Im back y’all!

On April 30, 2012, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

HEY EVERYONE! I know I know its been forever! I have to say I’m so sorry for neglecting all of you who do come and read my blog, and for those Ive lost I hope I can bring you back with the good times Ive had, the bad times Ive had, and whats to come so I can keep you all entertained! I got inspired by a new model who’s now exclusive at Helix (congratulations) which I’ll be blogging about him later during the week, and by another performer at helix for their fetish site SpankThis. So I must give these 2 a major shout out and say thank you so much for giving me the inspiration to blog again. Now for whats to come to my blog since I’m getting back into doing it… I feel I owe my fans from Facebook, Twitter and other websites I have my blog posted so much for continuing to come and it hasn’t been updated in FOREVER! Seeing my very last post was for the very sexy and adorable Jake Bass for his special day, so I wanna give you guys pictures (xtrated), personal videos (xtrated), more stories (maybe xrated) and whatever else you guys would like to see and or have me blog about. Not to mention keeping up on all the latest and greatest industry “drama” to give my opinion on all that which is always fun, cause you can see those who wanna get “loud “with me and or get butt hurt. But I wanted to let y’all know things are about to change and you’re gonna be let into my personal world, like whats been going on with me personally, whats next etc. I thank and love you all for being such an amazing supporting fans and friends! Now I gotta get ready for tonight Live Spank Party at Helix Studios which Ill talk about tomorrow with some other post as well! XoXoXo

Phillip Ashton



4 Responses to Im back y’all!

  1. Ryan Sharp says:

    Well said boo:D

  2. JAKE says:


  3. Jeremy says:

    Great to see you back Phillip. Now let’s “see” some more of you. 😉

  4. Kane says:

    I love it! Can’t wait for what’s to come.

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