Friends or Money?

On August 1, 2009, in Rants, by Phillip Ashton

Can anyone please tell me something about wanting to make money please cause I don’t get it as of these days when someone is offering you work as in porn and they tell you your scene partner is a friend of yours and your friend turns down the scene when they need money cause its with a friend of yours? If you need the money that bad you’ll put the friendship aside for an hour or 2 and do the scene it might be a little funny here and there but I mean lets both be pros about it and just handle doing what we need to do if you need the money that bad! I bring this up cause I just had someone recently do this and I was like are you serious right now? you need the money and you wanna work so lets put what we have as friends on the side and maybe laugh some while doing the scene but again lets be pros and do this and not think about the fact that were friends. I know there are people out there that out there shit aside and do scenes together and still can be friends and I know there is some friends you just do work with cause there like your best friend and all that and I cant and wont work with my best friend ever in porn cause that’s weird! I mean I do consider who my scene partner would be a very good friend but we could still do a scene together and it would be fine in my eyes. There was also another time this happened when Dominic Ford was here when I had to do my little road trip with Zack Randall with the same person I’m talking about and another model I worked with who lives here now and he said the same thing to Dominic and I was like honest WTF there obviously not in this for the money like I am yeah I like to make new friends and all but I mean really I wanna make money and if you have to shoot with a friend then really suck it up and stop bitching everything will go fine but if you think about it to much then you will have problems and the scene will be bad but any who I needed to blog about this and get it off my mind cause its stupid and people need to get over it remember this is porn not myspace or facebook or twitter etc!

Phillip Ashton


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