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On November 20, 2009, in XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

bigdicktwinksbkbigdicktwinksHere’s my last movie with Helix Studios that just released 2 days ago! I had my scenes with Rad Matthews and Kaiden Ertelle which both were extremely fun and I have Kaiden wanting more which id love to give to him but hes no longer in the industry or in San Diego. Since I’m talking about Kaiden I might as well tell you about our scene it was so FUNNY, so we were going at it and he was loving every inch of cock I was giving him that he was moaning like he was being raped… The boys when we took a break thought I was telling him to do that and I was like no hes doing that all on his own he’s really LOVING everything I’m giving him. I couldn’t stop laughing cause it was so over done in my eyes but Kaiden claims it was all real and when we were done he said i was the best cock he ever had and I knew how to work it which was a HUGE compliment and made me feel good. Mine and Rads scene was very good as well it took forever but that’s okay this is porn not everything goes as planned, after our scene we cleaned ourselves and we went to Keith’s places and have us a party which was fun lots of nudity is all Ill say! we all had tons of fun and it came to an end around 2:30ish and that’s when I passed out on the couch with Dan Ryan and Aiden Mychals which was a good night! I hope you all enjoy this movie cause it was an awesome time shooting it. Thanks again to all my fans you guys are awesome and if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Phillip Ashton



On November 16, 2009, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been around for the last 3 weeks… a lot has gone on in that time that I will be sure to inform you all on since I have the time now to do it. I’m okay its just been a very hard time, expect blogs coming this week and an update with me and whats been going on and new with me. Sorry again and ill get back into my routine with my blog 🙂

Phillip Ashton


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