Disgusting Whore!

On March 10, 2010, in Boyfriend, Daily Life, Rants, by Phillip Ashton

I don’t really talk about my relationships much on my blog cause I don’t but I feel the need to on this one. So I was dating J (I wont use his name) for 2 months and 9 days, I know its not long at but you know when you find someone and you have that feeling like you know this is “the one” or have a “good feeling” about him. Well I should have seen the signs and caught on but I was so played that I didn’t think J would do anything like this, I was so wrong I should have took everything he said about his past and put it in the present. Things he would say like this for instance “J: I love being fucked! Especially when I haven’t done it in like a WHILE  always feels fucking amazing lol” he would say so many nice things to me and made me feel good and everything and he told me he was being such a good boy and that he was committed to me and wouldn’t lie and all this BS and LIES! I also should have thought about what he told me about when he was a child, how he let guys just fuck him bareback and they would use him and tell him he’s nothing and worthless… (well I have to agree now) You cant turn a whore into a boyfriend, once a whore always a whore! I knew something was going on when he said he had to spend time with his family on Valentines Day? Who the fuck spends time with family on the day of Love with your family if you have a BF. Then there was this supposed DUI shit that I’m sure is a lie as well, then my birthday that I didn’t get anything such as a text or call, my accident got nothing either but before that I got him a new cell phone. I made the biggest mistake by giving him money for a new phone but the signs were there to and it didn’t click, he said he would prostitute to make the money! which I said you sure the fuck will not! why are you gonna risk our relationship? he says “cause I need a new phone” so fucking stupid. Then J goes on to say I’ll make Xtube videos and I said no Ill buy you the phone, he then says no Ill feel bad and all and I said look your not doing either of what you said and your gonna take the money and I’m buying you this phone. That’s when I figured something was going on cause still after buying that phone I heard once from him! He was going to Cali for cheer and he didn’t talk the entire time he was in Cali to me and I knew he was up to something, I got the excuse “I didn’t have reception everywhere I was in Cali.” I didn’t believe that for shit and called his BS and stupid excuse didn’t say anything but sorry which at that point I was tired of it. Back to the accident he didn’t talk to me for 5 days and I said this is BS, so I started to ask around and see what I could dig up and sure enough I found out what I needed and everyone was right LIES, BS and DISGUSTING WHORE! I said sorry to one person cause turns out hes a good guy and I was told a LIE for a story and it’s not cleared up and we are gonna become good friends. I guess to end this post is a message to J… You will never ever find someone who will love you and you will never find love again, your always gonna be used and abused for the little WHORE you are. All you had to do was tell the truth like I had asked but you decided to lie and be sneaky but you were caught! Your low self esteem makes you the person you are and everything you said to me I’m sure you tell everyone else and that makes you a FAKE FUCK! You should seek help since your suicidal and think about killing yourself cause everyone HATES you including yourself and your family who tells you your worthless, oh wait everyone tells you that. Maybe you need to make a change like I thought you where and wanted to be happy and not be a BIG WHORE like your continuing to be which is sad, just make sure your you don’t call me about being scared about having HIV that should be a news flash to you. I wanted to be your friend in all this but I don’t wanna be cause your never ever gonna learn and your day will come and karma is a BITCH! Enjoy your life I hope it last long but the way your doing things like I told you before you’ll probably be to late to figure it out. Oh and one more thing before I go to bed… FUCK YOU! 😉 that’s all.

Good night y’all

Update! I’m being told not that it matters cause I’ve been home all night LOL that the poor thing thinks I stalked him and caught him! No boo boo I’m smarter then that and you told a friend of mine the wrong thing, and I do have every right to talk all the shit I am and will cause everyone needs to know about you. Maybe you will get more fuck buddies to use you that’s a good thing for you! LOL night.

Phillip Ashton




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