Jesse Starr & Phillip Ashton

On November 11, 2008, in Porn News, Shoots, XXXposed, by Phillip Ashton

 Jesse Starr & Phillip Ashton

Today I’m online checking out a few things and I recently been seeing on all the blogs that people are using rocket tube to embed videos but I’m not use to this WordPress system so I cant do that as of right now until i learn how to work and use this program for blogging but anyways so I was looking at companies Ive worked for and came across my first scene I did with Helix Studios with Jesse Starr! Jesse is a cute little twink like me and hes small like me to which was awesome and he was amazing to work with and very good at what he does 😉 our scene was very fun and funny cause we were trying to come up with a pick up line to start our scene and we were coming up with all different things and then when we finally started it was just to funny to me and we kept laughing so it was very fun to work with him and have Nick Angels as the director cause it was very chill and easy going and fun. Check out the the Ashview clip I posted on the top of this entry and or sign up at for the full scene :)

Phillip Ashton


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  1. noah says:

    Your 8teenboy video looks wicked hot. Is it on a DVD ?
    Can anybody who purchases it, get a signed autograph from a famous star like you.
    Keep it up. So to speak using these words.
    you are a up and cuming star. lol
    xxoo Noah

  2. Dan says:

    Hot, kid. I love when you looked at his hand on your knee and it’s like, “what’s up with this?! not that I mind….” Stuff like that really sets the mood, gives a little tension. The best was the video (forget what it was called) when it starts out you and a guy named Tyler were wrestling on the bed.

    P.s.- you should be able to copy under the video on the website the code in “embeddable player” and paste it on your post in the “code,” rather than in the “visual” part. It worked on mine when I tested it; this way you can show your readers videos from youtube, or xtube or whatever else showing off your hot stuff…

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