Love shouldn’t stop you…

On April 19, 2011, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking these last couple days about a certain topic I think everyone has talked about… HIV is a major disease in the world today among women, men & children all over the world today, many judge those who are HIV+ cause they aren’t educated on the disease which is very sad. I hate hearing about people I talk to on A4A or just out and about and or friends who are poz, how they get treated cause they are doing the honest and right thing and being up front about their status. People are so disrespectful and so rude and are quick to label over someone’s status which is very wrong, just cause your poz doesn’t mean that person isn’t human and have feelings like a neg person would. I don’t think Ive told anyone this cause its really personal to me but Ive dated 2 poz men in my life, yep that’s right 2 and I’m clean and fine. I have some friends out here in San Diego Matt and Cameron who are a couple and one is poz and very open about it and one is neg, their story is so amazing it had me balling like a baby. I don’t think you should not love someone or have a relationship with someone cause of status, that’s stupid, wrong, immature and the list could go on to be completely honest. Ive been talking to some of my close friends about this cause I can see and kinda feel the hurt for those poz men out there who want a relationship or want sex but as soon as they’re honest… they get the silent treatment cause the other person thinks “EW” or “He’s tainted” etc. Well bitch get the fuck educated on being poz or with a poz person, and learn something about these amazing people cause they are human just like us. I don’t want anyone thinking after you read this post that I’m a “bug chaser” as many put it cause that is a total lie, I just don’t see why anyone should judge those for being poz and why you can’t have a loving relationship with someone who’s poz and the other is neg? This world is so fucked up and really needs to open up its eyes and stop the hate on those men and women who are being honest and open about their status, it shows we have some good people who aren’t scared to be open about it and don’t give a fuck about what people have to say. On that note educate yourself and others about having HIV cause it will make a difference or so we hope, cause these days many don’t listen and do the wrong thing. Don’t let someone’s status affect you being with someone and or loving someone cause of this disease, a poz and neg can work just be safe and honest and it will all work out in the long run.

Before I leave I do have to add, know your status, be honest with those your gonna have sex with safe and unsafe, I know its hard to do that but its responsibility. Being sneaking and barebacking knowing your poz isn’t being responsible or safe, but if you put everything out on the table I think you will have people respect you more for disclosing your status. I know everyone has different opinions for disclosing your status on set cause we use condoms and all, in all honesty condoms or not anything can happen and its better to be safe and disclose then be secret and IF something happens be sorry. Know your status and get tested and play safe and be honest.

Phillip Ashton


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