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On January 2, 2009, in Porn News, by Phillip Ashton

This is already the third interview with Phillip Ashton, what can I say? When Phillip talks I listen. And boy did Phillip Have Something to say!
Hi Phillip, hope your new year was terrific. You asked me for this interview for a major announcement you wanted to make here at The Hot Foot… so let’s not keep everyone waiting. You have the floor…


Well Ive been doing a lot of thinking and all about my status as to being a top in the industry and I know its everyone’s dream to see me finally take some dick in my ass and yeah I’m here to announce that it’s now that time to see me Phillip Ashton get fucked and fuck I’m going to be flip flopping it up and working it out for everyone on the camera. So now I need to find a good top who’s gonna wanna help me be a good bottom and teach me some things and or a bottom who will teach me how to bottom lol but yeah that’s pretty much what I wanna announce to all the fans! My New Years was crazy and HAPPY 09 TO EVERYONE!


Phillip, this is huge news, after all these years as one of gay porn’s hottest tops, your going to bottom? What brought this on?


Just cause its hard for me just to be a top and I wanna just lay there and do nothing for once and also cause I know many companies don’t see me as this big dicked top when they first glance at me they think BOTTOM! well now its time to show them what I got and can do, plus this will bring me more work I believe so that’s why I’m doing this.


This is certainly going to open up new avenues for your career, many famous models have made a career of bottoming, one who comes to mind is Brent Corrigan.


Yeah I have seen that with some BIG TOPS who go to BOTTOMING and like I said I hope this give me more work and I can work with other companies who want to see a big man or jock fuck me 😉 Brent Corrigans always been a bottom lol no disrespect at all but I mean come on his ass is made for bottoming and taking dick I know at one point and time when I worked for him I wanted to fuck the hell out of him 😉


I have 3 people in mind :-) first would def be Logan McCree cause I’m a huge fan of his but I wanna fuck him first lol second would have to be James Behin from NextDoorBuddies cause ive always wanted to do a bottoming scene with him and rim his ass and then 3rd would be Mike Roberts my dream fuck since I never got to finish in Palm Springs about 2 or 3 yrs ago and there are others but those are my top 3 😉 Who did you think I was gonna say?


Mike Roberts was my first thought, you’ve told me private and publicly that you’d just about do anything to do scenes with him. You’ve both worked at ToeGasms, so maybe this may make your dream come true!


Lets hope but I doubt it will be for them Ive asked and asked and I’m done trying so I’m hoping it will come my way and things go the way I want them to now that I’m gonna be vers and start this big change. If Mike Roberts is first then I’m game but I think I would like practise first lol cause that’s a big dick but I personally LOVE it.


Mike does have those eyes that just make a guy melt, I wish you like in your quest to get boned by Mike. Have you ever bottomed in your “real” life, with boyfriends or fuck buddies?


I have once and it terrified the shit out of me and I wont say or explain why cause I don’t talk about it. Thank you so much and I hope to get dicked down by Mike soon and his eyes just lose me and I could do all kinda things looking into his beautiful eyes :-)


So what are Phillip’s plans for 2009?


Get my LIFE together and just do me for me and be happy that’s the main stuff and hopefully have more work and some fun while I change a new leaf :-)


Sounds great to me, thanks Phillip for the scoop and the first exclusive of the new year! I want a phone call if and when you get Mike’s cock in your super tight ass!


Oh for sure and your very welcome I cant wait to do start this new adventure in my life :-)


Have a great 2009 and let’s do another interview soon!


For sure you to and stay outta trouble!


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