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On October 5, 2010, in Shoots, XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

Hey everyone I’m back and I have a very HILARIOUS teaser/blooper from a shoot we did a while ago and it got Jim to dy laughing! He sent it over to me and I watched it and dyed laughing as well, this is the typical downtime things we do when were shooting and or my directing porn. We like to have fun and not always be serious and laugh cause its okay to while making hot videos and watching hot boys fuck! I hope you all enjoy this cause I know we sure the hell did and there’s more to come I’m sure!

I will be updating my blog more since its all fixed and ready to go again and I dont have any problems anymore! YAY for that and yeah expect more updates and I think I’m going to switch it up and make Video Blogs instead of typing everything and give you guys some fun clips and all from my flip cam which I’m gonna be bringing with me every time I go out and or see my LA friends! Miss you guys and love you guys!

Phillip Ashton





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  1. HILARIOUS but nice…i dont try this [cristian from ROMANIA]

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