Phoenix Pride!

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I hope y’all enjoy this video and more to come! Sorry there isn’t many pics but if you check out the boys twitters Im sure you will see see all the fun and naughty bits and pieces!

Andy Taylor

Ian Lavine

Liam Riley

Jesse Montgomery

Kody Knight

Stefan Nash

Zac & Scotty

Keith Miller

Alex Roman

Casey Roman



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Beach Day

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Saturday was such the perfect amazing day ever Alex, Casey, Kyle Ross & myself all planned to goto the beach to hang and tan (story of my life) seeing that’s what we do almost every weekend and I love it! I love it cause its a little private beach (which the location will keep private) and its always such a chill cool time like always, Saturday was so perfect with the sun bringing the heat and not a cloud in the sky. Its random to have a model with us (seeing it was the second time now) but I didn’t mind it cause I love me some Kyle Ross! Hes a very sweet boy and my nick name for him is Kyle Rossome ๐Ÿ™‚ We got everything set up and all laid out on our towels and I was putting on sunscreen (which was very much so needed), and laid down. While I was laying on my stomach talking to Kyle about things… wait side note (Kyle was wearing a tiny bathing suit) and I noticed something sticking out of his suit, not even trying to look at his business at all but there was his nut just right in my face saying HI PHIILLIP! So I could have so taken a picture of it but I couldn’t help but laugh and say Kyle your friend is totally out! He tucked it back away and we all laughed about it, he said I should have took a pic and posted it on twitter but I fucked up and was to busy laughing. We witnessed a little spat with the locals and some kids who looked as if they were being disrespectful, drinking 40’s in front of some of their underage kids! Um huge NO NO and the guys didn’t approve at all, threw the one kid down and took his beer and then poured it all over his head and sweater. Wasn’t expecting that at all but I totally get it, then some other guy on top of the hill was being the “big bad ass wolf” talking all kinda shit and was all bark no bite (love those kinda people). At the end of it the big guy who looked about mid 30’s was telling them both to get the fuck off the beach, the locals don’t play let me tell you! We all laid out and got some really amazing sun and I’m gonna get that straight boy tan cause I love my board shorts, a skimpy little bathing suit just doesn’t look right on me. Kyle wanted some pics by the big hole in the pic above which where done by Alex and the reflector by Casey, I’m sure you’ll see those on Kyle’s website and Helix Studio’s and from what I seen the pics were GORGEOUS! While they were doing the pics I wanted the puppies and took some cool pics with my iPhone since I don’t have a camera anymore ๐Ÿ™ (If you’d like and want to not a must this one will do Sony Cyber-shot please and thank you) but I do have to say the quality of the iPhone pics are pretty damn good I must say. I didn’t know Kyle was leaving at 2 something and we had to rush to get him to the airport, which he totally made it thank god for that and he was off back home. The boys and I went to their apartment to have a low key intimate BBQ (which started way LATE cause a bitch was hungry at 5!) I love how Alex calls it an intimate BBQ LOL! I just laugh at that all the time, when in reality it was an actual BBQ cause he invited like 6 people including us so yeah LOL! But when it is like 4 of us or 3 of us then yes it really is an intimate BBQ ๐Ÿ™‚ We all had a blast as usual but I started to feel really sick ๐Ÿ™ I had nasal problems since Friday night after a wild night out with my bestie Justin! But once again the perfect sunny let our hair/nuts out day and enjoyed amazing friends and new friends! I love my boys to death and we will have many more adventures/beach days soon!

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