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On April 4, 2010, in Shoots, by Phillip Ashton

Yay it finally downloaded! Here is a little BTS (Behind the Scene) of a scene I directed and filmed for Boys-Pissing along with Jim Mason on our last day of our shoot at the Russian River! I wanna call it Piss Pong but I don’t think I like that with the concept of the video, all I can really say is there is blind folds, hands tied, drinking games 😉 and that’s all I’ll say leave the rest of it to you guys to figure out and to your imagination! There will be more BTS to come on the next shoot with footage of the actual fucking and all that instead of talking like I did in this one, which btw let me point out that 2 comments on this page were rude but I have to agree with. The comments where the person talking sounds really irritating and sissy and the other was he made my dick go limp… Now I will say this my voice is fucking annoying but I am no fucking sissy! I will let a bitch have it in 2.5 but that’s besides the point from the comments but I will agree after listening to it I really have an annoying voice! I wish I had a mans voice not some bitch voice, maybe that’s why everyone thinks I’m some big ass bottom lol but no that’s not the case either. On another note I now have an Xtube page for myself as well so now you the fans can see me do “Amateur” videos, which I will enjoy doing cause I have a ton of free time and I get bored so there will be a lot of them to come. You might see some familiar faces on video with me cause I have been talking to a few people who are down to do videos with me and you will be seeing faces that you haven’t seen ever as well, I love my new flip cam its getting me into so much trouble lol! Happy Easter again! MUAH night boys!

Phillip Ashton


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  2. JIM says:

    which movie is that?

  3. cristi says:

    PHILLIP you are the best there…nice movie but i like see more movie with you because i am you big fan from ROMANIA i am cristian [big hugs there and more luck in AZ]

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