On January 2, 2014, in Daily Life, by Phillip Ashton

Hello to my beautiful fans!

First let me say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! 2014 is gonna be good, Im doing all kind of things in my personal life that I wanna share with you. I wanna start writing more of my blogs then doing videos, cause it seems people like when I write then do videos unless I have other porn stars with me. So I wanna do my life behind the scenes in this industry to share with you all, now this is just for the company I work for not anyone else’s. Some people are gonna hate it and some people are gonna love it, Im not gonna expose things I shouldn’t cause that would be wrong to do on any company. I want to show you what its like being on set, before a shoot, while doing a shoot, and the things we have to wait for etc. So thats something I want to give to you in the new year cause I have really lagged on blogging in 2013. I wont say sorry anymore cause Im tired of saying it, just know I do have a personal life and I’ve been dealing with that since well I have been on a long break in this industry. But I haven’t forgot about you the fans! You are the ones that keep me going on screen, behind the scenes, retired (Im not) and so on.

I know this year I’ll be working out cause I want/need to for a cruise Ill be going on in Oct with my best friend Ron and friends. Im tired of people telling me I’m to skinny (I know I am and by telling me rubs it in and pisses me the fuck off) I’ve been told all my life I am thin, its hard for someone like me to gain weight and I HATE it with a passion. I’ve asked several friends to help me with the GYM, and the ones the want to help are in LA, SD or 2 hours away in Phx. I’m not gonna lose hope in myself cause I don’t wanna be a quitter, it will take time to see results as everyones told me already.

I’m gonna make my friendships stronger with all my friends and weed out the bad apples cause life is to short and people seem to change and become different people and not good friends anymore. Plus I don’t have time for fake and phony people in my life, its to short to have bad energy, people, family etc in your life.

Alright everyone I just wanted to keep you updated! I love y’all and lets do 2014 with a bang!

Phillip Ashton





One Response to 2014!

  1. Matthew says:

    Phillip, Keep up the blogging of behind the scenes and your experiences after you have gone on your life after being on set and all the info from your experiences.
    You know your fans would agree that it is an interesting life which not many people know about.
    Your experiences as a veteran in the industry is full of many life stories. Fans do want to hear about.
    Thanks for keeping up your blog

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