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The Hot Foot Interview – Phillip Ashton

When TeenFeetUSA first posted Phillip Ashton almost five years ago, they’d have no idea what they unleashed on the adult gay porn industry. From that moment, Phillip Ashton became a household name. Five years later, Phillip is still going strong. In an industry where stardom may only last a year or two, Phillip is still one of the top dogs! You’ve seen him at JizzAddiction, BoyAlley, AssLickBoys, BoyCrush, ModelGuysFeet, BoysParty and of course, ToeGasms. I was lucky enough to get to chat with Phillip, he had a little party going on in his apartment, but he still made time for this interview. I think you’ll see that fame has not gone to his head. Here is what Phillip had to say…
Hi Phillip, how are you? Welcome to The Hot Foot.

I’m doing great thanks, I’m just sitting here with my best friend and roommates, watching movies for the evening.

Awesome, thanks for taking some time to answer a few questions for your fans… How did you get started in the adult industry?

Wow, where do I begin? When I was in school I always said to my friends I want to be a porn star and I”ll be one someday and look at me now! So I was living with a friend and he introduced me to Zak Miller and asked if I’d be interested in modeling and I said sure, why not? So I went and was doing photos and was asked the big question, “will you do naked pics you”ll get more money” and I said porn? He said yes, and that’s when it all started.

So, you made a promise to yourself and kept it, that’s awesome! You’ve made quite a huge impact in the foot fetish field. Were you worried at the time you might be a foot model your entire career? If I’m not mistaken, you were a very popular model for TeenFeetUSA, correct?

Really?! I never ever knew that I was a big hit in the foot world but hey that”s good to know. I did kind of worry that I was going to be “typecast” as a foot model, but hey they make money too and become big as well. But I’m way happy with where I’m at right now and in the porn world.

Did you, at the time of your first photo shoot think you’d ever become as popular as you are in mainstream porn?

No, I’m actually shocked at where I’m at because i want do more things to get more famous but I can’t put on weight and muscle. But, no I never ever thought I would be as big as I am today but i got to thank my fans and Zak Miller for that.

Phillip, there are some pretty hot guys out there in the world of gay porn, who would you like to work with that you haven’t had the pleasures of working with?

There is honestly a lot of guys I wish I could work with! Way to many to to list but I’ll name a few for you. Kayden Daniels is my all time favorite twink that I want to work with, also Krist Cummings, Jesse Santanna, James Beihn, Kenya from RandyBlue. Kevin Falk, Lucas Vick, Logan Mcree, Mason Wyler, Mike Roberts. Jeremy Jordan if he was still in the business, uumm there’s a lot more but that would honestly take up this entire interview…LOL!

That is quite a list of guys, before I forget, too many foot guys out there would kill me if I didn’t ask you about your feet, so, what size are they, are they ticklish, do they smell, and what are your favorite types of footwear?

My feet are a size 7, they’re very ticklish! They tend to smell when I wear shoes with no socks or dirty socks and or just old shoes. Footwear brands I like to wear? I’d say sandals and flip flops are my all time favorite. but I also love shoes that are easy to put on. But I’m a little skater boy so I love DC’s, Con’s and Volcom’s.

So, what does a day in the life of Phillip Ashton consist of?

I’m very lazy let me tell you! I haven’t had a regular job in 6 months but I want one very badly and so I wake up at 12:30 some days or others 1 or 2 and just on the computer all day and or I go out to lunch with friends hang out with porn stars such as Antonio Milan Tommy DeFendi and my sista Angel Benton, Brandon Baker and many others! But yeah I’m mainly a house wife and just stay in and all and that’s my day pretty much.

Are any of your roommates in the porn business?

Nope. I’m the only person in my apartment that works in porn. Some of my friends dont like me doing it, but I love it!

Finally, anything you want to say to your many fans who will be reading this interview?

Thank you all very much for the love and support you have given my through the six years I’ve been doing this and I hope you guys follow through with me until the end. For those who are interested I do have a blog you can go to and read I’m kinda slacking on updates cause I’m learning some things on this new program for blogging. But it’s coming along great the link is

Thanks for your time Phillip, by the way, what movie are you watching?

We just got done with Jeepers Kreepers 2 and now where watching Wicker Park.

Sounds like a scary night ahead! Better cuddle up with someone. Thanks again Phillip!

Ciao xoxoxo!

So I wanna thank Joe from for doing this amazing interview with me and letting me know about his site which is dedicated to all you foot lovers out there which I think is amazing cause you know there is a lot of people who love feet so here’s my interview enjoy it as much as I did. Two of these pictures are from like my very second shoot as well so wow to those pictures as well and there’s more coming as well my first set ever so be on the look out for those!

Phillip Ashton


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