On August 11, 2009, in Daily Life, Updates, by Phillip Ashton

I feel like this!

Hey guys! I know its been a while but I’m not a workaholic and when it comes time to get off and wanna blog I just cant cause I’m beat! but I promise I will be blogging more trust me I have a ton to do this week with work and then this weekend, off to LA again thank god I need it again just to unwind and be with my friends again. I also recently just got a new Mac Book Air and it’s so SEXY! thin, light,sleek and I’m so happy I got this laptop cause my PC which is still nice but a P.O.S and very slow and I was over it so this new one I’m on now is just me! I don’t really have much more to say but that things are very well with me just doing my thing day by day and I’m happy as can be! next is to get my own place and turning this blog into a website but I don’t wanna talk about that much cause I have some good ideas and plans for all that 🙂 but yeah expect more blogs from me and my trip coming up and pictures! oh and go shop for your porn selection at I might be the one to take your order if you don’t have computer access any who bed time for me guys!

Phillip Ashton


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