Yellow Undies!

On February 27, 2010, in Shoots, by Phillip Ashton

Just wanted to do a little post on a set for I had forgot was done on one of the 3 shoots we had, I believe it was the second one I did these or maybe the last one. Anyways I just seen this set on QueerClick and took these pictures and wanted to post them here and shot you guys. I don’t really have much to say about this set but that I do love me some undies as most of you know, I hope you really like these pictures and I will be bringing you guys more as they come. Enjoy your night and tomorrow I’ll be posting another blog which I would like some feedback on.

Phillip Ashton


Oh lord, it's Cookie!

On February 22, 2010, in FIERCE, HENNY!, by Phillip Ashton

By popular demand an in depth interview with COOKIE!

Phillip Ashton


Vegas/Britney Spears!

On February 20, 2010, in Good Friends, Traveling, by Phillip Ashton

So about 3 weeks ago on Sept 26-27th I was in Vegas with all my good friends for the last leg of the Britney Spears Concert at the Mandalay Bay and to also have good times and hang out. I had a group with me which included Jim Mason, Dallas, Adam Lucas, Angel Benton, Ryan Conner’s and Zak Miller who showed up Saturday afternoon but before that. Friday night I get in and Angel Benton welcomes me in to Vegas and we headed on over to my hotel the MGM which I’ve never been to, what a beautiful hotel the MGM is! I would have never thought ever just looking at the outside how beautiful the inside is, as I was walking through to get to my room Angel and I were talking and he said to me “OH GIRL! and I said what? he says look what is up ahead!” there was a Fat Tuesdays which is my favorite New Orleans place for a day time cocktail! I had to get a cocktail to welcome myself into Vegas! I got a 190 octane which is a lot cause that drink fucks you up! then tip toed to the room where I met up with Jim and Dallas! We had a little problem cause we were looking for Ryan Conners and it had been an hour when he had landed and we still wasn’t anywhere to be found? so we went downstairs to look for him and found him finally, his phone had died and he was standing in line to find our room for an hour and it was a mess! I think we rested for a little or we went out cause I got in at like 9 something, but anyways I don’t remember much of Vegas cause it was a while ago and I was drunk! I will say I remember being kicked out of Krave for doing the Single Ladies Dance on stage when I was told not to twice, pulling out my ball sack and having Ryan use it as a coaster LOL! Brunch was good the next morning was good to cause we seen a MEGA HOTTIE across the way from us and I was drooling! Seen the lions in the MGM which I never knew they had at all, we watched them play a little bit. I also remember Piranha and meeting the hottest shot boy there who fucked with me and I was sad to know he didn’t come over and hang out with me, being drunk and going to McDonald’s after the clubs in our hotel. It was just an amazing time in Vegas! and it couldn’t have been with the best group of friends ever! The night of the Britney concert now I was like a little girl there! I didn’t expect myself to go crazy like I did, Britney looks amazing and she was putting her all into the first 6 songs. She then got lazy cause she put her hair in a ponytail which means “okay I worked it out in the beginning not I can slake off”,except when she did Breathe on Me which included Lance Bass as the person who sat in the seat on the stage! I was very cute cause she was laughing while she did the number and we all totally caught her! I think my favorite song of the entire night was Radar by far! So the night ended with us going back to Krave and getting shit faced drunk! cause the next day I had to go home at like noonish sometime and we had to do it up! I think it was back to Krave and Piranha where I just know I was shitty as all hell, I have video but they wont be shown cause its not cute at all. This again was the best time ever and with really good friends that I love o pieces! Thank you guys again and I love you! Jim, Dallas, Ryan, Angel, Adam and Zak.

Phillip Ashton


Ty Colts Baby Daddy!

On February 17, 2010, in FIERCE, Porn News, by Phillip Ashton

All I’m gonna say is i thought he was my Baby’s Daddy…but I will back down now cause I will be destroyed if I fuck with him after seeing this video! LMFAO I love you Diesel!!!

Phillip Ashton


Just tryin to be "Happy"

On February 15, 2010, in Boyfriend, Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

I don’t really get into my like personal life on here but today I am, I wanna get this off my chest and for everyone to read. Ive been unhappy since my birthday with the way I’ve been treated by my boyfriend, yes that’s right I said boyfriend. So I’ve done everything this far to keep and make him “Happy” and I get treated like shit, why? I have no clue I thought everything was gravy and going smoothly. I guess I thought wrong, outta no where I have been ignored except for text that are like 5 words which I don’t understand or get? So I wrote to him today and I just wanted an answer yes or no? I got nothing back and hes been online for 6 hours! so its obvious something is wrong but he wont tell me. I think its so sad that he couldn’t be a man and even tell me whats wrong, or if I did anything at all which I know I didn’t! I was bummed all day to the point where I was gonna cry… but then I heard this song today and it made me think to myself. FUCK THAT! I am a good guy and gave him love and didn’t do anything to deserve this and all I wanted was to be “Happy” and make him feel the same way. My feelings where really hurt but I said fuck this I did nothing at all wrong and I should be “Happy” and not let this get me down, I’m so not and I think venting about this and getting it off my chest has made me realize this boy won’t find anyone like me or have anyone give him the love and comfort I have! Maybe when he sees he fucked this up he will realize and call me, but I doubt it. Oh well I guess I’m gonna be the HAPPY one and just continue to be me and REAL and not keep secrets and other stuff.

Phillip Ashton!


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