Tran Hawk Wasp!

On August 3, 2009, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton


This is the Tarantula Hawk Wasp I walked upon this big bad ass bitch this morning on my way to the mailbox and I freaked the FUCK out! it was the biggest wasp I have ever seen and I didn’t pay it any attention cause I didn’t know if it was playing dead trying to get a spider and lord knows I didn’t wanna see a big ass tarantula all from the tree or on the floor cause that would have made me FREAK! So I came back home and was like damn I should have took pictures of that big ass wasp cause by the time 5 comes around I’m sure something is gonna swoop it up and eat it or something but that’s when I started to do my research on this spider killer  which is when I found out it doesn’t even come after humans as all its main meal is tarantulas thank god cause Ive never seen a wasp that BIG! The colors are beautiful its dark blue with light blue then the wings are like bright red or a coffee color it was pretty sad it was dead 🙁 any who I thought I would share that with you guys cause it was cool looking to me.

Phillip Ashton


0 Responses to Tran Hawk Wasp!

  1. kturcotte says:

    That thing’s cool Phillip! I’ve never seen anything like it before either. Wish it had been alive though. Didn’t know you were into nature and stuff like that.

  2. jordenpeck says:

    That is a BIG ASS wasp! I have lived in Arizona my entire life and have yet to see one. Just thought I would swing by and show some love. You are a hottie!

    Wish you well!
    Jorden Peck

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