Russian River Shoot!

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So you all know I just got back from a HUGE shoot! There is so much to talk about that happened and who was there and what not so lets get right into it! I left on Wednesday morning on a direct flight from Phx and got in at 12:35pm which was early cause I love early, I was then met by Brady Heinze and Patrick Kennedy my BFF here in Phx! We then left the airport to head to the Russian River and before we got there we had a long convo in the car and got to see the city and cross the golden gate bridge and went through the “Gay Tunnel”. Well I don’t know what the hell that tunnel did but it made me and Brady very close, I actually wanted to beat his ass for the convo we had if I can be honest. Everything is fine now though, so moving on with that we stopped at a Burger King where I swear we were gonna get shot! The school kids had just got out of school and they were all gangsters and well enough said, so the boys got food and I got a drink cause I was thirsty and we continued to be on our way. I was so amazed at the scenery cause it was beautiful looked like wine country and or something out of The Simple Life with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, I wanted to say “where the HELL are we” lol but it was so beautiful. We start to get to the house and the road to the house was so bumpy and I had to pee so bad! I swear Zak was doing it on purpose which he says he wasn’t but I think he was just to see me pee on myself! I don’t even wait I had to jump out the car have the boys open the gate for the others and I ran straight to the bathroom to drain the main vain, I come out and had to get my bags and go in and start to say hello to everyone and then me and Patrick had to have chit chat and we went and did that before we said hi to everyone. Patrick and I were talking and low and behold we see Shangela running out of the bushes with a HOT friend say hi to them, then we continue to chat and Ryan Connors and Shane Allen come out no where and we say hi to them, then we stopped and finally went to say hi to everyone. Ill list everyone that was there Angel Benton, Rad Matthews, Jase Bionx, Ashton Cooper (newbie), Bryce Corbin, Shane Allen, Ryan Connors, Chris Porter (newbie), Patrick Kennedy, Brady Heinze there was suppose to be another boy there but he was sent home, then we all got to talking and getting to know each other and what not since they all were waiting to see me cause I had been talked about by Jim and Brad and Adam for the things I have done such as videos that have been made ๐Ÿ˜‰ in the past. Everyone was so nice and I was happy to see them and it was good to catch up on things and trying to get the vibe of people and all, so I had been at the house for a while and wanted to do something. Many of you know I have started to film and direct on these shoots its my new thing and I have really got into it a lot so I was thrown into direct and film a Boys-Smoking scene with Bryce and Ashton which was hot. I must say Ashton Cooper is fucking HOT! everyone will see what I’m talking about when hes on the sites, so it was about that time to head out cause it was Shangela last night as well as Jase Bionx but he didn’t go out with us. Now everyone knows how I can get when I am drunk but lemme tell you my first night out with the boys was crazy! There is a video I need to edit to show everyone but I don’t know exactly how to use my flip cam program to edit videos, all I can say is myself Shangela Ashton Chris and Shangela’s friend went to the bar across the way and it was “straight” and did like 4 different shots! and I called it that the last shot was gonna be fucking gross! and it was and I think me and Ashton were the only 2 that did them then back to the other bar. Wait! before that we went to the Russian River Resort! I was saddened by it but I give them an A for effort as a resort to the bears, it was musty there was a problem before I got there with the rooms and people being in them and all. There is a video of this to which I don’t know if I can put that up yet I need permission but we will see Ill find it and look and see, so back to the bar were all messes and they start to play the good music Lady Gaga Britney Spears and all and we all went crazy! The night came to an end and we said by to Jim, Dallas, Adam and Shangela and we went home and I don’t remember much of when we got home but sleeping on a couch that was leather so I woke up in sweat! During the night an animal woke up Chris and he ran inside but all the doors were locked and he woke up Angel who thought someone was trying to break in and it was funny! The next day everyone was a bit hungover lol due to a ton of shots and all but then we all had to get ready and start our day of shooting, before we did I went on the lil trail that was on the property and did a video blog which I also have to edit out some stuff but I did show the entire outside of the house and the view and wow! I don’t remember much of the day besides me filming a ToeGasms with Ashton Cooper which was suppose to be Jase Bionx but he had to be rushed to the airport cause he was leaving that day, it kinda messed things up cause I was gonna get fucked by him for that which I was looking forward to! Not even saying I didn’t mind working with Ashton Cooper cause he is my boo and I love him and our food scene was hot! I wish it was his ass cause he has a beautiful hole and ass ;). Then I believe I went and did a Boys-Pissing video that I directed and filmed with Chris, Rad, Ryan and Bryce while I was being PUNKED or the boys where making a very special CD for me which Ill talk about when everything is done or almost done with that special surprise. We went out again that night and it was a little different cause we didn’t have Shangela or Jase and it was a mellow night which is what we need sometimes but please that so wasn’t the case shots shots shots shots shots shots is all I can say! Going home OMG I was trying to drown myself with Advil and was a bit of a mess just one night you need to be a mess and this was the one. The morning came and it was a lot to deal with but thank god we didn’t start until like 12 or 1 most days, I am fucking this shit up and I’m going all out of order so forgive me my notes are not all there and its pissing me off LOL. It was about night when I started to do something and it was a scene with Patrick Kennedy and Brady Heinze which I was all about cause I got to direct my first scene with Patrick my little sister and bff, the scene went well and everything was going great until Brady got frustrated which is fine it happens to all of us I know it has for me when I filmed for Helix with Rad Matthews. So we had to stop which was fine and pick up the next day cause when you get frustrated the scene is shot. So I then got into my next scene which I filmed and direct with Chris and Bryce for ToeGasms you will be seeing that soon, there is pictures that I have of me filming doing behind the scenes on that which I will post when I get my pictures with logos since people like to take without asking and not giving credit where it goes. This scene is gonna be fucking hot! just the way Bryce had control and did everything but I will keep hush hush about that for the release of the video. I don’t remember what happened after cause I think I’m mixing nights up but I do remember being left and me and Patrick were dropped off by Zak and I don’t remember this night much for some reason. Moving on to the next day got to eat and then got into finishing the scene with Brady and Patrick which went very well and I’m happy we got it done cause I had more scenes to film/direct the next scene was a Boys-Pissing with Ryan Connors and Chris Porter which I actually got hard for and had to be excused cause it was fucking HOT! The first time ever and I hope the only time this will happen to me cause it was that fucking HOT! The set was awesome cause it looked like a donkey show, which we giggled at cause there was the bed downstairs we flipped up and over and it was all in our shot but that’s how we do it :). I then went upstairs to settle for a minute and I believe dinner was being cooked a
nd it was time to eat so the boys and I and Teresa all ate, when we finished it was time for me to film Bryce and Patrick in the same room but a different set up. Filmed there scene banged it out and Patrick, Chris, Brady, Teresa and myself all decided to stay in cause one I had a scene with Chris the next day and I didn’t wanna get tore the fuck up and not do my best in my scene, the other boys just wanted to stay in cause we had done to much previous nights before and and so we needed to rest. We decided to have a movie night and watched A Goofy Movie which I hadn’t seen in forever and we kinda had our own little party with beer and champagne :), everyone started to drift off and then I decided to wait up for the other boys and they came home and Ashton and Bryce were the only 2 that came home which I found very interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰ just know I got you and you know who I got ;). The stayed up until about 4 or 5 cause I woke up and heard them and they were drinking and talking and I said to myself that’s not gonna end well when we have to wake up which I don’t know if it did or not. Sunday the big day cause it was our last day of shooting so we did 2 videos and some photo sets, one of the videos was Chris Porter and myself which I honestly thought was gonna be me fucking the hell out of Chris but I was informed it was gonna be a flip flop scene and I was like WHAT! So yeah I had to go and do that thing were you clean your kitty box and all and I was nervous cause it has been a year and a month since I had last bottomed for anyone, we started and the concept of the video was really hot and I cant wait to see the final product cause it was really a good scene! There was some BTS (behind the scenes) pictures taken which I’m sure most of you seen on and if you haven’t then here it is “Violating Phillip Ashton’s Mussy” my friends caught me so off guard and got that picture of me while Chris was fucking me and I was not having it and as I was saying “I’m not the one” I thought the scene went very well and Chris fucked me good cause now I want it more lol so much for being a vers top. Rapping up my scene with Chris we waited a good our or so had lunch and then did the BIG boys-pissing scene which I got to direct and shoot along side with Jim Mason which I also did a video BTS for but like I said I have to post that on Xtube and not YouTube, I don’t wanna give to much away cause this scene was AMAZING and I had a very good idea when it came to this video it was a 5 way and Ill say it was wet really wet! Our last night and we all went out and got extremely messy at the bar and I seen Chris from and Jesse Zane who is a good friend of mine and we chatted it up for a minute and they were leaving to the next bar and we stayed to have more cocktails, then we all decided to migrate to the resort to have some cocktails there as well and an interview was held with me and Chris about our scene which I will be posting soon I just need to tweek it a little. The ride home was a lot lol but we got home safe and sound and everyone was doing big things, Chris was on the floor trying to fall asleep and his back hurting and Patrick went to bed I think Bryce and Ashton fell asleep on the couch waiting for the hot tube to get hot which never did LOL. So I was like fuck this Chris get up were going to bed and I put him in the room and me and him went to bed and that’s it, everyone thought me and him did more but that wasn’t the case at all. Would I have if there was something going on of course but that wasn’t even on my mind I just wanted to cuddle is that to much to ask for? I don’t have to be shady and lie if we would have fucked I would have said hell yeah we fucked so what? Any who the next morning was good cause everyone was ready to go we had to start cleaning and get ready to leave back to the city, it was that time and we all jumped into 3 cars and we were on our way to the city to say our see you later’s to everyone. Before that as you seen in the videos we did went to Goat Rock Beach to see the seals and look for the pup they had on the beach, that beach when we rolled up was fucking insane the view and all that was gorgeous and we kinda needed that and we called that our downtime. We stayed at the beach for a good hour and then we left to the city which was a fun ride down Chris, Teresa and I were having convo and Brady was doing his thing in the back then we jammed out to old/new Britney which was fun. All of us went to the hotel by the airport so we didn’t have any problems with getting to our flights so we all got situated and then Jim, Dallas and Adam had to leave and we saw them off and now it was our time to head to the city! We wanted to shop so we all got a ride from Teresa and Zak to the city, the traffic was crazy and when your in a big ass truck its not fun either cause the streets are so narrow and packed! We got dropped off and said bye to Teresa and Zak and now it was our time! we went to Diesel and they wanted undies then I remembered the big underwear store down the street and we went there and the boys went crazy and started to shop! Ashton was hungry as well as the others so we all went to find a place to eat and we had Mexican food which was really good, Bryce and Ashton went to Subway instead of joining us which is fine I understand I still love them ;). We finish eating our food and Chris and Brady had to get back to the hotel soon to leave which sucked, I didn’t wanna see either of them leave but I really didn’t wanna see Chris leave ๐Ÿ™ so we all decided to go have a drink and I said lets do Lime Bar cause its my favorite and the drinks are FIERCE there. So I got a drink that all the boys wanted cause i told the bartender to make me something with X-Rated which I love and he made a fucking yummy drink, we all sat at a table and were chillin having a drink before we all ended up back at the hotel to see the boys off. I did get a little bit of a interview with the boys and pictures as well which is on my FaceBook but will be on here as well and it was getting to that time were we needed to get them on there way, we got taxi’s and our driver was a mess swerving and all kinda things just a mess he was. The boys get to packing and I was very sad and we went downstairs to wait for the shuttle to take them to the airport which was not fun, the shuttle came and it was time to say bye and I won’t lie I almost started to cry as they left and we were waving bye to them. Patrick, Ryan, Ashton, Bryce and myself went upstairs and we had people who wanted to sleep and all that so I was like there’s no way were going back to the city to pay 60 back and forth, I was like lets order beer and get drunk here with Ryan Connors who was leaving next and have 2 1/2 hours with us so we sure did and it was a very good time we laughed and were drunk its always a good time when were drunk. Ryan was up next and he was leaving now I got really sad cause Ryan is family and I love him and don’t see him much but we keep in contact as much as we can! Seeing my tranny go really made me wanna drink more but I still had Bryce, Ashton and Patrick there and we had a sad but good time with out walk to the store and being messy, so we get back to the room and Bryce thinks its cute to start taking random pictures of me and I’m like “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” so we had a sneak pictures of one another fight. Eating all the junk food we got made me tired and we had a rule if you fall asleep first you get fucked with… so I stayed up a little longer and me and Ashton got into a little biting match and one thing everyone should know is my neck is my weakness! Ashton went there and lemme tell you he was extremely close to getting fucked so hard he wasn’t gonna be able to walk the next day, I told him to okay your gonna get it and he bit harder and I was like OMG hes not playing and he finally let go and I don’t remember what happened after that I think we all got ready for bed. Woke up the next morning and me and Patrick were in a bi
t of a rush and we went down and said bye to Ashton and Bryce and we were on our way which wasn’t our day! The fucking shuttle broke down and we needed to change it and that made us 2 minutes late and we missed checking in which blew my mind and we missed our flight, there’s more to the story but I don’t wanna get into all the flight drama cause it makes me mad! So we then went to Zaks hotel and waited for an hour or so then back to the airport and Zak worked out getting me to Salt Lake City and then we chilled at the airport in the Delta Sky Lounge which was a lot of fun, there was free drinks and cookies and snacks which is always fun! We boarded our plane and off to Salt Lake City we were the plane ride was awesome me and Patrick got cocktails on the plane which were good, but I HATE orange juice with any kinda alcohol it just doesn’t go well with me. We land in Salt Lake and we had about 45 mins until our next flight and sure enough I couldn’t go so Patrick was like I wanna stay with Phillip and there was some talking exchanged between Patrick and Zak, it turns out they both were staying now so they gave there seats up and we were gonna leave in the morning. Now that we were staying and got everything situated me and Patrick were hungry and we wanted food but everything in the airport was closed which SUCKED! So we had cookies and stuff in the Sky Lounge and got drunk lol if we were gonna be in the airport I might as well get drunk and that I sure did, Zak watched the hockey game and me and Patrick did out own thing until 11:15ish and we headed to our hotel for the night. We tried to find stuff to eat but everything was closed and we ordered pizza and it was a lot of food! I spilled grease on my Abercrombie shorts which I’m pissed cause there still stained! We had to be up at 6:15AM which I wasn’t happy about at all but that’s what time we had to be up to get our flight, so we missed breakfast which also sucked cause I was hungry as well as Patrick so we had to get down to the shuttle to get catch our plane. We got to ride first class home to PHX which was fun the seats were nice and they gave us pillows and blankets and all and me had coffee and apples just want I needed to wake up, um no it put me right to sleep LOL until we landed in PHX which was shitty cause it was raining! Got the car drove Patrick home and I didn’t even wanna say bye to him but we live not to far so I’ll be seeing him around and all, I have to say the trip was awesome and I am truly happy to of met and made new AMAZING friends and they are my family now and I hope to see them all very soon! Well here it is and sorry it took so long to post but I have other things to do, but for my fans and everyone who likes a good story I will be here and blogging for you! There will be pictures up tomorrow with more videos soon to come after that so be on the look out for that stuff.

Phillip Ashton


Russian River Videos!

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Here are a few of the videos I took with my new flip cam which is perfect for trips like these! I hope you guys enjoy theses videos ,there’s also a BTS video that I need to post but that’s only allowed to go on Xtube at the moment. I need to upload that and there’s a few more that I did but I have to edit them due to names and other things so enjoy these for now and the blog will be posted today I promise!

Phillip Ashton (for the moment but I’m making a Phillip Ashton account)


Move on and Move forward

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I’ve officially name this month the FUCK YOU! month cause this has been one of the worst months ever! Grandpa passed, Car accident, My ex bfย  “J” is a GROSS WHORE! (btw there’s more about “J” but I don’t wanna waste the time, cause I’ve done enough) I find out the company I work for is kinda in some shit that affects all of us who work here kinda. Then there is this shoot that just started and theres problems with that already, I swear if anything else goes wrong I’m just gonna break down lol. Well I remember from a movie about a quote that I really liked and I thought about with all that’s going on, it’s from the movie Obsessed ๐Ÿ™‚ the quote was “Move on and Move forward”. That quote is working very good for me, but with all that’s going on especially with the ex “J” I will move on and move forward but I will NEVER forget! Just keep that in mind ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure we will be seeing each other at pride, but any who enough of him cause that’s OVER and I’m moving forward. Things like this come and go and they get to us and or they just go in one ear and out the other, but why stress about it? there’s so much more the world has to offer and so many people out there. I guess this post is to say don’t let the BS in your life bring you down or stress you out, you will get through it and things will get better for you but just don’t EVER forget. The month of March is still FUCK YOU! but I’m leaving it all and moving forward, but won’t FORGET what did happen ๐Ÿ˜‰ keep that in mind “J”. So as of now I’m looking at things different and not gonna let the little stress me out and make better decisions and watch out for me and what not. Have a good night y’all and for those going through it like I have just remember “Move on and Move forward” but NEVER forget ๐Ÿ˜‰ trust me.

Phillip Ashton


Disgusting Whore!

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I don’t really talk about my relationships much on my blog cause I don’t but I feel the need to on this one. So I was dating J (I wont use his name) for 2 months and 9 days, I know its not long at but you know when you find someone and you have that feeling like you know this is “the one” or have a “good feeling” about him. Well I should have seen the signs and caught on but I was so played that I didn’t think J would do anything like this, I was so wrong I should have took everything he said about his past and put it in the present. Things he would say like this for instance “J: I love being fucked! Especially when I haven’t done it in like a WHILEย  always feels fucking amazing lol” he would say so many nice things to me and made me feel good and everything and he told me he was being such a good boy and that he was committed to me and wouldn’t lie and all this BS and LIES! I also should have thought about what he told me about when he was a child, how he let guys just fuck him bareback and they would use him and tell him he’s nothing and worthless… (well I have to agree now) You cant turn a whore into a boyfriend, once a whore always a whore! I knew something was going on when he said he had to spend time with his family on Valentines Day? Who the fuck spends time with family on the day of Love with your family if you have a BF. Then there was this supposed DUI shit that I’m sure is a lie as well, then my birthday that I didn’t get anything such as a text or call, my accident got nothing either but before that I got him a new cell phone. I made the biggest mistake by giving him money for a new phone but the signs were there to and it didn’t click, he said he would prostitute to make the money! which I said you sure the fuck will not! why are you gonna risk our relationship? he says “cause I need a new phone” so fucking stupid. Then J goes on to say I’ll make Xtube videos and I said no Ill buy you the phone, he then says no Ill feel bad and all and I said look your not doing either of what you said and your gonna take the money and I’m buying you this phone. That’s when I figured something was going on cause still after buying that phone I heard once from him! He was going to Cali for cheer and he didn’t talk the entire time he was in Cali to me and I knew he was up to something, I got the excuse “I didn’t have reception everywhere I was in Cali.” I didn’t believe that for shit and called his BS and stupid excuse didn’t say anything but sorry which at that point I was tired of it. Back to the accident he didn’t talk to me for 5 days and I said this is BS, so I started to ask around and see what I could dig up and sure enough I found out what I needed and everyone was right LIES, BS and DISGUSTING WHORE! I said sorry to one person cause turns out hes a good guy and I was told a LIE for a story and it’s not cleared up and we are gonna become good friends. I guess to end this post is a message to J… You will never ever find someone who will love you and you will never find love again, your always gonna be used and abused for the little WHORE you are. All you had to do was tell the truth like I had asked but you decided to lie and be sneaky but you were caught! Your low self esteem makes you the person you are and everything you said to me I’m sure you tell everyone else and that makes you a FAKE FUCK! You should seek help since your suicidal and think about killing yourself cause everyone HATES you including yourself and your family who tells you your worthless, oh wait everyone tells you that. Maybe you need to make a change like I thought you where and wanted to be happy and not be a BIG WHORE like your continuing to be which is sad, just make sure your you don’t call me about being scared about having HIV that should be a news flash to you. I wanted to be your friend in all this but I don’t wanna be cause your never ever gonna learn and your day will come and karma is a BITCH! Enjoy your life I hope it last long but the way your doing things like I told you before you’ll probably be to late to figure it out. Oh and one more thing before I go to bed… FUCK YOU! ๐Ÿ˜‰ that’s all.

Good night y’all

Update! I’m being told not that it matters cause I’ve been home all night LOL that the poor thing thinks I stalked him and caught him! No boo boo I’m smarter then that and you told a friend of mine the wrong thing, and I do have every right to talk all the shit I am and will cause everyone needs to know about you. Maybe you will get more fuck buddies to use you that’s a good thing for you! LOL night.

Phillip Ashton



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What the hell else is gonna happen this week or in the next couple days?! While on the way to work today we get into a car accident that I was totally not expecting and I don’t believe Andrew was either. We were going to work and turned down N. 92st and we were talking and laughing and I look up and I see this car coming out of Blanch Dr, but we were in for a surprise! I see this kid looking at us in the car and it looked like he was gonna go but he hesitated… he made a very bad judgment and he hit the gas thinking he could make it and he was very wrong. I start to say OMG OMG OH MY GO (BOOOM) all I remember is my soda went everywhere and on my phone! and being hit really hard in the head by the airbag. I was out for about 5 seconds cause the airbag his me like a Mike Tyson punch, my first reaction to being in car accidents is to get the fuck out of the car cause I have a thing about them blowing up. I panic and get out and walk to the side wake and hit the floor cause I cant breath and was in shock and was dazed, I called my boss and told him we got in a car accident and this guy came over and was helping me and Andrew who was driving and was in shock as much as I was. The paramedics were called to come and check me out and I was in just so much shock that nothing was wrong (my ribs do hurt like a bitch) so they left and then me and Andrew had to fill out some paper work about the accident. It took an hour to do everything and there were school kids getting out of school and they were watching and looking and I was like mind your damn business! Then the police lady lost the boys ID we got into the accident with then started to laugh about the entire thing which wasn’t funny for my cause I was short of breath and in pain when I did. When the tow truck man took us to work we started to snap pictures of the car, it doesn’t look as bad but the impact was cause we were going about 40mph and the car was total. I’m just glad I don’t have any broken bones or was extremely injured or burned on my face from he Mike Tyson air bag from it being so hot, I’m all scared to get back in a car and I put the seat all the way back away from the air bag cause of me being extra paranoid now. I wanna thank everyone for all the love today its means so much to me, I am fine but my ribs hurt on the left side bad, tomorrow is gonna be another story and I’m not ready for that at all. Any who my boss gave me a muscle relaxer and its kicking in good ๐Ÿ™‚ so I am okay thank you guys again so much MUAH!

Phillip Ashton


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