Alex Minsky NUDE!!!

On February 17, 2014, in Completely Gracious, Thank You, XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

Sheer cock

tumblr_n149e3xE3C1s65t9oo8_r1_1280 tumblr_n13u7oPcPG1r7r4dto9_500 tumblr_n13u7oPcPG1r7r4dto10_500All I can really say is thank you to his ex girlfriend who leaked these! Alex Minsky is one fucking hot hot ass guy! Alex is a hero in my eyes for serving out country and losing from what I believe in his story, a very close friend to him which is why he has the tattoo on his chest and his leg. Alex Minsky better GET IT! I see porn already trying to get him to be in videos, gay and straight. Vivid would be the one to get him since they have the money…

Happy Monday to us all and thank you Alex!

Phillip Ashton






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