Locked in!

On September 5, 2012, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

Today I was trying to be handy man and fix a screen door at the model condo… it back fired on me and I locked myself in so I made a blog out of me being locked away. Enjoy and sorry for being so shaky with the video I was on my iPhone.

Phillip Ashton


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3 Responses to Locked in!

  1. cristian says:

    true vide big huge from phillip [cristi-romania]:*:*:*

  2. Matthew says:

    Sounds like you have had an amazing time at work.
    Looking forward to seeing some of the up coming scenes.

  3. Craig Williamson says:

    Phillip………..it looks like the door is locked, I think. Turn the lock above the handle counterclockwise and the bolt should retract.

    Also, I’m looking at being in LA on October 3 and will most certainly stop in at Micky’s for the new film introduction……………….do you know what time?

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