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On December 23, 2009, in Completely Gracious, FIERCE, HENNY!, Thank You, by Phillip Ashton

6a00d8341ca4b653ef0120a76fa964970b-450wiLast night while I was at work late, I was looking at the blogs and was on my favorite blog www.Unzipped.net to notice they had there Unzippy’s going on and then seen they had Best Video. So I went to click to see who the runner’s up were and then at the bottom who the winner was and what do you know… it was ME! for my all time best video when I was in a twink war with 2 people that have vanished off the face of the earth (THANK GOD). If you guys don’t remember the video here it is once again and for the last time on my blog to be posted

with 10,000+ views and counting I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. I wanna thank Unzipped Media again for this award I’m truly honored to have won this and I hope 2010 is a ton more fun and that there isn’t another one of these :). Enjoy y’all and Happy Holidays! thanks again Unzipped!

Phillip Ashton


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