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On January 31, 2011, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

Sunday January 9th 12:20am

I started 2011 right! So not this last weekend but the weekend before I had a weekend to remember! It started off really on Sunday morning at 3am, everyone came back from being at the club to after party like every weekend. So we start by always pouring shots and taking them until about 12pm and we eat and dance and listen to music with everyone, well this Sunday I decided I’m gonna head out since I hardly go out to gay clubs and events on weekends. Everyone left to go home and put themselves together to go out in public, we got ready and headed to Eden the new club in San Diego that use to be Universal for bottomless mimosa’s. Not many know this about me but me and Champagne don’t really mix well unless I’m only drinking Champagne… well that wasn’t the case at all this day, about 4 or 5 in I was feeling good now I was already doing mixed shots at the house which was already going to be a disaster for me with this Champagne. So the bottomless mimosa’s ends at 2 and now me and my friends are on our way to Urban Moe’s to meet other friends and have more drinks, I chilled out for a good 2-3 hours and my friend Shane says you want a drink I said sure and he bought me a beer cause I didn’t want anything heavy to drink. I take another break from drinking but I don’t remember how long and it was becoming dark and this is where it got really messy for me but thank god for my friend Ray being there for me, so I remember the bartender Sharron saying lets do a shot cause your really fun and I like you and your adorable so I said fuck yes lets do it! Did the shot with her and was talking to one of the bartenders who’s how behind the bar and were laughing and screaming and just being fun, well I left and was mingling and seen a friend and we talked for a minute and his friend came over and I was like hes hot who is he? Introduces us and then it was a make out session for the next 25 mins until the boyfriend comes over and is like that’s hot! I was like what he goes that’s my boyfriend but its okay were open in our relationship and I was like sweet and we started talking and then they left to the dance floor. I then seen another friend and asked him for a shot got 2 shots out of him then this is where I black the fuck out and had to be told by others with pictures and come video of what happened to me, apparently my friend Ray told me to drink his drink which was gross and very strong and I made a ugly face cause of the taste. Sharron who made the drink was like don’t make that face! I said why? she said cause I made that drink man up and drink it! So me I don’t back down from someone telling me to man up and drink a cocktail so I about drank almost all of it! HUGE MISTAKE on my part and this is why Champagne, beer, shots and strong drink disaster is coming, someone in the bar had a motorcycle helmet and I thought it would be cute to put it on and dance with it on while stumbling all over the club. Why I had this on I have no clue or why I thought it would be cute maybe I thought I was Lady Gaga, well someone told me I had to leave which was the owners nephew who I got into a screaming match with and they told security to kick me out which I wasn’t having and the water works came when they told my security on duty who likes me to kick me out. He told me at fiesta about a week later that he couldn’t do it cause he felt bad and I was to cute but he had to do his job and hoped I understood, well this is were it gets good cause I come out of blacking out when I get put in a taxi to go home and apparently get out before my stop. I don’t remember any of the taxi or getting which is very bad and I need to be more careful but I ended up by some houses, I don’t remember walking up these huge stairs to get to this house but I did some how and this is were it all becomes a wreck! I’m on this unknown ladies house porch and start banging on her door! still banging and this dog comes up and starts barking at the window, so I tip my way to the window while still banging btw now on her window and I tell this dog about 50-100 times to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Now the lady comes out in her white nighty to the door while I’m still banging and she says “I’m calling the police!” I say “bitch call the police I don’t give a fuck!” She walks away and I leave and black out again and some how fall down about 30 steps all the way to the sidewalk (I know this cause my jacket was dirty as fuck my legs arms and head had cuts all over them and bruises) I start to walk my way home and then here comes the lights and I hear “excuse me sir?” I look and the police have that bright ass light on me and I say “WHAT!” the police say “can you come over here please” I say “I guess”. Then they start asking me question about if I was at that woman’s house bothering her and I was like I don’t even know her and I’m going home! They then asked to get in the car and took me back to her house where she confirms its me and I give the look of death to her and tell the cops shes crazy and I don’t know her! Well they search me and take my things and then place me under arrest and I said why am I being arrested then then said for disturbing the peace and drunk in public. I was like I didn’t do anything and I don’t know her (but I really did and didn’t want to goto jail cause I wanted to go home and drink more) which I told them when they asked me cause I responded with I cant goto jail cause your wasting valuable time for me to go home and drink more! Big mistake again and then I was hauled off to jail for 4 hours which wasn’t fun and I got an attitude there and then passed out the entire time I was there. I get woken up and the guy was like its time to go home, I couldn’t even get up without stubbing cause I was still wasted out of my mind! They give me my phone wallet and keys back and I posted on my facebook first I went to jail, my friend Berivon calls me and sees if I’m okay which I was. Then called Jim Mason and he was like are you okay? where are you now? I was like bitch I’m still here they let me out and I need a ride or a taxi lol so I try and figure it all out and called a taxi to take me home, I get home and goto pay the taxi when I notice those shady ass PIGS took my money! I know this for fact cause I needed to pay my cell phone bill and I didn’t spend that money at all cause I know better then to do so with that money, I had to use my damn card which was also going to my phone but I couldn’t leave the cab without paying so I paid him and went home. Got inside the apt and grabbed the bottle of vodka and a shot glass and was drinking again and had some wine as well, on facebook there is a funny video I made of me in a wig and scarf laughing about the entire situation. In the end I realize its not a laughing matter and that I need to control myself and my actions when drunk or when that drunk take my ass home and goto sleep! Thank god I wasn’t badly hurt or charged with anything, after my birthday I’m really calming down on my drinking cause this was a wake up call to me for sure and I know I can do this and plus now my body is telling me to bitch calm down!

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