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On February 23, 2009, in Boyfriend, Rants, by Phillip Ashton

Yesterday there was a little bit of miscommunication getting facts right and it made myself very PISSED OFF as well as my BOYFRIEND Krist Cummings, there is a new blog out called which you can see on my blog roll now cause I just added him yesterday cause the blogs very interesting and also cause my new favorite buddy Rad Matthews from Helix Studios is all over it. Any who I was informed by an unknown someone to check out this blog and the recent post about my boo, I go on there to see that hes dating Jacob Wright?! I’m pissed and FLIP MY LID cause I wanna know WTF is going on! so I text Krist got nothing back which made me think but I know deep down he wouldn’t do that to me with out telling me cause he has a HEART unlike most in this industry. This had me thinking the entire day and so then I was thinking who can I ask that knows this dude and so I was like well let me see if Rad knows who this guy is and I got a text back saying YES and I was like well can you please let him know he needs to get his FACTS and or INFO correct before he post stuff like that? Rad calls him and he says he talked to him and he said wait WHOS YOUR BF? I said Krist is my BOY not Jacob he was like aaww and he says well hes fixing it and sorry for that I said not a problem but next time have the right INFO. Now that all the DRAMA has cleared and the post has been edited and those of you who are thinking my BOYFRIEND CHEATED and myself thinking this, he actually isn’t and I also wanna say thank you to Andrew from for changing it and thank you for the kind comments and post you put up of me and my best friend Jayden Eclipx! Andrew you can contact me for further info or an interview for your site if you’d like. Let me let everyone know again KRIST CUMMINGS IS MY (PHILLIP ASHTON) BOYFRIEND! I love you baby and I cant wait to see you in 2 weeks!

Phillip Ashton


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  1. sdborderboys says:

    Ok first- who is Jacob?

    I never typed the name Jacob Wright in that post.

    I typed “He says he has a boyfriend Matthew and some cash…”.

    I was typing fast and trying to finish in a hurry and accidently typed boyfriend instead of friend.

    That sentence was referring to what he had where he is now…not who he was dating or gossip.

    It was a simple typo. But then all of a sudden I started getting multiple text messages from a bunch of other friends asking why I was starting rumors about Krist. I was like WTF?

    Even the way he wrote the sentence…

    “However just being with the one who saved me (Matthew.) Knowing I have an amazingly beautiful boyfriend with a tremendous heart!”

    …would lead people that did not know that you two were boyfriends to think that someone named Matthew was. I did not assume that however. I just typed the sentence I wrote wrong. I meant to say he has a friend Matthew.

    But your post here insinuates that I typed something like “Krist who is dating Jacob Wright” and that I erased the nasty rumor after you texted Rad…that is misleading to say the least and wholly unfair.

    The whole purpose of the post was because I read his…and I was genuinely concerned that he was ok and someone was helping him. Again I am not even sure I know who Jacob Wright is!! That name didn’t even appear in the post. And on Krist’s heart everyone who has ever mentioned him to me has said the same thing…good heart, great person…I hear the same about you. So I saw a guy in trouble and posting stuff that a lot of people would be too ashamed to post about and I was moved. I wanted to do something, think of something proactive so others would give a damn about what is going on with him.

    I really do like the both of you and I am being sincere when I say that everyone I have talked to tells me that you guys are really good people. But you all are insinuating that I didn’t check the facts- with you or Krist and yet neither bothered to email me to ask what was up. It was a typing error…I wrote the wrong damn word and wrote a badly worded sentence. That’s it- I never wrote the name Jacob Wright cause I don’t know who the fuck he is so why would I add him in that post?

    So again, would you please email me or get my number from Rad because I would like to know where I wrote the name Jacob Wright in the post I did Sunday.

    I never have and never will on my site ever deal with personal relationships between performers nor do I deal with gossip.

    It’s my opinion that you all should be able to have some sort of a private life when you are not being porn stars. The only reason I posted something “personal” was because it was a response to Krist’s post.

    And finally I had the RIGHT INFO…I was quoting what Krist wrote on his blog- the only error I made was typing boyfriend instead of friend…and I did not type the name Jacob Wright…I don’t know who that is and the name was not in Krist’s post so why would I even write that name?

    So please before we start writing shit and making it seem like I wrote a rumor and then took it off when Rad called me lets get the facts straight on that please. I never stated who Krist was dating in that post…I just put the word “boyfriend” before the name Matthew…instead of writing the word “friend”

  2. sdborderboys says:

    Oh and shame on anyone that told you to go read it and that Krist was cheating..they are to blame and they should be ashamed. Krist has enough on his mind I am sure and this drama was wholly unecessary. In the future Phillip readers if you see something odd on my blog CONTACT ME before you get Phillip and consequently Krist upset. I am a real nice person, Rad will tell you that, but I get really bent when people misquote me or take something I write out of context especially when I am writing about one of my favorite performers (you) or some one close to him.

  3. anarchistkrist says:

    Baby I love you with all I am! I will never cheat on you I promise you this. I carry you with me everywhere I go!
    I live to be your right man! xoxo Krist

  4. michael says:

    this blog needs to removed about krist Cummings or face legal avenues

  5. Go for it, nothing in this blog can get my in trouble with using the name. It’s out there and can use the name just like any other porn company. Good luck with the legal stuff.

  6. miguel says:

    I photographed Krist Cummings for my website – he is currently this month’s coverboy – but he changed his email address immediately afterwards so I haven’t been able to send him the 53 completed photos from the shoot including the cover shot on the site now. somebody please forward him this message and get him to contact me via m website so I can send him the finished photos from the shoot.
    San Antonio

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