GayVN Nominee Again!

On August 18, 2010, in Completely Gracious, Porn News, Thank You, by Phillip Ashton

Yesterday I was informed by my very good friend Jim Mason about the cast of Twinkblood being nominated for a GayVN Award this year for Best Comedy Video! I honestly thought this year I wasn’t gonna be in a movie that was gonna be nominated at all! So I have to thank Bryan from Boycrush for letting me be apart of the movie, to my sister Angel Benton for getting us nominated. If it wasn’t for the HARD work Angel did I don’t think we would have been nominated at all. So Yay for being nominated again for the second time now and I will be seeing everyone there! Here’s the list of the categories that everyone was nominated for. Good luck to everyone and congratulations for being nominated.

DVD categories

Best Actor
Allen Silver, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
Cole Streets, Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion Studios)
Logan McCree, The Visitor (Raging Stallion)newco
Luke Marcum, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls (Dominic Ford)
Steven Tyler, HouseBoy (DreamBoy Productions/Eurocreme)
Wilfried Knight, Obsession (Lucas Entertainment)

Best All-Sex Video
5 Americans in Prague (Bel Ami Entertainment)
Hot Bods (COLT Studio Group)
Inside Israel (Lucas)
Reckless (Hot House Entertainment)
Tales of the Arabian Nights (Raging Stallion)
Tropical Adventure (Sarava Productions/Kristen Bjorn)

Best Alternative Release
Brief Encounters (Pantheon Productions)
Buck Angel’s Ultimate Fucking Club (Buck Angel Entertainment)
John (Glitter Films)
Men in Stockings (Lucas)
Muscle Bears on the Prowl (Pacific Sun Entertainment)
Pirate’s Booty (Adult Source Media)
The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (Boulevard Distribution)

Best Amateur/Pro-Am Release
Argentina (World of Men)
Battle Cry 3 (Active Duty Productions)
Brent Corrigan’s Big Easy (Prodigy Pictures/Dirty Bird Pictures)
Dressed (down & dirty) (UK Naked Men)
Stag Reel (Stag Homme Studios)

Best Cumshot
Dan Rhodes, Ink Stain (Raging Stallion)
Josh West, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
Manuel Lopez, Stag Fight (Stag Homme)
Rafael Alencar, Wall Street (Lucas)
Spencer Reed, The Trap (Raging Stallion)

Best Director
Astrid Glitter, John (Glitter Films)
Brian Mills, Distraction (TitanMen)
Chi Chi LaRue, Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal Video)
Chris Ward, Ben Leon, Tony DiMarco, Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion)
Joe Gage, Dad Takes a Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
John Rutherford, Hot Bods (COLT)
Kristofer Weston, Lotus (Buckshot Productions)
Lucas Kazan, Rough/Tender (Lucas Kazan Productions)
Michael Lucas, Obsession (Lucas)
Steven Scarborough, Skuff 4 (Hot House)
Strongboli, Love Addiction (Lucas Kazan)
Wendy Crawford, Pirate’s Booty (Adult Source Media)

Best Duo Sex Scene
Benjamin Bradley and Nelson Troy, Tread Heavy (Rascal)
Brian Bennet and Brandon Manilow, Seriously Sexy Part One (Bel Ami)
Derrek Diamond and Alexsander Freitas, Diamond Auto (Raging Stallion)
Jonathan Agassi and Matan Shalev, Men of Israel (Lucas)
Paris and Venom, Queens Plaza Pickup 3 (Real Urban Men Productions)
Tony Buff and Will Parker, Folsom Flesh (TitanMen)

Best Feature Release
Asylum (Falcon Studios)
Dad Takes Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion)
HouseBoy (DreamBoy/Eurocreme)
Obsession (Lucas)
Overdrive (Titan)
Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal)

Best Fetish Release
Bound Gods (
Darkroom (Mustang Studios)
Shock Treatment (TitanMen Rough)
Skuff 4 (Hot House)
Slick Dogs (TitanMen)

Best Group Sex Scene
Alexsander Freitas, Dominic Pacifico, Spencer Reed; Adrenaline (Mustang)
Arthur Gordon, Gustavo Arango, Ricci Julian, Jean Franko, Bruno Jones, Dany Vargas; Pride, Part 2 (Sarava/Kristen Bjorn)
Cast, Black Balled 7: Jail Slammed (All Worlds Video)
Jean-Daniel Chagall, Brandon Manilow, Alex Orioli, Ariel Vanean; Step by Step: Jean-Daniel Chagall (Bel Ami)
Shane Risk, Josh West, Tyler Saint, Chad Manning, Philip Aubrey; Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal)
Steve Cruz, Damien Crosse, Wilfried Knight, Francesco D’Macho; Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion)

Best HD Feature
Flux (Titan)
Folsom Flesh (Titan)
Inside Israel (Lucas)
Lost at Sea (Diamond Pictures)
Lotus (Buckshot)

Best Marketing – Company Image
Athletic Model Guild
Bel Ami Entertainment
COLT Studio Group
Jet Set Men
Lucas Entertainment
Raging Stallion Studios
Titan Media

Best Newcomer
Alessio Romero
Conner Habib
Jonathan Agassi
Kris Evans
Race Cooper
Spencer Reed
Will Parker

Best Sex Comedy
Getting Levi’s Johnson (Jet Set)
Jersey Score (Jet Set)
That 70’s Gay Porn Movie (Randy Blue Productions)
Twinkblood (BoyLair Studios/SaggerzSkaterz Studio)
Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls (Dominic Ford)

Best Solo Performance
Adam Killian, Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal)
Jimmy B.I.G., NakedAmericanMales Volume One (The O’Malley Studio)
Ethan Storm, Wall Street (Lucas)
Landon Mycles, Straight Edge 4 (Jet Set)
Logan McRee, The Visitor (Raging Stallion)

Best Supporting Actor
Andrew Justice, Dad Takes Fishing Trip (Dragon/Gage Media)
Ben Andrews, Wall Street (Lucas)
Matthew Rush, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls (Dominic Ford)
Philip Aubrey, Taken: To the Lowest Level (Rascal)
Steve Cruz, Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion)

Best Videography
Jonno, Dressed (down & dirty) (UK Naked Men)
Paul Wilde and Jeff Slurry, Flux (Titan)
Ben Leon and Tony Dimarco, Focus/ReFocus (Raging Stallion)
mr. Pam, Inside Israel (Lucas)
Kristen Bjorn, Tropical Adventure, Parts 1 & 2 (Sarava/Kristen Bjorn)

Best Web-to-DVD Release
Bound Gods (
Fuck Your Friends! (Jake Cruise Media)
Hard Friction (Hard Friction)
Stag Reel (Stag Homme)
Summer Recruits (Active Duty)
That 70’s Gay Porn Movie (Randy Blue)

Performer of the Year
Dean Flynn
Kyle King
Steve Cruz
Tony Buff
Wilfried Knight

Web categories

Best Affiliate Program
Buddy Profits
C1R Affiliate Program
Kinky Dollars
Video Secrets

Best Blog/Gossip Site

Best Genre Site (computer-generated animation) (classic content)
I’ (straight guys) (cumshots) (uncut men)

Best Live Webcam/Webshow
Active Duty LIVE (
Hot House Dungeon LIVE! (
Live & Raw (

Best Porn Star Site

Best Web-Based Marketing/Promotion
Athletic Model Guild
Channel 1 Releasing
Jet Set Men
Lucas Entertainment

Web Performer of the Year
Brent Corrigan
Brent Everett
Damien Cross and Francesco D’Macho
Kayden Saylor
Tommy Defendi

Website of the Year

Phillip Ashton




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“Baby” by Jason Pitt & Phillip Ashton

On August 14, 2010, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

Jason Pitt and Myself were going home from the club the other night and we decided to do a little singing (HORRIBLE) and this is what we came up with LOL enjoy it and laugh! We sure the hell did and loved it a lot cause it was a fun night. Oh and before I forget the group Hello Hollywood covered it and we just sang over them, also check them out on YouTube cause there fucking awesome!

Phillip Ashton




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Jason Pitt Waxed!

On August 7, 2010, in Daily Life, Good Friends, by Phillip Ashton

Today was eventful LOL! So Jason Pitt asked me to go with him to the Salon to get his hair cut… well as we got there he wanted his neck WAXED! I was in the room with him and I couldn’t help myself but get video of it! Jason was sweating and being a big old baby about it, his palms where all sweaty when he touched me and his feet where shacking. This was the just this first part lol which was his back a little below his neck, then came the neck but I will say this if your gonna let it grow like a rain forest back there and wanna get waxed then be ready for the pain! Enjoy the videos that I took and posted immediately when he was getting his hair did at Be-Weave Hair Salon in Tempe Market Place.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did filming it! Have a great weekend y’all MUAH.

Phillip Ashton




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Cybersocket Awards Best Personality

On August 4, 2010, in Porn Events, Porn News, by Phillip Ashton

Yesterday while I was on Twitter one of the Helix twinks posted something about being nominated for Best Personality for the Cybersocket Awards, so I looked into it and I was like wait a minute I should be nominated for that category. Wolf Hudson won it last year cause he’s HILARIOUS! I guess what I’m trying to say is I wanna be nominated if not a winner for this years 2011 CyberSocket Awards for Best Personality, only you the fans and friend can do this for me. I know everyone loved a certain 2 videos I have done, so Ill post a picture of one I’m talking about then the other I’ll post the actual video! I don’t even know what I would do if I won the award but then again I’m up against some tough and pretty big ass stars, so like I said just being nominated for the award would be awesome but winning I dunno what I would do! Here’s what you do goto this link CyberSocket Awards and start nominating, then on Nov 1st the voting will begin that’s when I need y’all to go and vote! Lets get me nominated for Best Personality and if not win!

Phillip Ashton

Monster Ball Lady Gaga!

On August 1, 2010, in Completely Gracious, Daily Life, Thank You, by Phillip Ashton

Last night myself Jason Pitt, Jake Woods, Mike (a friend of Jason’s) his friend Steve and Tyler (Jake’s friend who was a bitch) went to the Lady Gaga concert here in Arizona, I don’t even have words to describe it but WOW! Jason and I went to get our hair did (thanks Jason) and then went to the mall, got him an outfit which was fun but we were on a time limit cause we had dinner plans and then the concert. So we rush home meet Mike and Steve there and we changed quickly then headed to the hotel to meet Jake, we had an a bomb town car for us and went to dinner at this classy places called Arizona 88 I believe. Dinner was really interesting but it didn’t bother me much I just cared about eating and drinking (AMEN), it came about that time to head on out to the USAirways Arena to see Gaga! We get to the arena and damn was it packed! Gaga impersonators gay boys in drag, makeup, shoes, wigs, rhinestones and everything! We are all very excited to be there and we get to our seats and the band opening for Gaga starts, they were pretty awesome the lead reminded me of Jeffery Starr but not so draggy. The lights go off there changing the stage 5 mins in you hear people screaming, the light go off again its black in the arena then the show starts! I don’t wanna go to much into every song cause that will take forever, but I will say Gaga made a very amazing speech about the immigration law in Arizona. (more below)
When she talked about this it totally changed everything about her and I am a Little Monster as she calls her fans, then with charity and loving her gays and all it was a bunch of fun and shes an amazing performer. I have to comment on her outfits apparently there was 15 changed throughout the entire concert which is a lot, there was this one out fit OMG it moved and changed while she sang AMAZING! There was the final outfit for Bad Romance and her famous see through dress that I would love to know the designer, then there was others that were the same but had tare of to it and became a one piece. I think my favorite songs where Bad Romance, Teeth, Paparazzi, Telephone and Alejandro, Alejandro was amazing with the way she talked about this one HOT dancer Mike (Quest) who I know and the way the stage was set up with Jesus bleeding and all just amazing! The concert ends and it was a mad house with all the fans there to see her, I have to thank Jake Woods for the ticket which was a surprise to me when he jumped on me and told me he bought them. So a huge thank you to Jake for an amazing night of fun which was the best concert I have ever been to with all the concerts I’ve gone to, this one by far beats them all! I will say this if your going to her up coming shows be ready cause its a very good concert and you will enjoy yourself, if your not going I think you better find a way to go cause your missing something AMAZING! Thanks again to Jake Woods and Jason Pitt for the wonderful night and amazing time I love you both a ton!

Phillip Ashton



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