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On January 7, 2012, in Daily Life, Porn News, by Phillip Ashton

Sorry this took so long but I was trying to keep it a secret until I was ready to say who I worked with now, also cause I know how people like to get and ruin a job for someone cause they wanna see them fail. But now that its official and I’m doing my first scene with DirtyTony next week, no not filming as a model I’m one of the 2 cameraman/women. The other person camerawomen is well a woman lol! Shes awesome and it will take time for me to learn how they shoot, I’m super nervous and I second guessed myself on Friday cause I got spooked. But I know I’m good at what I do so I think Ill impress them with what I shoot, if they don’t like well i can be taught or I can be let go… I’m hoping that everything will go smoothly and they like how I shoot and how I work, I actually kinda really started Dec 14th when I shadowed on a shoot and then yesterday did the same exact thing. Yesterdays was really hot and I enjoyed shadowing yesterday, Ill be honest I almost had to excuse myself cause it was that hot to myself and I hardly ever do that! So now the cats out the bag and there you have it 🙂 I’m super happy and excited this job will be amazing and I can’t wait to start and actually be filming! Well like I said there you have it, you now know who it is Im working with.

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