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Hey everyone I am off to Maryland tonight at 9pm for 10 days! I am going cause I met someone in Orlando when I was there and he invited me to come see him. I have never been to Maryland but I know my mom is jealous of me going cause she says its beautiful there and whats to go, I also hear from friends that its not the place to be cause of crime and all. I know where going to DC as well to see all the tourist spots and party as well and in Baltimore to which is gonna be very exciting, I dunno whats gonna happen as for having a bf or a man on this trip but I hope its a very good time and that things work out and go very well. Mike is an amazing person and hes a Marine which I live and love so hope me the best and we will see updates as I’m there in Maryland with him and maybe video and all.

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More Cocktails with the Stars!

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I was on Twitter last night and was waiting for these pictures cause I knew T-Ball got some really good ones of me, Malachi and everyone who was at cocktails on Thursday. He posted them last night on his blog! I snatched them and I’m gonna post them here as well for yall to see and also to check out T-Balls blog cause hes FIERCE! Love you T-Ball and thank you!

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Cocktails with the Stars!

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This is where my night was MADE!

My dream has come true! I can die a happy man! I went on a tweet rampage and a facebook rampage about me Cohosting Cocktails with the Stars with Scotty B and our special guest Malachi Marx! I have been waiting for this day like no ones business and it was so worth the wait and all cause there was no disappointment at all. I was at Mickys at 6pm like I was asked with my team which is known as Team Ashton, Scotty was setting up and Jayden Grey and I were talking about whats new with him and what I was doing and it was a good time. I was told it was time to go up and start with out our guest and so we started with me and Scotty B got me right on together with Boys-Pissing and Brent Corrigan, I did a shitty and I shouldn’t have but oh well we will get over it trust me. So Malachi Marx comes up and I about freak the hell out like a little girl… cause hes the man of my dreams and he was looking oh so FINE! and I was already nervous as fuck cause I had some good questions that where hard hitting. I will say this I am a blunt bitch and I do me and I don’t think I was being mean just wanting to know some of the questions I had lined up for him, I think it was just to soon and Scotty wanted to feel him out and his personality. I get that very much I didn’t wanna come off as a dick or mean cause I wouldn’t ever do something like that to a performer, I really don’t like to have enemies cause that’s never fun while at events and all and your enemy is there. So I took it down a notch and then again went back to top notch, I wanted to know what everyone else wanted to know and kinda did get some of it but not most of it. There was a surprise in the show that I’m gonna let y’all see when the video goes up tonight and it was the HIGHLIGHT of the show! There was another special guest that came to the show and Malachi nor Scotty  knew of this and the looks on there faces was priceless! Malachi reviled a secret that I don’t think anyone knew about… hes into pissing not on but loves doing it to others! I wouldn’t have ever guested this was something he was into, so we got to talking about that and it was hot and he blushed a lot talking about it which was so adorable. Another break came then I was calm a little and had Scotty ask pretty much questions and I threw in a little here and there, then the time came to talk about who hes worked with and all and he said only RandyBlue and that’s when I was like BS. I was told that I couldn’t talk about it but it was an advertisement so I had to ask about it and then I asked about what kinda women he liked… He said he likes them all… (hint you know whats coming) I told Scotty Ill brb I have to use the rest room! 5 mins go by and I walk out with Scotty not knowing or the crowd or Malachi, I dressed up as a blond with big tits and the look on Malachi’s and Scotty’s faces were PRICELESS! look at the videos above to watch what happens the dressed down moment comes in video 2. So after Phileyla came to the stage Scotty wanted to play a little game of who’s the dirtier porn star? so we grabbed 2 people and we played and I won over Malachi who I thought was gonna win! Another break Phileyla had to go she was hosting some other event so she left, mean while I’m still in the bathroom missing on what happened and all, we come back on and I asked what did I miss I heard a lot of yelling and that there was a hot blond in the building who took Malachi’s undies from him? Any who I seen Phileyla that night and snatched those panties from her so there mine now! mmmhmmm you heard it I have Malachi’s undies that he took off behind that towl! Last questions before we ended from me was “Malachi why are we here today if you are retired its like your reretiring” I honestly don’t remember what he said I think its in the video 2 but I was just looking into those eyes and him cause hes a beautiful boy! Ill say this expect more of Malachi and soon! there is history about to be made! when I can talk about it I will be the first to blog about it trust me! Scotty B thank you so much for having me as you said “the best cohost of cocktails with the stars” it was a blast and I would love to come back and be interviewed by you and you have a cohost. Malachi Marx you are AMAZING thank you so much for everything you do and I hope you the best with everything! Im sure me and you will be in contact for a while. To everyone who came thank you so much for coming, also a special thanks for RandyBlue being in the house with Reese Rideout and Travis James along with starrfucker who brought DVDs! My pocket gay family Porno Bobby Lex Sabre and Tucker Scott love you boys Jayden Grey Tball my team who helps me with everything! thank you guys so much! I love you all and I hope to do this again!

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Blog Issues

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Hey everyone I just wanted to give you the low down on why I haven’t blogged in so long, my blog for some reason keeps going to the older blog which the last post is Ace. If many of you are seeing that, its not the new blog that’s the old one and that’s where my problem is. I dunno what it is exactly but it will goto the old blog instead of the new blog, so I can’t blog when the old blog comes up cause if I goto log in it will take me to the old settings which isn’t the one I have admin to. It works when it wants and that’s what’s very frustrating to me, I wanna blog like I use to but I can’t at all cause I don’t know when my blog is gonna wanna work! Now I believe it still has something to do with the previous host but email after email with just attitude doesn’t really go anywhere with me and so I gave up, I want it to be fixed but until something happens or is fixed then I don’t know what to do but wait and hope I can get a good hour to blog. Any who I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on why I haven’t blogged like I use to I’m not being lazy or anything cause I love to blog! I hope in LA it works cause I wanna write about this Orlando trip which was AMAZING! so be on the look out for that post.

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The Grabbys!

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Oh lord here we go lol! Thursday I get in to Chicago at 9:14pm and it was already HELL! There was a misunderstanding between me and Cool Tom from the night before about coming to get me, so I was told to take a taxi that would have been $30 bucks to the hotel and or the train. Okay lol no offense to Cool Tom what so ever cause he knows I love him, I have NEVER been to Chicago and I didn’t know where I was going and or doing and you know taxi drivers see newbies as sweet I can get money off them! Cool Tom said Ill come get you and I was like okay sweet! little did I know the traffic was bumper to bumper and Cool Tom wasn’t having it! I felt bad but then we caught up on the way to the Hydro were the fist party was of then night, I felt a little gross cause I wasn’t able to freshen up at all, got off the plane and straight tot he club we went (don’t judge me) lol! Hydro when we went in I was like THIS IS IT! I didn’t know there was a big ass back part where I can hear Chi Chi as always yelling CHICAGO ARE YOU HAVING A GOOD FUCKING TIME! I live for Mrs. LaRue and wow the back was HUGE! Lemme list the performers that were there that I seen, Jayden Grey, Tucker Scott, Jeremy Building, Chris Porter, Cole Streets, Scott Alexander, Drake Jaden, Trent Diesel, Adam Killian, Mitchell Rock, Cameron Adams, Cameron Marshall, Samuel Colt, Josh Ward, Harvey Walker, Phoenix Saint (A Big Deal), Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, Roman Heart, Benjamin Bradley, Landon Conrad, Aden Jaric, Trevor Knight, Active Duty Boys, Spencer Reed, Phillip Aubrey, Erik Rhodes, Diesel Washington, Wolf Hudson, Dayton O’Connor, Shane Frost, Brandon Lewis, Scotty Brooks, Casey Monroe, Rob Romoni, Luke Marcum, John Magnum, Riley Price and Zack Alexander of the non performers but industry people there was T Ball, Tamra, Porno Bobbie, Unzipped, The Sword, Daniel (FIERCE), Naughty Laura, Tommy Stone, Howard Andrews, Gio, Chi Chi LaRue, Jason Seacrest, Jett Blakke, Cool Tom, JimmyVR, Marcellas Reynolds, Brandon Baker, Josh Tomblin and if there is anyone I forgot I am so sorry it was a long list of people lol but I remembered as much as I could. The night went very well I was drinking (shock), me and Riley Price were chillin and I went to the back with all the dancers where I was molested by Ryan Raz and Austin Wilde but fun! Hydro is the place to be if your ever go to Chicago! it was extremely fun and everyone was drunk and or almost there and I met so many people there, I do have to tell you a story about my encounter with Mitchell Rock! So I was at the bar talking to Riley Price and then out of no where I feel a hand on my ass and I turn and was like WTF and its Mitchell Rock, he grabs it again and his entire hand had my ass check and he was like groping it and I was like Mitchell! I will say I would do anything to get me a piece of that! hes so sucking GORGEOUS! After the club it was a night of fun and then went to very serious, Cool Tom had to go to the ER I wont say for what but he did and hes okay now which is the good part! I did meet a homeless guy in there names Modebo LOL he was the best ever! He didn’t give a FUCK! he was an alcoholic was hit by a car girlfriend told him to quite his kids told him to quite etc and I asked why? His only fucking answer was I DON’T GIVE A FUCK! Got home at a little after 4am before that we went to Walgreen and my baby boo Zack met up with us and he came back to we cuddled all night! I missed him so much we dated back in LA until he moved to Chicago and it was great to see him and know hes doing well. Cool Tom, Zack and I went to sight see and Cool Tom left us cause he wasnt feeling well, so the day was me and Zack which was awesome he took me to the Sears Tower and we had an awesome day catching up and just being with each other! Zack had to leave : / and I had to do lunch with Zach Sire which was also fun and we talked about a lot of stuff and made some shit happen later on that night! Zach and I headed back to our hotel and we parted ways I think or I went to the bar lol I don’t really remember but I know most of my time wasn’t in my room! No I went back to my room cause it was time to head out to Cocktails at the Lucky Horse Shoe, we were outside waiting on the car and Cameron Adams and Dayton O’Connor and Hunter Longe came with us and the car ride all I can say is WOW! fun but WOW a lot! We got there and I was limited on money but at the same time didn’t care cause I had more at the hotel which I knew we were going back to anyways, so the night had just begun and more people got into town and it was packed! Highlight of the night when Dayton spilled my drink all over Jason Seacrest and it looked as if he pissed himself! When I met Trent Diesel who’s sexy as fuck and his girl Krystal OMFG! I wanted to like die talk about double the fun LOL and there both fun as fuck! there was a ton of stars there like Kyle King, Erik Rhodes, Matthew Rush pretty much everyone I mentioned before was there and it was a long show. I left to Sidetrack next door with Starrfucker and Zach Sire to see my Zack and I was texting and I couldn’t find him and Zach and Starrfucker wanted to see him and I finally found him and both Jeremy and Zach were like WOW that’s your boo? I was like yeah that’s him isn’t he beautiful? they were like more the FUCKING HOT! Then me Starrfucker and Zach were chillin and Paul texted Zach to come get him and he went to get them and Tom text me and I was like I’m next door and he came over and he was like I’m going home cause he didn’t feel well again. Zach, Starrfucker, Paul, Jimmyvr and myself stayed at Sidetrack for a bit then we headed back to the Hard Rock, I went upstairs to put some of my things away and came back down and the boys were all there chillin and then went up to Dink Flamingos room which I love Dink cause hes hilarious and the most down to earth guy ever! Jayden Grey was with me Bobby Knight and a few others talking about what Dink was gonna do on Sunday. I then went to Paul’s room with Zach and Jeremy and we charged our phones cause they were all dead! So we left our stuff and went to Howard’s room where the party was happening everyone was in that room! Chi Chi, Brandon Lewis, Pebbles, Wolf Hudson, Diesel Washington, Jayden Grey, Hunter Longe, Phoenix Saint, Luke Marcum, Cameron Adams, Casey Monroe, Tommy Stone, Naughty Laura, Zach Sire, Paul, Starrfucker, Trent Diesel, Krystal and if I let anyone out sorry I love you. Then I was looking for my peeps I came with Zach, Paul and Starrfucker were no where to be found? I heard they went to Diesels room, I ran up to his room and was like um where’s my phone Paul pulls it out his pocket thank god. Zach, Paul and Starrfucker then ditched me as I went back to Howard’s room to the SF party and ManHunt party bitches! Then  I went back to the room and no one was there? so I went downstairs to find the entire crew and then some there, I cant remember everyone but I do remember Zach Sire, Chris Porter, Howard Andrews, Hunter Longe, Cole Streets, Scott Alexander, Naughty Laura, Tommy Stone and that’s all I can remember lol. I was at the bar and stuff messing with Laura and taking pictures with her and others and yelling at her like she was my personal photographer lol! Laura did get some fucking AWESOME pictures with me and Cole Streets and Scott Alexander and damn can Scott make out like no ones business and then man handled me and it was HOT! I wouldn’t ever so no to Scott and or Cole if that was ever to come true! We had a blast we did shots and had drinks and I was talking to dink in the corner and he invited me and a few others up to his suite which was HUGE! I couldn’t believe this place it looks like a one bedroom apt and that’s when the fun began and which is why I am so thankful I got to hang with dink and the boys upstairs cause it was really fun! It got late and I was tired or no I had to go find Chris Porter cause he came up with me and then disappeared on me?! So I was on a mission trying to find him and I found his ass asleep in the room with Hunter Longe, Cameron Marshall, Cameron Adams (who was butt ass naked) and Bartender from Cocktails! I was slapping him to wake up and talking to him and I gave up and went to my room and passed the fuck out! I didn’t wake up until about 1ish it was a long ass night and plus I was on vacation, I got ready and me and Hunter Longe went to the Sears Tower which is now the Wilson Tower and to the River which was all an amazing sight to see, we also seen the street where they filmed Batman were they flip the truck over with the joker in it which was also cool. Hunter had his video camera with him so be sure to check out some of the videos floating around on his blog or some where lol, we were on the way back and seen this library that was very different and took some pictures of that. We were kinda in a rush to get back cause we were gonna get ready for the Grabbys and I was starving and then we seen this park that was really cool, so we went there for about 10mins and seen this theater that was amazing! then there was  this silver jelly bean and everyone was around it and it made me very dizzy and we took a picture in it and on the outside of it very cool. We then were heading back and I needed hair paste and food so Hunter and I stopped in Subway where it took forever cause the lady was playing with the money during a busy ass day! I wanted to punch her but then Casey Monroe came in and I was fine cause hes all sorts of BEAUTIFUL! went to CVS were my big daddy Cole Streets was in there for a hot minute and got my hair stuff then went to the lobby of the Hard Rock were we ran into Austin Wilde, Tommy Stone, Ryan Raz, Jeremy Building, Drew Cutler and Cameron Adams had a cocktail and chatted a little then Trevor Knight came in to tell me about some RUMOR going around that I apparently said about a party going on at the Hyatt which is all FALSE. I then when up to Zach Sire room to tell him this crap and he was like no you never said that at all, I was pissed so I ate my sandwich to cool down and then Andy Kay text me and said lets have cocktails at the bar. I headed down and waited for Andy and he shows up and we were catching up on a lot of things, it was a good time then we were joined by Chase Harding and Hayden Chandler kinda cause they were in the corner doing there own thing and all. I finally said okay I need to go and get ready Cool Tom was texting me I’m leaving in like 15 so come up and get ready! I bolted upstairs and showered with the window in our bathroom open so I gave everyone a show 😉 lol. Got ready and can I said without sounding cocky I looked DAMN GOOD! then headed to get Zach and Jimmyvr and we left to the award show, got there and WOW everyone and there mother was there which I loved! I really don’t want to go down the list again of performers that were there but ill name a few that I had no clue was gonna be there. Brett Swanson, Trent Davis, Dean Flynn, Vince Ferelli, Race Cooper, Matthew Rush, Cody Kyler, Diesel Washington’s mother (who’s sweet and beautiful), Tom Wolfe, Drake Jaden, Morgan and Jade from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Bruce Valanche just to name a few. The show was very long but very funny! I loved Honey she was FIERCE! and congrats to all those who won awards. Cool Tom wasn’t feeling well again so Jimmyvr, Brandon Baker and a friend and I went to take him to the hospital and we were gonna goto the after party, I know bad idea cause we should have been with our friend but he insisted we go. I wish we would have stayed at the hospital we drove around an hour and no parking at all so I was like FUCK THIS take me back to my hotel cause I am not doing this, before we went we stopped and seen Cool Tom and told him I was going back and to make sure we was okay. Got dropped up with Jimmyvr and that’s when the party started! first downstairs in the lobby with Fabscout crew and we watched MaleFlixx be a hot mess (I love you guys but WOW), then I went to my room to change I think or no I went with Diesel Wolf and Brian and Andy to Diesels room after some DRAMA went down and I wasn’t trying to be apart of it or take sides so I did my own thing and chilled upstairs with them and had a good time. After Diesels room we all went to Howard’s room cause he was having a little get together and we went up there and Dink was also having a get together that night and so myself and Hunter and Pebbles and Diesel and Wolf all went up and chilled in Dink’s room again which was a ton of fun! Got to meet Jett Blakke, Cole alumni Active Duty star! Speedo Boy who’s new and has an amazing body and ass and cock! he didn’t stay long cause he had to be up early and then DJ the other hottie left with a hottie. Cole and me started talking with Tony and we had a great convo about the show and what Cole was doing now and all that fun stuff, Diesel and Wolf were chillin with Dink talking and what not and I was drinking and eating since Dink had a buffet up in his room! Diesel and Wolf and Hunter leave so now its me and a few of the boys and I noticed outside the sun was coming up and I was like FUCK! Pebbles was like whats up? I said nothing looking at the sun rise and the apartments behind it cause it was beautiful. I was getting tired and wanted to sleep but then Pebbles came on to me and we went back to my room and that’s when the real party started! Pebbles wanted to pee on me and I said okay just don’t get it on or in my mouth! He couldn’t pee so I peed on him and me it was HOT! then started to suck his cock which is a very nice and decent cock! then moved to the bed cause I didn’t wanna be on that hard ass floor sucking his dick anyways. Sucked his cock came down my throat 3 times and the 4th I jerked him off cause he woke me up and was stroking it and he busted on his stomach but I still sucked it dry and then came him a towl. Woke up at like 12ish I believe and he left so I got ready showered and Hunter text saying meet me downstairs for the retox party cause everyone was in the lobby ready to go, got ready went down there and he was right everyone was down there. I snuggles up next to Trent Diesel and Krystal his beautiful girl and we talked and everything and then we were off to the retox that Active Duty was hosting, it was a hot day today and it wasn’t cute I needed sunglasses ASAP! We went in and immediately we are already taking shots left and right! I wasn’t complaining at all and it did the job very well, I was then talking to Tommy Stone of Suite703 and he was like um “I NEED YOU ON MY LEVEL PHILLIP, GET THERE!” so I was like I’m there just not showing it. There was an auction going on for several items and it all went to charity which is good cause we like charity a lot! so Cole Streets had a DVD signed by him and I won for $55 dollars and gave $60 just cause and I let someone else have it cause I am a great person and I wanted someone else to have it. I forgot to say Ryan Raz and Brandon Baker were doing the recovery bunch or what we all were calling it the retox brunch and a lot was going on at LOL but when isn’t there a lot going on? Hunter and myself got to do an interview on stage and it was fun and crazy! Before that I got to jerk off Jayden Grey with a fleshjack which was a ton of fun! then they wanted me to suck his cock on stage and I was like oh no no no not gonna happen, I’m the classy girl of the night not the trashy one. Then I got to meet Tamra, well I have known of Tamra but just have not met her in person or been introduced to her. Tamra is a party animal and I love that about her! Shes all about us gay porn boys! her blog is FIERCE to shes someone you wanna be around all the time! I honestly don’t remember what happened when I personally got back to the hotel, I think we went to Howard’s room cause everyone was exhausted and it was a chill night and we all stayed in and watch TV and just chatted and stuff. Vince Ferelli, Drake Jaden (who I am secretly in love with but don’t tell anyone) Diesel Washington, Wolf Hudson, Hunter Longe, Cameron Adams, Cameron Marshall, Tommy Stone, Gio, Jayden Grey and Pebbles, if there is anyone I forgot in the room sorry again. We had a light storm come in and it was so pretty to watch the lightning and all from the window instead of watching TV lol which was boring, it got late well it was only 2 and Howard’s phone said 3 so we all departed and went to our rooms. I had to be up early to caught my flight at 9am so I went to the room and had to pack and Cool Tom was like is your phone dead? I was like yes it died while I was upstairs, I got to packing and I felt like I was on drugs while talking to Tom but I wasn’t I haven’t touched that shit in a year. I didn’t end up to bed until like 5am cause me and Tom where talking about everything about the week and all, it was like I told Tom one of the top 3 best trips ever! I cant wait to do it again next year! I can say I made a bunch of new friends and met a lot of new porn stars and I hope to see them again at other events that I’m at and thank you to Cool Tom for everything! Also to Zach Sire for something he did on that trip that made such a huge difference for me and someone else who I love to death! you know who you are. Howard and Gio for everything you both do and I’m not even Team Fabscout but you guys treat me like one of your own and I love you guys! Diesel and Wolf cause the two of you are REAL and I loved being around you boys that weekend so much fun! Everyone else just having a great time and getting to know you all as people is awesome and like I said the next event is gonna be 10x more fun! Oh wait and to 2 more people who I enjoyed this trip cause there both FUN and WILD and CRAZY Naughty Laura and Tommy Stone! you both just keep being you and doing you and I hope to see you both more! Love you all and thank you!

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