On May 27, 2010, in Traveling, by Phillip Ashton

I haven’t been able to blog but now that I’m in a different state it works on my phone thank god! So lemme bring you up to date, i’m in Memphis Tennessee right now waiting on my plane to Chicago to attend the Grabbys with some amazing friends! So much has gone on since the last time I blogged, I’ll talk about that stuff when I get back this weekend is all about DRAMA free and having an amazing time. I’ll update you guys when the nights over in Chicago 😉 if I’m not busy anywho I am gonna go get food and chill until I leave.

Phillip Ashton


Ace CockyChaos

On May 15, 2010, in Completely Gracious, Hole Patrol, by Phillip Ashton

This is Ace everyone! Isn’t he just a sexy scrumptious guy ;) I had a chance to hang out with Ace when he came to LA and he’s a very very ; ) fun guy! Anyways enough about that and lets look at all this beauty tight body, BIG cock, beautiful face, ass that could make your cock hard in 2.5 and then the MONEY SHOT which he told me he wouldn’t ever do a HOLE SHOT! Knowing hes a top I still don’t give a fuck I would be on that ass like it was a Chipotle Burrito Bowl! I know many of you wouldn’t say no to Ace’s  cock or his hole if he ever offered it to you, Ace has worked for CockyBoys and now ChaosMen which is a great thing cause he sure does have the look for ChaosMen. I hope you all enjoy Ace and if you ever get the chance to meet him and hang out with him you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Phillip Ashton


Mini Vacation in Oakland

On May 13, 2010, in Thank You, Traveling, by Phillip Ashton

Hey everyone! I just came back from a mini vacation I was on in Oakland, Ca to see some friends of mine I lived with a couple years ago when they lived there. I left the 8th and stayed until the 11th, there was a plan that was gonna be worked out in all this, but the plan never worked out which is fine cause I had a blast anyway. I see it this way when you plan stuff out the way we did it wont ever happen, so from now on I’m not planning shit anymore I am just gonna go with the flow and have fun with any trips with friends or trips in general. My first day in we chilled and ran some errands in Oakland and then into the city for me which I had been dying to get back to SF since out shoot at the Russian River! We went back home and just watched TV and all and went to bed. The next day we woke up and Brad asked me what I wanted to do,  I didn’t know what to do in Oakland so I said is there a zoo here? He said yes there is thats a great idea we have never been to the zoo here and we spent our day well until about 2ish at the zoo which you can see in the pictures above! My favorite parts of the zoo was the otters, alligators, when Brad almost fell, monkeys, Tigers, when Taylor almost fell, sun bears, bobcat, and when I almost fell at the end of the day. Taylor went to work and then me and Brad chilled at the house until dinner time, Taylor works at Fenton’s Creamery which is fucking delicious! as well as all the HOT boys who work there as well. Went home had a few cocktails and ice cream and then went to bed, the next day I was going to the city to hang out with the ever so sexy Tyler Andrews! He wanted to see the city and so I was like well lets hang out and all and Ill show you the city as much as I know lol, so I took him to Castro and showed him the gay area and then I showed him like where they actual city was and we did a little shopping and had a very good time. Tyler and I went back to his hotel to chill for a bit and was showing me some of his friends,  I text my other good friend Dak Ramsey to come out and have dinner with me and Tyler and Taylor. Taylor came and we sat in the room for like 10 minutes and I was getting hungry and I said lets go to Home and eat, Taylor didn’t bring a jacket and it was FREEZING outside and he kept wanting my jacket and all and I was like NO that’s your fault for thinking its summer out here. Got to Home and Dak came with his wife which was a shock cause I didn’t know he got married! we were catching up and talking and all and its been so long and it was good to see him happy and living his life and doing him! Dinner was good and we were stuffed but wanted to go out still and there was an underwear party I got into about from Connor Habib, we went there and it was something else lol! the best line of the night was from a guy talking to these two girls who were obviously lost. He goes “hi, I’m a fag and I don’t like pretty girls” I about lost it and almost spit out all my beer! The funniest line ever it was great! Just as things were starting to get good Tyler was like hey your friend is like being weird and I said huh? he said hes making faces and stuff at the old guys? I said that’s just Taylor lol and hes gonna do him and have fun, well it turned out it was more then that where bfs were coming and I had to snatch Taylor up and we left to drop off Tyler at his hotel. Well the drop off was good until I had to get a little loud and tell Taylor how it was and how the ride home was gonna be… not a single word home and everything was fine when we got home. My last day was a ton of fun as well me and Brad went to Koi Tower I wish Taylor would have been with us but he had to work and that sucked, from Koi Tower you can see everything! from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate and Alcatraz it was so amazing to see that view from Koi Tower and even that one crazy street that’s in all the movie Lombard Street which was so cool as well! After all the sight seeing we chilled back at the house and watched some TV and then Taylor got off work early so I got to see him and he got to come with us to head to the airport. I have to say that being there for only four days I had a blast and I couldn’t thank Brad and Taylor more then anything for the amazing trip I had! You guys both rock and I hope to be back soon!

Phillip Ashton


I know…

On May 4, 2010, in Updates, by Phillip Ashton

Sorry its been 2 weeks and all but I have reason for it, there has been a ton going on that i cant wait to share with you guys from me being let go from my job to the shoot we just had for Boys-Pissing and Boys-Smoking! I have been meaning to blog but I have been busy with things so I couldn’t but I am gonna get back on it I promise, there’s tons of pictures and lots to talk about trust me 🙂 so be on the look out for those post. I also have a few new boys to blog about on Hole Patrol as well, one you’ll find very interesting cause 2 Valentines ago he fucked me. Ill save that for the story about him 😉 have a good night miss you guys very much!

Phillip Ashton


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