20 Hot Holes!

On January 31, 2010, in Completely Gracious, Hole Patrol, by Phillip Ashton

brettswansonholecodycachetholecolestreetsholeconnerhabibholedamiencrossseholedeanflynnholederekholederrekdiamondholejakesteelholejasoncrewholejrmatthewsholejulientoys_2kevinfalkholekylekingholeludaholemalachiholemarcoblazeholephilippedelvauxholeroddailyholeturkmasonholeWhat’s up guys! I’m sure your wondering why all these asses and there pink puckers are looking at you? Since I am infatuated with asses and holes… I figured I’d give you the first 20 Hot Holes that I wanna rim, fuck, finger, spit on and whatever else I can do! This is just the first of 4 other post of Hot Holes and a new thing I’m gonna do for my category called Hole Patrol!

Here are the names of the Boys/Guys :).

1. Brett Swanson of www.RandyBlue.com 2. Cody Cachet of www.HelixStudios.net (Can I just say I wanna dive into that and rim away!) 3. Cole Streets Exclusive to www.RagingStallion.com 4. Conner Habib of www.RagingStallion.com (He’s adorable! and loud when getting his ass ate so that’s a definite must and turn on) 5. Damien Cross Exclusive to www.RagingStallion.com (I like him cause he’s just DIRTY 🙂 and enjoys it) 6. Dean Flynn Exclusive of www.TitanMen.com (Huge sweetheart and beautiful) 7. Derek of www.CorbinFisher.com (My all time favorite Corbin model!) 8. Derrek Diamond New Exclusive of www.RagingStallion.com (I am a HUGE fan of Derrek and he’s extremely sweet when we talk on Twitter) 9. Jake Steel of www.CollegeDudes247.com (Who has a beautiful ass and I wanna rim for hours) 10. Jason Crew Exclusive of www.RagingStallion.com (we have history and I’m still waiting on him to bend over and let me rim him) 11. Jr Matthews of www.TitanMen.com (Enough said just look at that juicy booty!) 12. Julien of www.VideoBoys.com (Canadian naturally smooth and yummy) 13. Kevin Falk of www.RandyBlue.com (Swedish and 6’4 and looks like K-Fed but that’s besides the point hes gorgeous) 14. Kyle King Exclusive to www.HotHouse.com (Bubbly juicy butt also a major sweetheart) 15. Luda of www.VideoBoys.com (He’s bi and I love a boy who fucks pussy then lets the gay boys taste it! So HOT)16. Malachi Marx of www.RandyBlue.com (Even though he’s retired I wanna spend 3 hours on that ass! My number 1 of RandyBlue) 17. Marco Blaze Exclusive of www.TitanMen.com (After seeing his sex tape with Miami Levi and his ass I want him to sit on my face) 18. Philippe Delvaux of www.Eurocreme.com (Belgium Boy who loves to be rimmed and fucked that’s HOT)  19. Rod Daily of many sites (Rod’s just a sexy Texan with an ass from heaven) 20. Turk Mason of www.TurkMason.com (I’ve told him via text I wanna eat that ass like no ones business)

These are the first 20 Hot Asses that made the cut! Lets see who is gonna do round 2! I hope you all enjoy this post, I did getting all the pics together from everywhere I could look! Night guys and happy Sunday funday!

Phillip Ashton




Julien, Philippe, Alex

On January 28, 2010, in Completely Gracious, Hole Patrol, by Phillip Ashton


This is Julien Cox my first hottie! Julien is one of the many sexy models from www.VideoBoys.com and Pierre Fitch’s boyfriend! I mistakenly called him a European hottie but hes from Canada I believe Montreal if I’m correct but I could be wrong so forgive me. Let me describe Julien for y’all he’s smooth in all the right places especially where I like (his ass) he’s got a big beautiful uncut cock! has a sickening body a voice that you can just melt to and is versatile! Julien’s latest photoset on www.VideoBoys.com got me going! playing with all the toys he had in the preview video. A fleshjack was one which he fucked the mouth off it, a banana was the second which he deep throated, then that dildo which he then stuck up his beautiful smooth hole as you can see in the pics ;), last but not least a “Bad Boy” which is a vibrator that is suppose to hit the spot and massage your balls where that silver button is in the last picture. Check him out at www.VideoBoys.com if you like what you see cause I know I do enjoy him guys!

philippe1philippe2philippe3philippe4philippe5philippe6philippe7Philippe Delvaux WOW is all I can say cause he’s all worked out and looking extremely GORGEOUS! Philippe is gonna be a very big star if not already, he works with www.Eurocreme.com and www.Staxus.com in Europe and hes been over to the states and has filmed with some of the biggest studios out there. Hot House for one Cody Cummings, Next Door Studios, Blake Mason and Colt to name a few. I’ve read Philippe is very dedicated to his work and gives 110% to what he does even when the porn boys sick! I have to say, someone that dedicated truly loves what he does for work! From what I’ve seen he sure the hell is hes an amazing bottom and loves the dick and as a top who wouldn’t love that smooth ass and body he just screams SEX! These are some new pictures from his blog that I took at www.PhilippeDelcaux.com to show you how beautiful he really is! Be on the look out for his newest video that I know of and looking forward to Graduation Gang Bang 2! 17 guys and him so you can’t miss that video!

freshmanx_alexLast we have my boo Alex Steven’s! his work is some of the hottest I’ve seen and I’m a HUGE fan of his! Alex is like Philippe he’s extremely good at what he does and is now I believe exclusive with www.Eurocreme.com and a top! :(. When I found out that hes been topping more all my dreams went down the drain cause he has the perfect butt as well hes a little fuzzy but that’s fine with me I’d still go to town on that ass. Alex is so adorable and is just perfect in every which way to me, nice big buff body uncut cock which I love the perfect fuzzy ass! which I’d be in heaven with all day! what more is there to explain about him! Check out Alex Steven’s at www.Eurocreme.com for more of him!

You can get all these boys DVD’s at www.Bonerama.com and if we don’t have it we can get it cause that’s what we do! Enjoy again and check out all three of these gorgeous boys!

Night guys!

Phillip Ashton




A lot to talk about!

On January 27, 2010, in Daily Life, Good Friends, by Phillip Ashton

Where do I start! I guess CaliforniaEOY is first on the list! So I don’t know how many of you know what this event is so here is the link www.CaliforniaEOY.com. The event was beyond amazing all the girls where amazing! and they put on a damn fucking awesome pageant! Before I get to who won I got to hang out with my friends client Jessica Sutta from the Pussycat Dolls, who I sadly didn’t get a picture with cause we were watching the show and I didn’t wanna stop watching cause it was that amazing! Jessica is one of the most sweetest girls ever! I have to say if you know this girl your very lucky, I know I’m glad to have meet her and be a friend of hers. We had such a blast talking about all kinda things with her and then I asked her about her $2,000+ Christian Louboutins that I was drooling all over! I had to barrow them I told her for the next time I perform in a show and she said absolutely I could! Jessica had to leave about an hour or 2 into the show her boyfriend was waiting for her at home and I understand that for sure and she left. I do have to thank Jeff (Mamma) for giving me the chance to hang with Jessica and you are totally right shes a real doll 😉 so thank you again so much for that! So continued to watch the pageant and was running around working it as well. I know I was working the pageant! when I came to enjoy and watch but I actually worked and worked my ass off with selling programs which where amazingly done by Brad. Side note (These books where fucking out of this world and Brad worked his ass off to make them) I was walking around selling those programs and trying to watch the show at the same time but I lost my head with the show, that I started to give the contestants free ones which I made a huge mistake! Now I’m gonna speed things up cause this was a long night of drag queens and judging and all that so let me do this easy and fast!

*Aubrey O’Day was a drunk mess due to this drag judge who kept giving her drinks

*Got to meet Bridget Marquardt who was adorable! , Shanna Moakler who was very beautiful!, Jai Rodriguez who’s hot and has a nice ass!, Aubry was gone so I didn’t get to get a pic with her and Holly Madison either which sucked!

*It took 40 fucking damn minutes to figure out who won California Entertainer of the Year!

*Sahara Davenport from Rupal’s Drag Race Season 2 flew all the way in from NYC to see the show!

*Shangela WON California Entertainer of the Year! I have to say cause she was beyond FIERCE and she did it all on her own! Congratulations again you so deserve it!

and I think that’s all from what I remember and if  forgot anything or anyone I’m sorry but you know I love you! That was my experience with CaliforniaEOY, next year I think a lot of you should join and come to the event cause you’ll have a great time!

Can I talk about this damn weather as of late! WTF is going on! in AZ we had one of the worse storms ever and it looks like snow! I have never seen snow fall btw and I have been wanting to so bad cause it would be beautiful to actually see one day. Any who so this storm came out of no where and let me just say… it rained like no ones business and flooded everything! The drive way was a lake and I had to call the coast guard to get me out of it while tubing in it, I was being swept away by the heavy flow of water. The backyard was a pool for the dogs and they had dug holes and it was covered and blind to the dogs, that I was worried about my babies falling in the holes they dug up. My boss said we had a tornado touch down about 5 miles from us but I didn’t see anything on it at all but he told me the story about it but who knows if its true. I’m just glad its all over now cause I don’t like being rained on or the rain when I’m outside, it makes me feel really dirty but when inside its the most beautiful thing ever to hear and see and just be lazy!

Last on my list which is gonna be even shorter cause I don’t wanna be a crunchy ass hateful hoe like my sister Angel Benton would call me. For those of you that know him and seen his car the last 2 years…check his car out now! Myself my boss his bf and Angel did a house clean is your house (car edition) and worked out his car and cleaned the fuck out of it! Angel now has a clean as can be car! found a lot of things and threw out a bunch of things! but his car is now clean! I do have to say this to put that bitch on blast! REMEMBER KEEP IT CLEAN! love ya betch!

Phillip Ashton





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I am excited to find out I was featured on www.guyswithiphones.com! This site is so cool and I love it very much! they take guys who have iPhones obviously and post them onto a site gay, straight, bi, tranny, lesbian etc. The funny part is I didn’t even submit these 3 pictures to the site someone else did! I’m not mad at all for whoever that did it cause I love that people wanna post my pictures to a site that’s amazing! I do want everyone to head on over to www.guyswithiPhones.com cause its a site you wanna see and the people who submit there pictures, their are people of all shapes and sizes and celebrities and football players and bands and people all over the world. I thought I would share this news with yall and I hope that you enjoy and don’t forget to check out the site! Follow them on Twitter if you guys have it, there name on it is @guyswithiPhones so follow them submit your pictures and or just enjoy looking at the site!

Phillip Ashton




Good to Bad

On January 9, 2010, in Rants, by Phillip Ashton

Lemme clear up what happened yesterday cause I made it sound all dramatic and like it was my fault, this was no way my fault this time any other time Ill take the fall but not for what happened yesterday. I was invited to my ex’s sister’s birthday cause apparently she wanted me there? I really don’t think that was the case at all cause it looked as if they didn’t know who the hell I was! actually I take that back she has met me and we hung out and she drove us somewhere so maybe she did but was to drunk to remember. Anyways so Steve, Jory, LJ and myself where all enjoying everyone at the party and if was a good time we were having besides little tiff’s here and there but that’s normal. I don’t wanna get into full detail about the party and all cause that’s not the point of this post, me and Steven where having a convo in the kitchen and one of the friends of the family came in and we started to talk to him and for some reason he was like “oh your just a fag” now I cant stand when these “straight” guys like to call us gays “fags”. I was like “really a fag… your that insecure with yourself that your calling me a fag” I go on to say “what a little bitch you are!” Then this mother fucker gets all CRAZY and he choked me the fuck out I couldn’t breath or anything! thank god for Steven being there to get his hands off me and I couldn’t do anything or grab something to hit him with cause he was in the wrong part of the kitchen! I so wish I would have been by the knifes or cups or something to stab him bash it up his head something! now the family sees what the hell is going on and there like WTF! They heard him say to me he was gonna kill me and I told the sister did you hear what he said to me? then there was some other useless drama from my friend who I thought had my back but wasn’t having me for some reason so I said fuck it I’m leaving. I go out side to wait by the car and text Steve lets go now please cause I can’t stay here with that man, here comes the man trying to say sorry with my ex’s dad I said get this bitch away from me now or the police will be called for him assaulting me in the house or there’s gonna be a bigger problem. The dad was like calm down blah blah blah and I was like go back inside you or him didn’t need to come out here to tell me shit! they go back inside and finally we leave I didn’t talk the entire way home cause I was pissed! If that were to happen at a party in LA with my group of friends that man would have been beat the fuck down! Let me just make that clear 😉 but sadly to say that didn’t happen last night. So with that being said this wasn’t drama that i had started it came to me as always drama does! I hope this clears up everything about last night and I am fine now lol so no need to worry anymore but thanks to those that did have concern about me :).

Phillip Ashton




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