New York City!

On November 28, 2008, in Good Friends, Shoots, Traveling, by Phillip Ashton

Day 1

OMFG IM IN NEW YORK CITY! I have been waiting for this my entire life you know like how you always talk about going some where and your dream comes true! well mine came true and at the perfect time! Andy Kay called me up and said hey you need work and I said yes sir and he said email my friend and tell him I referred you and I said okay, so I email Guy Young (Director) and he said you’ve been invited to join us the Nov 23-25Th to shoot in NYC Time Square and I flipped out! I had been waiting to go to NYC for the longest time ever and it was finally here. Andy Kay also told me Patrick Kennedy from was also gonna be joining us as well and that made me even more happy cause I love Andy and Patrick to death and it was a little BoyCrush reunion cause I haven’t seen them in so long! I land in NYC and I’m just so excited I cant handle myself and I was sweating and antsy cause I was in NEW YORK CITY! and I meet up with Guy and he was telling me we had to wait 40 mins for Andy and Patrick cause they came in after me and so we waited and we talked a little bit and waited and then finally they land and we all met up and I gave them big hugs and we all were excited to be in NEW YORK! (I’m gonna keep saying this a lot) So Guy was like I have a surprise waiting for you since your in NYC so were waiting and waiting and a white limo pulls up and we were like hell yes that’s an awesome welcome surprise, we all get in and we are chit chatting about what we all have been doing and missed each other and a few other subjects as well and as you can see from the pictures from the limo we had reached our location of TIME SQUARE! I about died cause that’s been a thing I had wanted to do forever and it was finally here. We all went up into our hotel at the DoubleTree Guest Suites on the 18Th floor and settle and what not then Guy says who wants to see Time Square and I was the first to say I DO HELL YES LETS GO! we all go out and walk around and see the basic Time Square which me and Patrick where like OMG WERE IN NYC! lol I took my camera with me cause I wasn’t gonna go and not have a camera this is the trip of a lifetime and who knows when I’m going back. So after we seen everything it was time for mine and Billie V’s scene which went very well no problem at all, Billie V made his first action scene with me I’m hoping he liked it and that he does more work cause he was good to work with, after our scene Billie V, Me, Andy and Patrick all went to eat at sbarros pizza cause it was like 2am and there was nothing really open so we all got pizza and sat downstairs and talked about stuff and when we were done we went and walked around alil more to see Time Square without so many people and it was beautiful with no one there and all the lights, then we all split up and went to our hotels and went to bed.

Day 2

My second day was by far the BEST! I woke up and the first thing I do is go to the window to see all the people and cars like in the movies lol and also everything in the day looks so much different then at night! Guy, Andy, Patrick and Me went to lunch down the street at this cute little cafe and talked about what we were gonna do for the day which I was excited for cause we were gonna do a group thing and Ive never done a 4 way before so it was very exciting for me my first 4 way ever. So we finished up lunch and it turned out we were doing 2 scenes a fleshjack one and our group so we first started out with the fleshjack scene which I was extremely pumped about cause I have never used one and Ive always wanted one but I want the pussy fleshlight lol I don’tknow what it is but the pussy to me looks so good to fuck around with and I think I secretly wanna fuck a girl again. So all of us did our thing with the fleshjacks and it was a ton of fun! the fleshjacks feel so real it was amazing, the end of our scene we did fleshjack promos as well which should be on there blog which ill talk about later ;), we all got a good hour I believe to recharge for our group scene so me and Andy and Patrick went to the big M&M Store which was out of this world cause of everything they have in there its crazy as all hell from over a billion M&M’s from big to small to regular to nuts it was insane that store was to much for me, OH I forgot there was a huge Jenna Jameson billboard for diamond necklaces and I had to take a picture of it cause she looks so fucking hot and I took a close up of her boobs cause they look like a hot smooth ass lol. We then walked over to the Hersey’s Store which I thought was gonna be huge but it was this lil rinky dinky ass store lol I was like THIS IS IT! and the boys said the same to but we had fun in there took pictures with the worlds biggest chocolate bar and then with chocolate syrup it was a fun store to but just to small and for a huge name it should have been bigger! I wanted to go to Virgin Mega Store and it was a party in there and I was dancing to Beyonce and the Pussycat Dolls and Ludacris it was a huge store to I think the biggest Ive been in, actually I think everything in NYC all the stores I went in except the Hersey’s store. We then headed back to the hotel to do our group scene which now has been changed to an all oral scene cause Andy wasn’t ready to bottom which is understandable so we did a oral scene which turned out alil weird but then got it under control and it was all good and we finished nicely! Guy and Andy went to a show I forgot which one it was but that left me and Patrick to ourselves and Billie V went back home to the Bronx’s and I wasn’t about to stay in a room all damn night on our last night in NYC so we did a lil adventure! Patrick and I walked to Rockerfeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Empire State Building, Park Ave, Bryant Park, Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, NYC’s Public Library, Toys “R” Us and the Charmin toilet tester it was weird but funny they had everyone who wanted to take a shit or pee for the girls to try the ultra strong or ultra soft Charmin lol it was so funny but yet a big waste of space to but whatever floats there boat. Patrick and I were back at the hotel and we were both tired as hell and we had been out for like 3-4 hours so I wanted to go upstairs get naked and eat my food and Patrick wanted to go to sleep so that’s pretty much what we did and then I passed out and woke up at 2am NYC time and didn’t go back to bed until like 6am cause I’m use to LA time so that’s what happened, but I will say this was the best day spent in NYC and I wont forget it ever!


Our last day it rained which wasn’t a surprise at all cause the news said it was going to and so we didn’t do much our last day cause we were all leaving and we had all kinda slept in and all from the night before so it was a very chill couple hours, then the time came to leave we packed and took our last pictures and then had the choice to take the subway to the airport or the car but it was short on time so we took the car. Patrick and me where on the same flight from NYC to Dallas then we parted ways in Dallas then I was on my way home to LA I didn’t wanna leave NYC cause it was just so fucking awesome to finally go to the city Ive always wanted to go toand then leave in 3 days but its all good ill be back for my birthday I already talked about it with someone and I’m going back for a good 2 weeks! so I can experience it all! I took the picture above to show you how crazy people are they still go on the bus on the top in the rain and wear Pancho’s lol it was crazy cause I wouldn’t be doing that I hate the rain. Well boys that is my NYC trip and I cant wait to go back for a longer time! Oh and Guy told us next time were gonna be shooting in drum roll please… The DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! I ABOUT LOST IT CAUSE THOSE BOYS OUT THERE ARE FUCKING BEYOND HOT! well I’m out and enjoy the pictures!

Phillip Ashton


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  1. ShoeDaddy says:

    I’m so happy that you had such a good time. The DR will be awesome. I’m glad things are going so well for you !!

  2. Drew85 says:

    Awsome guys, great pictures.

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