause I’m way behind but my favorite thing of the entire night was when Jeremy Bilding did the “Twinky Dance” it was so cute I wish I had a video camera to show you guys this dance but I’m sure Jeremy will out it up sometime if ;), after woody’s we ate at Ihop where our waiter was to much fun and enjoyed him and Brandon and Jason and tom and myself were being loud and it was to much but a great time!

Sunday! was a slow start to everything I was a little bit hung over and we had to drive back to Scottsdale for the second party! which apparently no one was ready for this group of boys and all that went down 😉 it was so raunchy and hot and naughty I believe people are still talking about it. Tom and myself went back to Brandon’s hotel were I bought a soda that cost $2.73 WTF there better have been something special about that Pepsi cause damn prices are starting to get outta control! so any who we all decided before we go to get food and drive back little did we know we were eating with everyone such as Tommy Defendi, Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, Cody Kyler, Seth, the manager of Spin night club and I believe that’s it, I thought it was gonna be Brandon, Jason, Tom, Tommy and me cause I knew we had to pick up Tommy but yeah. So we ate at Red Robin but not to many of us were hungry cause of the night before LOL but we got kids menu’s and colored and just were being out loud and crazy group :). Finally on our way with Brandon and his full car and me and Tom the trip home was good had a lot to talk about and it ended with Tom wanting to trade me off to Brandon before we got to Brandon’s hotel cause Tom had a shoot to do, sooo I was now with Brandon and 4 other porn stars it was a crazy but fun ride! The boys were dropped off at the Hilton Garden Inn and Brandon and Jason stayed at the ever so FIERCE W Hotel in Downtown Scottsdale which is by far the best W I’ve ever been to with the zen garden and the infinity pool and the little beach and cabanas everywhere! so amazing and the rooms were HOT! like I said probably one of the best W Hotels I’ve ever been to. Brandon and Jason and I all chilled they went swimming but I couldn’t go cause Tom had my stuff so I was fucked cause it was so hot and I wanted to enjoy the pool to 🙁 so I sat there and watched them have fun but it was all good I enjoyed looking around an up at the sky did a some thinking which was good. So Tom came and we all went to dinner at P.F. Chang’s which was good in the beginning until we started to get loud and Brandon kept saying FIERCE and loud lol and I was like Brandon shhhh, stop were loud and it just got worse, there was almost a food fight and poking going on and yeah then we got cake shot glasses like 5 of them and 2 of the 5 were good the rest were okay. Back to the hotel we tip toed and I had to shower and change cause I was all stinky from sweating by the pool so I was rushed cause it was time to go and have some fun at BS West! We got there and Mandi walked into the parking lot and brought us in and she’s so fucking FIERCE she was on it like no other! just calling the shots and she was the ring leader of the weekend she was amazing! now I dont remember much of Sunday cause I made sure I got drunk with the VIP bar upstairs and we only had to give tips so I made sure they were strong and I tipped well ;). I do remember the 2 jagger girls who were so HOT we talked about getting bigger tits for one and I told her no shes crazy! and stripping or pole dancing on the little pole upstairs, um all the boys being nasty and naughty and especially upstairs but I’m forbid to talk about that and I wouldn’t anyways to protect all of us porn stars 😉 I’ll say it was very very NAUGHTY ;). I member seeing out good friend Gary with his roomies which was good seeing him! I don’t remember leaving the bar or going back to the hotel were I got lipy and yeah it was all fun, it will be a weekend Ill never ever forget cause it was so amazing! I wanna say thank you again to Brandon for taking care of everything and Tom for the pictures and driving me and the hotel and to Mandi for throwing such an amazing event and being FIERCE! all the porn stars who made that night as big as it was! Chi Chi for being you which we love and Jason Seacrest for making me laugh and having fun! if there is anyone I forgot I’m sorry… I think that was my weekend pretty much I hope yall enjoy and sorry this took so long and I haven’t blogged in a hot minute but that’s all gonna change soon!

Phillip Ashton


So much…

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Howdy everyone! so so so much has gone on and I haven’t blogged in a week and I’m being yelled at by some fans of mine so expect a new blog this weekend. There will also be another blog coming after this weekend about the weekend coming up! cause its porn star weekend in Tuscon and Scottsdale which I’m so pumped about! expect a lot of pictures and a big full blog about this week cause there’s a ton to chat about 🙂

Phillip Ashton



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I feel like this!

Hey guys! I know its been a while but I’m not a workaholic and when it comes time to get off and wanna blog I just cant cause I’m beat! but I promise I will be blogging more trust me I have a ton to do this week with work and then this weekend, off to LA again thank god I need it again just to unwind and be with my friends again. I also recently just got a new Mac Book Air and it’s so SEXY! thin, light,sleek and I’m so happy I got this laptop cause my PC which is still nice but a P.O.S and very slow and I was over it so this new one I’m on now is just me! I don’t really have much more to say but that things are very well with me just doing my thing day by day and I’m happy as can be! next is to get my own place and turning this blog into a website but I don’t wanna talk about that much cause I have some good ideas and plans for all that 🙂 but yeah expect more blogs from me and my trip coming up and pictures! oh and go shop for your porn selection at I might be the one to take your order if you don’t have computer access any who bed time for me guys!

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Tran Hawk Wasp!

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This is the Tarantula Hawk Wasp I walked upon this big bad ass bitch this morning on my way to the mailbox and I freaked the FUCK out! it was the biggest wasp I have ever seen and I didn’t pay it any attention cause I didn’t know if it was playing dead trying to get a spider and lord knows I didn’t wanna see a big ass tarantula all from the tree or on the floor cause that would have made me FREAK! So I came back home and was like damn I should have took pictures of that big ass wasp cause by the time 5 comes around I’m sure something is gonna swoop it up and eat it or something but that’s when I started to do my research on this spider killer  which is when I found out it doesn’t even come after humans as all its main meal is tarantulas thank god cause Ive never seen a wasp that BIG! The colors are beautiful its dark blue with light blue then the wings are like bright red or a coffee color it was pretty sad it was dead 🙁 any who I thought I would share that with you guys cause it was cool looking to me.

Phillip Ashton


Palm Springs Pics

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Here are 4 pics from my Palm Springs trip that I did 2 weeks ago I only got 4 on the way out but they are the best 4 cause I love those huge fans on the way out of Palm Springs and then right before we hit the road one of the worlds most beautiful cars ever! a Mercedes SLR Mclaren Convertible I was in a panic to get my camera cause that car got me going and all wet and I snapped a good picture of it right before it took off on the highway. I don’t really have much more to say but enjoy the little pictures I did take and expect more this weekend when I head on out to LA! have a good one y’all!

Phillip Ashton


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