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He's just gotta be so contrarian with his backwards sign....

He’s just gotta be so contrarian with his backwards sign….

You probably know supercute twink Phillip Ashton from the variety of movies and websites he’s been in/on. He’s worked with 9000000 studios including Helix Studios, Xtreme Productions, BiggDoggFilms, EonFilms, and Boy Crush. You may also know him from the weird controversy that’s recently popped up surrounding Zack Randall and his boyfriend. To this, he replies: “If you have seen the way they act on twitter and all which most have that video was well to be funny and truthful at the same time and thats pretty much all I have to say about it now. There will be an entire interview on the whole thing I’m sure, and very soon.”

But me and Phil (can I call you Phil, Phil?) are above that kind of gossip. After the jump I ask him questions about the usual. Porn, fucking, hot people, Logan McCree, fast food…

Brian Ritz (1:24:17 PM): first, would you mind just telling ~the readers~ basic info about yourself: how you got started, what films you’ve been in, etc.?

Phillip Ashton (1:39:27 PM): What’s up StudMuffinBlog! I’m Phillip Ashton, ready to give you all an interview so I hope you enjoy. I first started porn when I was 18. I was walking down Hollywood Blvd when this man came up to me and said do you wanna do some webcam modeling and I said sure why not, not knowing it was gonna be porn but it sure was and that was the beginning of it all. I then was introduced to SaggerzSkaterz and did some work with them. I’m in 3 of their movies–a 4th is coming out soon as well: Skater Beatdowns, Waxing Jeremiah, Spunk Junkies and the newest coming out Spunk Junkies 2: Cum Guzzling Jizz Whores (which is HOT!).

Now I can’t go into full detail with every company I worked for so I’ll give you the list: Helix Studios, Xtreme Productions, BiggDoggFilms, EonFilms, BoyCrush, Manshandsfilm (spanking) BoyzParty, AssLickBoys… there are just too many and I can’t go back that far and remember lol.

Some of the DVDs I’ve done…wow, there are a lot of those as well but…we can do this. Here we go: Pound Me Harder, Interrogation, He Made Me Do It, All About Sean, FreshMeat, Twinks in Training, Twink Playtime, Big Dick Twinks, He’s Making the Grade…just to name a few. I have about 19-20 titles out.

Brian Ritz (1:40:17 PM): So you’re definitely pretty established in the biz, then.

Phillip Ashton (1:42:20 PM): I would say yes…in the twink world. I would love to move on from being a twink, though, cause I’ve done work with so many studios as a twink. I’d love to work with TwinkScape, though, cause Ethan Storm and Jesse Swift. WOW! I’d dick them both down! Anyway, I’m also known with most major porn stars just ‘cause I know the right people and I go to almost all the events. So yeah, I guess I am established in the biz.


Brian Ritz (1:43:31 PM): So if you could do a scene with anyone out there…who would it be?

Phillip Ashton (1:48:27 PM): With no questions asked it would be Logan McCree. He’s beyond sexy, not from the states, and I’m a HUGE fan of uncut dicks, tattoos and accents…so he definitely takes the cake for one I would die to work with.

Brian Ritz (1:48:32 PM): OH MY GOD I KNOW

Brian Ritz (1:48:44 PM): He’s gotta be one of the hottest guys out there.

Phillip Ashton (1:48:59 PM): well I have a top 5

Brian Ritz (1:49:05 PM): Alright, let’s hear it…

Phillip Ashton (1:50:46 PM): Logan McCree, Ty Colt, Kevin Fulk, Alex Stevens, Derrek Diamond

Brian Ritz (1:51:38 PM): Both Logan McCree & Alex Stevens are in my top 10 Studmuffins

Brian Ritz (1:51:46 PM): Good taste you’ve got there, sir

Phillip Ashton (1:52:11 PM): Alex Stevens…If I ever see him…Trust me I won’t give up at all!

Phillip Ashton (1:52:19 PM): He’s my all time favorite Euro boy

Phillip Ashton (1:52:36 PM): I think I should have a top 5 American list and top 5 Euro list.

Phillip Ashton (1:52:57 PM): The Euro boys…omg I wouldn’t even know where to begin. They’re all fucking HOT!

No, hon. YOU’RE fucking hot.

photo 2

Brian Ritz (1:53:31 PM): eh…not ALL…there are some that look like they have down syndrome, or are vampires, or something.

Phillip Ashton (1:54:09 PM): LMFAO!

Phillip Ashton (1:54:26 PM): how do you really feel, Mister Ritz?

Brian Ritz (1:55:26 PM): errr…

Brian Ritz (1:55:28 PM): XD

Brian Ritz (1:56:01 PM): alright, so one of the main loves of my life is fast food. and it’s kind of a mandatory question: what’s your favorite fast food meal?

Phillip Ashton (1:59:22 PM): Inn & Out. You can’t go wrong there! Any time, any day, their burgers are delicious…unlike most other burger places whose burgers taste like ass LOL.

Brian Ritz (2:00:50 PM): How do you feel about…Wendy’s (my personal fave)?

Phillip Ashton (2:04:29 PM): I love Wendy’s as well. Their 99 cent menu is out of this world. I LIVE FOR IT! And the Frostys are very good too… but what I’m a big fan of from Wendy’s is the baked potatoes! Talk about getting ass in 2.5—that’s where you get it!

Brian Ritz (2:04:45 PM): yessss!

Brian Ritz (2:04:52 PM): alright, you get the Brian Ritz Seal of Approval

Brian Ritz (2:05:00 PM): which is a very prestigious award

photo 3

Phillip Ashton (2:05:05 PM): YAY!

Brian Ritz (2:05:46 PM): so…if you can…tell me about the craziest sex (either on or off camera) you’ve ever had.

Phillip Ashton (2:10:40 PM): I would have to say it was when I did my scene with Ethan Storm for Xtreme Productions. We had the chemistry already going and he was uncut and our sex was the hottest I’ve ever had and talk about the BEST BOTTOM TO WORK WITH EVER! If we weren’t on a desk fucking and we were on a bed instead, that scene would have been 10x HOTTER. He can work it and I want a second round…in a bed.

Brian Ritz (2:12:00 PM): I haven’t seen that one! Are there any links to it online?

Phillip Ashton (2:15:16 PM): yes there is

Brian Ritz (2:31:17 PM): so you got in the porn business, just walking down the street basically…did you ever expect to end up a star in the biz?

Phillip Ashton (2:35:28 PM): I really didn’t expect it to end up like this at all, to be honest. I actually wouldn’t even say I’m a star as of yet even though I hear it from everyone but, honestly, I’ve just begun. I am going to start hitting the gym and eating right and put some muscle on and then I’m hoping I will be a big star …but who knows? Anything can happen.

Brian Ritz (2:36:15 PM): I totally can see it…and you want to be in the industry forever, or is this a short-term thing?

Phillip Ashton (2:38:38 PM): I wouldn’t say forever cause I’m not living off porn at all—I have my admin assistant job as well—but as long as I’m being called for work then I’ll keep going you know. You only live once so why not?

Brian Ritz (2:38:53 PM): Does your family know about what you do?

Phillip Ashton (2:48:03 PM): My mom does and she’s okay with it as long as I’m safe and the money is worth it. I don’t think the rest of the family knows and if they do, oh well I’m an adult, they can’t really tell me to stop. They live their own lives like I’m living mine.

Brian Ritz (2:48:14 PM): Absolutely.

photo 4

Brian Ritz (2:49:15 PM): Alright, so I’ve gotta go do some (less fun) stuff now, but before I go is there anything you’d like to say/any words of wisdom/a favorite animal/an anecdote/anything for our dear readers?

Phillip Ashton (2:53:18 PM): Well first let me thank you for this interview and to the readers, I hope you guys enjoy the interview and become fans and enjoy what I have to offer and I thank you all for being fans of mine and of StudMuffinBlog. It’s been a pleasure but I also have to get back to work lol. Love you all and thanks again!


Producers, directors,  porn stars, fans, horndogs: you can contact Phillip by any of the means listed below.



AIM/Yahoo: phillipashtonxxx



Pound Me Harder, Break'N Em in 2 and Twink Play Time

On October 22, 2009, in XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton


Hey everyone just wanted to post some of my latest titles from and that are out now and can order at, Break’N Em In 2 is the newest from which I don’t know if many of you know this… but I do love me a good spanking ;). This wouldn’t be the first spanking video I’ve done its the second and these ones are a lot better then the first ones I did with Manhandsfilms, I did a scene with Ryan Jamison who is a hair stylist and he was a very good spanker I really enjoyed his spanking. I know the plot of the DVD’s and Spankthis are suppose to be not to like it but I liked it a lot and I wasn’t gonna pretend to not like it, so any who here it is and I hope you guys like my newest title and seeing me get spanked :).

Pound Me Harder was a very fun movie to do I did my scene with Dustin Reeves who is a very good Power Bottom! he loves being dicked down aka “POUNDED” by boys who have big dicks which I was impressed cause he sure does take it very well. Dustin and I did our scene in the kitchen and it was hard to fuck on a marble counter top especially with the lube and sweat cause it got very slippery and it was a work out as well, plus we had another scene going on in the room next to us which was very weird cause its like we had to be quiet and they had to be quiet and it was weird but yet again very fun. I hope you all enjoy this new title by 8teenboy as much as I did filming it and big shout out to Dustin Reeves!

Twink Play Time was my very first scene with 8teenboy and I shot with Jesse Starr who is a cute little twink that looks 12! (don’t think dirty pervs) LOL any who Jesse is amazing at what he does as well great bottom, smooth and enjoys a deep dickin as well which I love hearing a cute little twink moan cause of my cock going in and out of there hole makes me turned on more. There was a weird moment in this scene when Tommy Anders (Jesse Starr’s bf at the time) wanted to sit in the scene and I was like okay but I hope he doesn’t get mad cause it is his bf and hes getting fucked by another dude… 5 mins into the scene he storms out… later to find out he didn’t like seeing that and I told him but in the end it was a good time and scene. I hope that you guys also enjoy this DVD seeing as it is my first scene with Helix Studios ever so go check it out as well as the others and let me know what you guys think of the product enjoy guys! Love ya all and thanks for following my blog and being fans!

Phillip Ashton


TwinkBlood! First Twink Vampire Film

On October 20, 2009, in Porn News, Thank You, XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

twinkbloodfinalSo what I thought was suppose to be a BIG SECRET until 12 turn’s out not to be a BIG SECRET at all… So this is what I’ve been keeping a secret for the last 3 almost 4 weeks! I’ve been wanting to tell someone but I couldn’t and it was kinda hard but not really I’m good at keeping secrets that shouldn’t be out until they need to be ;). When I walked on set and finally was told what we were doing I was all about this movie like no ones business, cause I love True Blood the show and I’m very into it as well so this movie had my name all over it and plus I’ve always wanted to do a Twink Vampire DVD. I got to meet new cummer 😉 Felix Russo and got to work with Miles Pride, Patrick Kennedy and Chase Harding  who are all amazing boys to be around and work with cause we not only had a good time we worked our asses off, well lemme take that back I was only there for a day so they worked there asses off and the final product looks beyond AMAZING! Here’s a little preview clip

I can’t really say much more about this DVD besides to go and buy it at its release date is set for Oct 31st and we are talking pre-orders now for it so come on over and get your teeth into it first 😉 I wanna thank Bryan so much for letting me be apart of this DVD it was beyond amazing and something I would love to do again! cause the energy and sexuality the costumes the teeth the contacts (which I hated cause it gave me an eye infection) was something I wanted to do for a while now so again big thank you to Bryan and the cast and crew and we all hope you guys enjoy our DVD! We are also having a party on the 28th and 29th of Oct for the DVD at Club Forbidden in Old Town Scottsdale anyone who dresses like a Vampire gets a free DVD its also a party with on Friday which I cant attend cause Ill be on my way to LA : / but again thank you amazing DVD and I hope you all enjoy it as much as we all did filming it!DSC00183-682x1024DSC00349-682x1024DSC00425-682x1024IMG_9096-1024x682

Phillip Ashton



On October 17, 2009, in Updates, by Phillip Ashton

I know Ive been away for a while and I’m very sorry but Ive been extremely busy with work! I work 14 hour days and some times 12 hour days so you can only guess how tired I am to wanna blog and all but I do have many updates coming up from Southern Decadence to Britney Spears Concert to My best friends Birthday in Palm Springs and tons of pictures 🙂 so be on the look out for these cause I am coming back in full force and gonna be on my post again!
Phillip Ashton


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