On November 28, 2008, in Shoots, Traveling, by Phillip Ashton

As you all see and know I did my first ever FleshJack and it was hot! Here’s the pictures from the group with Andy Kay, Patrick Kennedy, Me and Billie V having some fun with these amazing toys and below is my Promo for the FleshJack and you can see the videos at www.LoveMyFleshJack.com for our group and my promo so go check it out and see us all in action 🙂 Everyone who hasn’t tried one of these needs to try one ASAP! It feels so amazing like the real thing you can go to www.FleshJack.com for the boy parts and or if you like the women parts then head on over to www.FleshLight.com which ill be getting a pussy cause personally the pussy looks like a lot of fun 😉

Phillip Ashton


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