Beach Day

On May 15, 2012, in Daily Life, Good Friends, by Phillip Ashton

Saturday was such the perfect amazing day ever Alex, Casey, Kyle Ross & myself all planned to goto the beach to hang and tan (story of my life) seeing that’s what we do almost every weekend and I love it! I love it cause its a little private beach (which the location will keep private) and its always such a chill cool time like always, Saturday was so perfect with the sun bringing the heat and not a cloud in the sky. Its random to have a model with us (seeing it was the second time now) but I didn’t mind it cause I love me some Kyle Ross! Hes a very sweet boy and my nick name for him is Kyle Rossome 🙂 We got everything set up and all laid out on our towels and I was putting on sunscreen (which was very much so needed), and laid down. While I was laying on my stomach talking to Kyle about things… wait side note (Kyle was wearing a tiny bathing suit) and I noticed something sticking out of his suit, not even trying to look at his business at all but there was his nut just right in my face saying HI PHIILLIP! So I could have so taken a picture of it but I couldn’t help but laugh and say Kyle your friend is totally out! He tucked it back away and we all laughed about it, he said I should have took a pic and posted it on twitter but I fucked up and was to busy laughing. We witnessed a little spat with the locals and some kids who looked as if they were being disrespectful, drinking 40’s in front of some of their underage kids! Um huge NO NO and the guys didn’t approve at all, threw the one kid down and took his beer and then poured it all over his head and sweater. Wasn’t expecting that at all but I totally get it, then some other guy on top of the hill was being the “big bad ass wolf” talking all kinda shit and was all bark no bite (love those kinda people). At the end of it the big guy who looked about mid 30’s was telling them both to get the fuck off the beach, the locals don’t play let me tell you! We all laid out and got some really amazing sun and I’m gonna get that straight boy tan cause I love my board shorts, a skimpy little bathing suit just doesn’t look right on me. Kyle wanted some pics by the big hole in the pic above which where done by Alex and the reflector by Casey, I’m sure you’ll see those on Kyle’s website and Helix Studio’s and from what I seen the pics were GORGEOUS! While they were doing the pics I wanted the puppies and took some cool pics with my iPhone since I don’t have a camera anymore 🙁 (If you’d like and want to not a must this one will do Sony Cyber-shot please and thank you) but I do have to say the quality of the iPhone pics are pretty damn good I must say. I didn’t know Kyle was leaving at 2 something and we had to rush to get him to the airport, which he totally made it thank god for that and he was off back home. The boys and I went to their apartment to have a low key intimate BBQ (which started way LATE cause a bitch was hungry at 5!) I love how Alex calls it an intimate BBQ LOL! I just laugh at that all the time, when in reality it was an actual BBQ cause he invited like 6 people including us so yeah LOL! But when it is like 4 of us or 3 of us then yes it really is an intimate BBQ 🙂 We all had a blast as usual but I started to feel really sick 🙁 I had nasal problems since Friday night after a wild night out with my bestie Justin! But once again the perfect sunny let our hair/nuts out day and enjoyed amazing friends and new friends! I love my boys to death and we will have many more adventures/beach days soon!

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It Could Happen to You…

On May 10, 2012, in Boyfriend, Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

This video says enough, but I had to write something instead of nothing even though the video says it all. My heart goes out to Shane and remember he’s with you in your heart.

I don’t even have words for this video cause it breaks my heart into a million pieces, I totally feel for Shane like no other. This video might enrage some people and also make people feel extremely sad like it does me, but I’m saddened and enraged by this video not cause of Tom or Shane but the way Toms parents are. The way he is treated by his parents is just gross to me and they way they blamed Shane for making him gay! You don’t make someone gay you’re/we’re born this way! The fact he was attacked by his father and threatened with a gun is just gross, disrespectful, immature and heart breaking! What really got me to tears is the fact that Shane, Tom’s family, lover of 6 years couldn’t event goto his lover’s funeral cause he was threatened by Toms dad and uncle if he showed up by to attack him! Shane couldn’t get any information from the accident at all cause he wasn’t “family” when in reality Shane was the only family Tom had since his parents were assholes to him for being gay. Because Shane wasn’t family he couldn’t get anything from the hospital about anything, so we need to make a change and fight for Marriage Equality and make this pass so you, me or your lover doesn’t have to go through this at all. Shane you have made a ton of people see this video and I thank you for posting this and showing the world your story and that you want to be heard!

Phillip Ashton


JW Collection!

On May 7, 2012, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

What’s up Ashtonistas!

Before I talk about Jake Woods (my best friend and love to death!) clothes line I want to post this 10% off discount coupon for his JW Collection! When you buy some of the amazing T-shirts he has put in this code (JJK0NJ545) at checkout for your discount! So I’ve seen how hard Jake was working on this line for a long long time now, hes gone through his ups, downs, shady people you name it! It was suppose to be an underwear line but that’s being saved until a later time, and is now a t-shirt line and its honestly pretty damn good in my eyes. Many people have their opinion and that’s fine but don’t knock someones dream when you don’t have the balls to do it. So Id keep all negative and hateful comments to yourself :). Here’s the new PR on the women’s line, so girls get ready!

Jake Woods Pre-Releases Just Wonder line for women.

Phoenix, AZ – Jake Woods has just released a portion of his Just Wonder line for women. The line has a limited number of designs with this pre-release, but is intended to grow fast. With the release of his Hard Impact line,, in late October of 2011, the company has been growing fast and has decided to release portions of the new line ahead of the scheduled October 2012 release. Positive comments about the line have already gotten the web buzzing. Included with the release are some major updates to the Hard Impact line. Jake has been working the last few months to increase the options for the Hard Impact line. There are now a larger number of designs and colors to choose
from. Shoppers and fans have ascended onto the site to review the new designs. At this point the collection is premiered in only one store in Temple, GA at Cherie Armand. More locations are planned.

One of the biggest hits has been the “Stop Bullying” t-shirt. This shirt was designed with helping out the Trevor Project in mind. With all of the news about kids being bullied, Jake figured this was his way to help. The company has plans to start doing shows and events to help promote the lines and his charity work. For information about where you can find Jake’s events go to their website . He is excited about the events and about getting to meet fans who have supported him all along in his dream. The events are generally slated as fund raisers for the charities he is working with; within the area he has the event.

We praise the JW Collection for the progress it has made in the last few months since their launch. Jake’s dream of a “clothing line that cares” seems to be coming alive and gaining momentum.

I just seen the women’s line of shirts and they’re so awesome! For all you fans out there who want to buy a gift for you fag hag send them to and have them pick a shirt out! Now I can’t really tell you in my words what the JWCollection is about cause its not my collection so here’s what my besties Jake Woods had to say about his line!

JW COLLECTION: A clothing line that cares; that strives to make a difference. Every purchase made helps with a noble cause. We take great pride to give a portion of each sale to the JW CARES FOUNDATION, which is then distributed to causes we find that need our assistance.

How the JW Collection came about…

The JW Collection was founded by me, Nicholas Payne. I come from a small town outside of Atlanta, GA. My passion has always been to help out and to give back any way I could, so I created the JW Collection. The JW Collection takes a portion of each sale made and gives it to the JW CARES FOUNDATION, which is a non-profit organization that I created to go along side the fashion line. It gives to causes we find that need our help. We do not only donate to large organizations for research for cures for diseases, but also to families in need. Anyone that needs our help. There is no cause too small. We help out in any way that we can.

It has not been an easy road to create this line. The past two years have been a roller coaster with many ups and downs. I have given up so much to chase after my dream. At age nineteen I packed up and moved across the United States, leaving everything I ever knew behind. The hardest part was leaving my family. They are everything to me and I am so grateful to have a family that has not only been there to love me, but that also supports everything I have ever done. Although there are a few things in my past that I wish I could undo, I realize that regrets are a part of life. If it were not for my past, I would not have been lead down the road to create this clothing line that is going to change so many lives. Some of life’s greatest beauties are at the end of the roughest paths, and my past has been the stepping stone to the greatness that JW COLLECTION will be. There have been so many times I have just wanted to give up, but if I had, I would have let down all of the people that love and support me.

The first year, of course, was the hardest. I was nineteen years old and in a new city with absolutely nothing to my name. For the first six months I worked night and day on my business plan. Once finished, I started looking for investors, but no one wanted to invest in a “kid”. As bad as I wanted to give up, I got back to work with the realization that I would have to do it all myself, which lead to the idea of starting out small and just selling shirts. Unfortunately, I did not even have the money to do this. One by one, some of my friends started giving me money to fund my dream and to make it a reality. These friends are four of the most amazing people anyone could ever have in their life: four people I will never know how to thank enough for helping me with my dream.

After getting the money to start the line I spent all my time working on getting the JW Collection off the ground. I made my first order on my twenty-first birthday: one day I will never forget. Even though it would still be months before I could start selling the products from my line, it was all finally starting to come together. The years of hard work was finally starting to pay off.

I sincerely hope that everyone enjoys my line and passes the word on about the great causes behind it. Know that with every purchase you make, YOU are helping to make a difference in someone else’s life. YOU are helping a family in need as well as research for cures for diseases.

—Know that your sense of style goes more than skin deep.—

I really hope some of you if not everyone will want to buy a shirt as a Christmas present, Birthday or anytime you think of wanting to buy someone a gift. Especially the Stop Bulling t-shit, which is good that Jake teamed up with the Trevor Project to make a shirt for all the kids who are being bullied and killing themselves. We need to make a change and stop bullying across the nation, so buy one of these shirts and lets make a difference!


I got mine, now you should too!

P.S Don’t forget about that 10% off coupon you enter in at checkout for whatever it is you buy at the top of this post!

I <3 You Jake! Keep up the amazing work and don’t let ANYONE ruin your dream, you’re doing it and I can’t be more proud of you!

Phillip Ashton


My new Hobby!

On May 5, 2012, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

Hey Ashtonistas! How are y’all doing? I hope everyone’s had a great week 🙂 I bet y’all are happy its FRIDAY!!! Time to relax, party (Cinco De Mayo) be with friends, family goto the bars or whatever it is you all do. I was suppose to post this blog yesterday but I was so distracted by this new thing I discovered, I watched a TON of YouTube videos yesterday and was just amazed at what I had discovered. As a child we all had our things we likes growing up and still as an adult we have those childhood things we liked right? I know I still do with certain things like trains, growing up we made my uncles room into a model railroading room and had a beautiful layout. Another thing was I use to love trash day and see the garbage truck come and pick up the trash and or containers when I was at school. I also loved watching construction equipment do work on roads or buildings highways etc, I could sit for hours watching it until they went home. Yesterday I was browsing and looking for some of the best model railroading layouts of 2012 and I found some good stuff, but then I seen something that really sparked my interest and I was like WOW is this really a hobby?! So I think I found my inner Geek/Nerd and I will say I love every minute of it!

Here’s a little something none of my Ashtonistas didn’t know about me and I certainly didn’t know this about myself either! I was trying to see were I could get one and couldn’t find anything in the USA which sucks, so I searched YouTube and found out its only in Europe where they make these adult toys. I also looked at how much one would cost and my mouth hit the floor…. $6,019 for one of these beautiful toys! I guess one day when I retire or whatever Ill have a back yard made into a little construction zone for me to play with 🙂 Well I hope you guys enjoyed a this post even though its not porn LOL but its like I said something you didn’t know or would expect me to like. Goodnight and enjoy your weekend!

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Live Show

On May 1, 2012, in Daily Life, Fetish, Good Friends, Porn Events, by Phillip Ashton

Good afternoon my Ashtonistas! Have I got a story for you all about last nights Live show! Lets get right into my night, actually a little before my night started. I had been at my apt all day (distracted of course) which is why it took my blog post forever to be posted yesterday, but finally posted it and I thank you guys for the positive feedback from everyone! I text Dewayne my friend/blogger here in San Diego and said what time are you coming to get me? He said 25 mins! I said SHIT! 25 mins?! So I had to jump outta my seat figure out what to wear and shower and lotion up and all that fun stuff, figured out what I was going to wear (which in my personal opinion I looked cute) 😉 and rushed downstairs to meet Dewayne and Kurt Summers. Got in the car went to pick up David in the Valley and headed to the studio, we get to the studio and in the bushes above when I get out the car “hurry up!” I was like WTF and seen it was Chucky & Jim saying this. Walked in said my hellos to everyone who I knew and then sat on the couch in the waiting room for models, while waiting me and Kurt started to fool around (not like that you pervs!) with the books and Nurf Gun Kurt had found. One of the books was very interesting to me called “Position Sex” it was for straight sex sadly, but I think you can work gay into it except for some positions which would be hard for some to do. Everyone had one last cig (not me) before going into the room to start the live show, so I got to see Blade Woods who’s quiet (I will break that shell next time I see him) but super sex, Dallas Trenton who is just amazing in so many ways my two favorites Casey and Alex (the new directors for Helix) Roxy Red and the boss Jeff Sterne! The time has come and were going into the studio and have 5 minutes and everyone’s in a rush to get in their places and then I hear OUCH! Casey accidentally  smashed Dallas’s finger in the door hinge! Dallas was bandaged up (thank god hes got his finger still) and brought back into the room and then the show started! I wasn’t able to get pictures but I think I’m getting some tonight and Ill post them for you guys as soon as I get them, I’m not gonna go into full detail on the entire show cause it was a good hour going on. The show had the amazing Jeff Sterne & TJ Wood as the spanker’s and models where Chase Young, Tony Wolfe, Cristian & Nickolaus Leoni. They had a school set and a like dark room for just spanking with the paddles and whips and brushes and all, Chase was first and it was going great and about 10 minutes of spanking him the next model comes on. Tony Wolfe this boy I have to give mad props to for the beating his little ass got (Second half of the show) he was so red and bruised, after Tony got spanked by Jeff it was on to the other 2 boys with TJ Wood who was a Priest at a catholic school! I have to say I about DYED when TJ was speaking in this I wanna say Scottish accent? I dunno but it was great so he had Nickolas and Cristian come on and spanked both asses till red and Nickolas was a little bruised and Cristian (the buns of steel) took it like a champ and surprised me! At one point the entire room was shacking cause TJ was spanking Cristian’s ass with a text book and he didn’t seem phased at all! The finale which is where I had to leave the room about 20 minutes into it cause it was just a little to much for me to handle, it was all the boys brought back into the school themed room and the brush and paddle and leather whip were involved. The smacks these boys where getting and the faces and sounds and looks on their faces just had me on edge! The entire time someone got swatted with that paddle I swear someone was gonna start bleeding or have a split ass! But like I said Tony was the all time champ for me in the live show his ass had a huge spot that just was very red and turning into a bruise and that’s when I walked out. When it ended everyone went outside cause it was honestly HOT as BALLS in that room and I was sweating and needed fresh air! We were all talking about the show and what we thought and especially me for it being my first time at a live show. I gave my opinion and thoughts and next time Ill be a lot more comfortable and wear less so I don’t sweat as much and be ready for some red bruised asses LOL!

After the show ended I told Casey and Alex that we should go out somewhere with the boys since it was everyone’s last night and they all were being shipped back home, (sad panda) plus I totally wanted to hang with my new friends I made from the spank party on Saturday. Jeff invited us back to his amazing condo in Downtown with one of the most spectacular views ever in San Diego of the bay the airport and all of downtown, I wouldn’t say it was an after party but more like a kickback. We were all drinking and having snacks and just having a good time in each others company, but it turned into a movie night and I was like WTH?! I thought this was a kick back LOL! But it was a very good time in all and I cant wait to goto the next live show! Pics are soon to be coming possibly tomorrow so be on the look out for those and I hope all my Ashtonistas have an amazing night!

Phillip Ashton





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